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2021-05-17A universal strategy towards high–energy aqueous multivalent–ion batteriesTang, X; Zhou, D; Zhang, B; Wang, S; Li, P; Liu, H; Guo, X; Jaumaux, P; Gao, X; Fu, Y; Wang, C; Wang, C; Wang, G
2021-03-01Synergistic coupling of NiS<inf>1.03</inf> nanoparticle with S-doped reduced graphene oxide for enhanced lithium and sodium storageLi, J; Ding, Z; Li, J; Wang, C; Pan, L; Wang, G
2021-03-01Nanosurfacing Ti alloy by weak alkalinity-activated solid-state dewetting (AAD) and its biointerfacial enhancement effectSong, X; Liu, F; Qiu, C; Coy, E; Liu, H; Aperador, W; Załȩski, K; Li, JJ; Song, W; Lu, Z; Pan, H; Kong, L; Wang, G
2021-02-01Signed Clique Search in Signed Networks: Concepts and AlgorithmsLi, RH; Dai, Q; Qin, L; Wang, G; Xiao, X; Yu, JX; Qiao, S
2021-01-012D Material-Based Heterostructures for Rechargeable BatteriesWang, S; Zhao, S; Guo, X; Wang, G
2020-12Seizure Prediction Using Directed Transfer Function and Convolution Neural Network on Intracranial EEG.Wang, G; Wang, D; Du, C; Li, K; Zhang, J; Liu, Z; Tao, Y; Wang, M; Cao, Z; Yan, X
2020-12Statement of retraction.Wang, G
2020-11-01Revitalising sodium-sulfur batteries for non-high-temperature operation: A crucial reviewWang, Y; Zhou, D; Palomares, V; Shanmukaraj, D; Sun, B; Tang, X; Wang, C; Armand, M; Rojo, T; Wang, G
2020-11-01Accelerating Redox Kinetics of Lithium-Sulfur BatteriesChen, Y; Gao, X; Su, D; Wang, C; Wang, G
2020-11-01Na-Ion Batteries—Approaching Old and New ChallengesGoikolea, E; Palomares, V; Wang, S; de Larramendi, IR; Guo, X; Wang, G; Rojo, T
2020-11-01Self-crosslinkable polyaniline with coordinated stabilized CoOOH nanosheets as a high-efficiency electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reactionChen, X; Chen, Y; Shen, Z; Song, C; Ji, P; Wang, N; Su, D; Wang, Y; Wang, G; Cui, L
2020-11Finding skyline communities in multi-valued networksLi, R-H; Qin, L; Ye, F; Wang, G; Yu, JX; Xiao, X; Xiao, N; Zheng, Z
2020-10-27Immunizing lithium metal anodes against dendrite growth using protein molecules to achieve high energy batteries.Wang, T; Li, Y; Zhang, J; Yan, K; Jaumaux, P; Yang, J; Wang, C; Shanmukaraj, D; Sun, B; Armand, M; Cui, Y; Wang, G
2020-10-01Projected Kernel Least Mean p-Power Algorithm: Convergence Analyses and ModificationsZhao, J; Zhang, H; Wang, G; Zhang, JA
2020-10Local renal complement activation mediates immune kidney injury by inducing endothelin-1 signalling and inflammation in trichloroethylene-sensitised mice.Wang, G; Zhang, J; Dai, Y; Xu, Q; Zhu, Q
2020-09-02A Robust Intrinsically Green Fluorescent Poly(Amidoamine) Dendrimer for Imaging and Traceable Central Nervous System Delivery in Zebrafish.Wang, G; Zhao, X; Wu, H; Lovejoy, DB; Zheng, M; Lee, A; Fu, L; Miao, K; An, Y; Sayyadi, N; Ding, K; Chung, RS; Lu, Y; Li, J; Morsch, M; Shi, B
2020-07-01Stochastic distribution synchronization and pinning control for complex heterogeneous dynamical networksWang, G; Ji, J; Zhou, J
2020-06-03A Visual Approach for the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) Outbreak Data AnalysisHua, J; Wang, G; Huang, ML; Hua, S; Yang, S
2020-06-01Bimetallic Sulfide/Sulfur Doped T<inf>3</inf>C<inf>2</inf>T<inf>x</inf> MXene Nanocomposites as High-performance Anode Materials for Sodium-ion BatteriesZang, R; Li, P; Wang, G
2020-05-08Self-Healing Janus Interfaces for High-Performance LAGP-Based Lithium Metal BatteriesLiu, Q; Zhou, D; Shanmukaraj, D; Li, P; Kang, F; Li, B; Armand, M; Wang, G