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2024-04-01Synchronization sampled-data control of uncertain neural networks under an asymmetric Lyapunov–Krasovskii functional methodWang, S; Shi, K; Wang, J; Yu, Y; Wen, S; Yang, J; Han, S
2024-03-01An improved fault-tolerant cultural-PSO with probability for multi-AGV path planningLin, S; Liu, A; Wang, J; Kong, X
2024-02-29Boron nanosheets boosting solar thermal water evaporation.Zhang, XS; Mao, S; Wang, J; Onggowarsito, C; Feng, A; Han, R; Liu, H; Zhang, G; Xu, Z; Yang, L; Fu, Q; Huang, Z
2024-02Enhanced cubic function negative-determination Lemma on stability analysis for delayed neural networks via new analytical techniquesLeng, J; Wang, J; Shi, K; Cheng, J; Wen, S; Tang, Y
2024-01-01AgrAmplifier: Defending Federated Learning Against Poisoning Attacks Through Local Update AmplificationGong, Z; Shen, L; Zhang, Y; Zhang, LY; Wang, J; Bai, G; Xiang, Y
2024-01-01How does green technology innovation influence industrial structure? Evidence of heterogeneous environmental regulation effectsYu, H; Xu, J; Hu, H; Shi, X; Wang, J; Liu, Y
2024-01-01A Multitask Integrated Deep-Learning Probabilistic Prediction for Load ForecastingWang, J; Wang, K; Li, Z; Lu, H; Jiang, H; Xing, Q
2024Hedging pressure and oil volatility: Insurance versus liquidity demandsNikitopoulos, CS; Thomas, AC; Wang, J
2024A new channel for global volatility propagationChen, S; Wang, J
2023-11-30Compatibility Issues in Deep Learning Systems: Problems and OpportunitiesWang, J; Xiao, G; Zhang, S; Lei, H; Liu, Y; Sui, Y
2023-11-20Are organisational responses by police forces appropriate to adequately safeguard police officer wellness? A review of the scientific evidenceBeckley, A; Wang, J; Birch, P
2023-11-15A Dual-Layer Weight-Leader-Vicsek Model for Multi-AGV Path Planning in Warehouse.Lin, S; Liu, A; Wang, J
2023-11-01A Novel Loosely Coupling Fusion Approach of Ultra-Wideband and Wheel Odometry for Indoor LocalisationLiu, A; Lin, S; Wang, J; Kong, X
2023-10-15Surface microrelief induced by tillage management alters the pathway and composition of dissolved organic matter exports from soils to runoff during rainfall.Wang, H; Zhang, Q; Li, X; Yi, Y; Wang, Q; Gao, L; Wang, J; He, D; Li, M
2023-10-13Green Biomaterials : fundamental principlesRabiee, N; Dokmeci, MR; Zarrabi, A; Makvandi, P; Saeb, MR; Karimi-Maleh, H; Jafarzadeh, S; Karaman, C; Yamauchi, Y; Warkiani, ME; Bencherif, SA; Mehta, G; Eguchi, M; Kaushik, A; Shahbazi, M-A; Paiva-Santos, AC; Ryl, J; Lima, EC; Hamblin, MR; Varma, RS; Huh, Y; Vilian, ATE; Gupta, PK; Lakhera, SK; Kesari, KK; Liu, Y-T; Tahriri, M; Rama Raju, GS; Adeli, M; Mohammadi, A; Wang, J; Ansari, MZ; Aminabhavi, T; Savoji, H; Sethi, G; Bączek, T; Kot-Wasik, A; Penoff, ME; Nafchi, AM; Kucinska-Lipka, J; Zargar, M; Asadnia, M; Aref, AR; Safarkhani, M; Ashrafizadeh, M; Umapathi, R; Ghasemi, A; Radisic, M
2023-10-01Short-term power load forecasting system based on rough set, information granule and multi-objective optimizationWang, J; Wang, K; Li, Z; Lu, H; Jiang, H
2023-09-15Study on pre-concentration of trace heavy metal ions in water quality detection using FO-electroosmotic integrated chipCui, Z; Zhang, M; Yuan, Y; Jia, H; Hao Ngo, H; Wang, J
2023-09-12Dual-Site Förster Resonance Energy Transfer Route of Upconversion Nanoparticles-Based Brain-Targeted Nanotheranostic Boosts the Near-Infrared Phototherapy of Glioma.Wang, J; Shangguan, P; Lin, M; Fu, L; Liu, Y; Han, L; Chen, S; Wang, X; Lu, M; Luo, Z; Zhong, Y; Shi, B; Bai, F
2023-09-11Parameter-Efficient Vision Transformer with Linear AttentionZhao, Y; Tang, H; Jiang, Y; A, Y; Wu, Q; Wang, J
2023-08-15A novel parametric model for nonlinear hysteretic behaviours with strain-stiffening of magnetorheological gel compositeZhang, G; Chen, J; Zhang, Z; Sun, M; Yu, Y; Wang, J; Cai, S