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2023-01-01A new perspective on Belite-ye'elimite-ferrite cement manufactured from electrolytic manganese residue: Production, properties, and environmental analysisWang, F; Long, G; Bai, M; Wang, J; Shi, Y; Zhou, X; Zhou, JL
2022-12-19A Method for Non-line of Sight Identification and Delay Correction for UWB Indoor PositioningLiu, A; Lin, S; Wang, J; Kong, X
2022-12-01A non-ferrous metal price ensemble prediction system based on innovative combined kernel extreme learning machine and chaos theoryGuo, H; Wang, J; Li, Z; Lu, H; Zhang, L
2022-10-27A Succinct Method for Non-Line-of-Sight Mitigation for Ultra-Wideband Indoor Positioning System.Liu, A; Lin, S; Wang, J; Kong, X
2022-10Endogenous Adenosine 5'-Monophosphate, But Not Acetylcholine or Histamine, is Associated with Asthma Control, Quality of Life, and Exacerbations.Fang, XM; Liu, Y; Wang, J; Zhang, X; Wang, L; Zhang, L; Zhang, HP; Liu, L; Huang, D; Liu, D; Deng, K; Luo, FM; Wan, HJ; Li, WM; Wang, G; Oliver, BG
2022-09-14Exploiting Dynamic Nonlinearity in Upconversion Nanoparticles for Super-Resolution Imaging.Chen, C; Ding, L; Liu, B; Du, Z; Liu, Y; Di, X; Shan, X; Lin, C; Zhang, M; Xu, X; Zhong, X; Wang, J; Chang, L; Halkon, B; Chen, X; Cheng, F; Wang, F
2022-09Development and validation of a noninvasive prediction model for identifying eosinophilic asthma.Li, M; Wen Ma, Z; Jun Deng, S; Oliver, BG; Wang, T; Ping Zhang, H; Wang, L; McDonald, VM; Wang, J; Liu, D; Gibson, PG; Ming Luo, F; Min Li, W; Jing Wan, H; Wang, G
2022-07-20The Transcription Factors TaTDRL and TaMYB103 Synergistically Activate the Expression of TAA1a in Wheat, Which Positively Regulates the Development of Microspore in Arabidopsis.Wu, B; Xia, Y; Zhang, G; Wang, J; Ma, S; Song, Y; Yang, Z; Dennis, ES; Niu, N
2022-07-01Cleaner and safer disposal of electrolytic manganese residues in cement-based materials using direct electric curingWang, F; Long, G; Bai, M; Wang, J; Yang, Z; Zhou, X; Zhou, JL
2022-05-01A novel ensemble probabilistic forecasting system for uncertainty in wind speedWang, J; Wang, S; Zeng, B; Lu, H
2022-05An Economic Evaluation of Australia's Newborn Hearing Screening Program: A Within-Study Cost-Effectiveness Analysis.Sharma, R; Gu, Y; Sinha, K; Ching, TYC; Marnane, V; Gold, L; Wake, M; Wang, J; Parkinson, B
2022-03-01Market distraction and near-zero daily volatility persistenceWang, J
2022-03-01The potential and global outlook of integrated photonics for quantum technologiesPelucchi, E; Fagas, G; Aharonovich, I; Englund, D; Figueroa, E; Gong, Q; Hannes, H; Liu, J; Lu, CY; Matsuda, N; Pan, JW; Schreck, F; Sciarrino, F; Silberhorn, C; Wang, J; Jöns, KD
2022-03-01Application of electrolytic manganese residues in cement products through pozzolanic activity motivation and calcinationWang, F; Long, G; Bai, M; Wang, J; Zhou, JL; Zhou, X
2022-01-01Who excludes? Young People's Experience of Social ExclusionRedmond, G; Main, G; O'Donnell, AW; Skattebol, J; Woodman, R; Mooney, A; Wang, J; Turkmani, S; Thomson, C; Brooks, F
2022-01-01Helix-HPSO approach for UAV path planning in a multi-building environmentLin, S; Kong, X; Wang, J; Liu, A
2021-12-15Assessing maize potential to mitigate the adverse effects of future rising temperature and heat stress in ChinaHuang, M; Wang, J; Wang, B; Liu, DL; Feng, P; Yu, Q; Pan, X; Waters, C
2021-12-01Research of a combined wind speed model based on multi-objective ant lion optimization algorithmAn, Y; Wang, J; Lu, H; Zhao, W
2021-11-16Optimal Investment Decision for Cotton Farm Microgrid DesignLin, Y; Wang, J; Zhang, J; Li, L
2021-11-13Development of Swarm Intelligence Leader-Vicsek-Model for Multi-AGV Path PlanningLin, S; Liu, A; Kong, X; Wang, J