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2022-11-01State-of-the-art review of product stewardship strategies for large composite wind turbine bladesMartinez-Marquez, D; Florin, N; Hall, W; Majewski, P; Wang, H; Stewart, RA
2022-11The Emerging Trends of Multi-Label Learning.Liu, W; Wang, H; Shen, X; Tsang, IW
2022-05-09Benefit-cost analysis of electronic claims processing under Ghana's National Health Insurance Scheme.Nonvignon, J; Addo, R; Wang, H; Seddoh, A
2022-03-15Effective synthesis of magnesium borohydride via B-O to B-H bond conversionZhu, Y; Shen, S; Ouyang, L; Liu, J; Wang, H; Huang, Z; Zhu, M
2022-02-01DynaComm: Accelerating Distributed CNN Training between Edges and Clouds Through Dynamic Communication SchedulingCai, S; Wang, D; Wang, H; Lyu, Y; Xu, G; Zheng, X; Vasilakos, AV
2022-01-01A Systematical Study on Application Performance Management Libraries for AppsTang, Y; Wang, H; Zhan, X; Luo, X; Zhou, Y; Zhou, H; Yan, Q; Sui, Y; Keung, JW
2022Automatic BASED scoring on scalp EEG in children with infantile spasms using convolutional neural network.Fan, Y; Chen, D; Wang, H; Pan, Y; Peng, X; Liu, X; Liu, Y
2021-12-01Joint Phase Noise Estimation and Decoding in OFDM-IMShi, Q; Wu, N; Wang, H; Nguyen, DN; Huang, X
2021-12-01Fertilizer drawn forward osmosis as an alternative to 2nd pass seawater reverse osmosis: Estimation of boron removal and energy consumptionWang, H; Gao, B; Hou, L; Shon, HK; Yue, Q; Wang, Z
2021-11-15Low-Complexity Iterative Detection for Dual-Mode Index Modulation in Dispersive Nonlinear Satellite ChannelsShi, Q; Wu, N; Nguyen, D; Huang, X; Wang, H; Hanzo, L
2021-11-01Comprehensive analysis of a hybrid FO-NF-RO process for seawater desalination: With an NF-like FO membraneWang, H; Gao, Y; Gao, B; Guo, K; Shon, HK; Yue, Q; Wang, Z
2021-10-26TagPick: A System for Bridging Micro-Video Hashtags and E-commerce CategoriesHe, L; Wang, D; Wang, H; Chen, H; Xu, G
2021-10-15Crop yield forecasting and associated optimum lead time analysis based on multi-source environmental data across ChinaLi, L; Wang, B; Feng, P; Wang, H; He, Q; Wang, Y; Liu, DL; Li, Y; He, J; Feng, H; Yang, G; Yu, Q
2021-08-03Observer-Based Quasi-Synchronization of Delayed Dynamical Networks With Parameter Mismatch Under Impulsive Effect.Ni, X; Wen, S; Wang, H; Guo, Z; Zhu, S; Huang, T
2021-07-24Automatic Lane-Changing Decision Based on Single-Step Dynamic Game with Incomplete Information and Collision-Free Path PlanningWang, H; Xu, S; Deng, L
2021-07-16Six-photon upconverted excitation energy lock-in for ultraviolet-C enhancementSu, Q; Wei, H-L; Liu, Y; Chen, C; Guan, M; Wang, S; Su, Y; Wang, H; Chen, Z; Jin, D
2021-07-01Modeling dynamic magnetostriction of amorphous core materials based on Jiles–Atherton theory for finite element simulationsLi, Y; Zhu, J; Li, Y; Wang, H; Zhu, L
2021-06-22T3S: Effective Representation Learning for Trajectory Similarity ComputationYang, P; Wang, H; Zhang, Y; Qin, L; Zhang, W; Lin, X
2021-06-12Beyond the virus: a first look at coronavirus-themed Android malwareWang, L; He, R; Wang, H; Xia, P; Li, Y; Wu, L; Zhou, Y; Luo, X; Sui, Y; Guo, Y; Xu, G
2021-06Breaking the Passivation: Sodium Borohydride Synthesis by Reacting Hydrated Borax with Aluminum.Zhu, Y; Zhong, H; Wang, H; Ouyang, L; Liu, J; Huang, Z; Zhu, M