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2021-09-15An Efficient Calibration Method for Triaxial GyroscopeWang, L; Zhang, T; Ye, L; Li, JJ; Su, SW
2021-08-03IgaTop: an implementation of topology optimization for structures using IGA in MATLABGao, J; Wang, L; Luo, Z; Gao, L
2021-01-24Clinical-Grade Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Ameliorate the Progression of Osteoarthritis in a Rat ModelXing, D; Wang, K; Wu, J; Zhao, Y; Liu, W; Li, JJ; Gao, T; Yan, D; Wang, L; Hao, J; Lin, J
2020-12-10APEX2S: A two-layer machine learning model for discovery of host-pathogen protein-protein interactions on cloud-based multiomics dataChen, H; Shen, J; Wang, L; Chi, CH
2020-12General Synthesis of Single‐Atom Catalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reactions and Room‐Temperature Na‐S BatteriesLai, W; Wang, H; Zheng, L; Jiang, Q; Yan, Z; Wang, L; Yoshikawa, H; Matsumura, D; Sun, Q; Wang, Y; Gu, Q; Wang, J; Liu, H; Chou, S; Dou, S
2020-12Promoted Photocharge Separation in 2D Lateral Epitaxial Heterostructure for Visible-Light-Driven CO<sub>2</sub> Photoreduction.Wang, L; Zhao, X; Lv, D; Liu, C; Lai, W; Sun, C; Su, Z; Xu, X; Hao, W; Dou, SX; Du, Y
2020-10-01SentiDiff: Combining Textual Information and Sentiment Diffusion Patterns for Twitter Sentiment AnalysisWang, L; Niu, J; Yu, S
2020-10-01Terahertz Angle-Multiplexed Metasurface for Multi-Dimensional Multiplexing of Spatial and Frequency DomainsWang, L; Yang, Y; Deng, L; Hong, W; Zhang, C; Li, S
2020-08-26Arabidopsis Col/Ler and Ws/Ler hybrids and Hybrid Mimics produce seed yield heterosis through increased height, inflorescence branch and silique number.Wang, L; Yamashita, M; Greaves, IK; Peacock, WJ; Dennis, ES
2020-07Self-assembling RuO2 nanogranulates with few carbon layers as an interconnected nanoporous structure for lithium-oxygen batteries.Lai, W-H; Zheng, Z; Wang, W; Wang, L; Lei, Y-J; Wang, Y-X; Wang, J-Z; Liu, H-K; Chou, S-L; Dou, S-X
2020-06-15Tensile performance of basalt fiber composites with open circular holes and straight notchesSun, G; Wang, L; Chen, D; Luo, Q
2020-06-01Terahertz Reconfigurable Metasurface for Dynamic Non-Diffractive Orbital Angular Momentum Beams using Vanadium DioxideWang, L; Wang, L; Wang, L; Yang, Y; Li, S; Li, S; Deng, L; Deng, L; Hong, W; Hong, W; Zhang, C; Zhang, C; Zhu, J; Zhu, J; Zhu, J; McGloin, D
2020-06-01ESPM: Efficient Spatial Pattern MatchingChen, H; Fang, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, W; Wang, L
2020-06Intra-articular delivery of umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells temporarily retard the progression of osteoarthritis in a rat model.Xing, D; Wu, J; Wang, B; Liu, W; Liu, W; Zhao, Y; Wang, L; Li, JJ; Liu, A; Zhou, Q; Hao, J; Lin, J
2020-04-01ESPM: Efficient spatial pattern matching (Extended Abstract)Chen, H; Fang, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, W; Wang, L
2020-03-17A Tunable Terahertz Metamaterial Absorber Composed of Hourglass-Shaped Graphene Arrays.Qi, Y; Zhang, Y; Liu, C; Zhang, T; Zhang, B; Wang, L; Deng, X; Wang, X; Yu, Y
2020-01-21Leaf growth in early development is key to biomass heterosis in Arabidopsis.Liu, P-C; Peacock, WJ; Wang, L; Furbank, R; Larkum, A; Dennis, ES
2020-01-01Beyond Covariance: SICE and Kernel Based Visual Feature RepresentationZhang, J; Wang, L; Zhou, L; Li, W
2020-01-01Behavior of crossover operators in NSGA-III for large-scale optimization problemsYi, JH; Xing, LN; Wang, GG; Dong, J; Vasilakos, AV; Alavi, AH; Wang, L
2020-01-01A framework towards data analytics on host–pathogen protein–protein interactionsChen, H; Shen, J; Wang, L; Song, J