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2024-01-01A 2-Bit Electronically Planar Reconfigurable Array Antenna with 2-D Beam-Scanning Capacity Using Hybrid Phase Control MethodWang, M; Hu, N; Li, X; Mo, Y; Xie, W; Chen, Z; Chen, S; Tian, Z
2024-01-01Public and Private Blockchain Infusion: A Novel Approach to Federated LearningWang, M; Zhu, T; Zuo, X; Ye, D; Yu, S; Zhou, W
2023-12-26Engineering contact curved interface with high-electronic-state active sites for high-performance potassium-ion batteries.Li, X; Wang, Y; Wu, J; Tong, L; Wang, S; Li, X; Li, C; Wang, M; Li, M; Fan, W; Chen, X; Chen, Q; Wang, G; Chen, Y
2023-12-01DOR: a novel dual-observation-based approach for recommendation systemsWang, M; Li, W; Shi, J; Wu, S; Bai, Q
2023-11-01Data-Driven single image deraining: A Comprehensive review and new perspectivesZhang, Z; Wei, Y; Zhang, H; Yang, Y; Yan, S; Wang, M
2023-10-31Redox-active endosomes mediate α5β1 integrin signaling and promote chondrocyte matrix metalloproteinase production in osteoarthritis.Miao, MZ; Su, QP; Cui, Y; Bahnson, EM; Li, G; Wang, M; Yang, Y; Collins, JA; Wu, D; Gu, Q; Chubinskaya, S; Diekman, BO; Yamada, KM; Loeser, RF
2023-08Yes-associated protein nuclear translocation promotes anabolic activity in human articular chondrocytes.Cui, Y; Miao, MZ; Wang, M; Su, QP; Qiu, K; Arbeeva, L; Chubinskaya, S; Diekman, BO; Loeser, RF
2023-05Development and validation of a risk prediction model for the recurrence of foot ulcer in type 2 diabetes in China: A longitudinal cohort study based on a systematic review and meta-analysis.Wang, M; Chen, D; Fu, H; Xu, H; Lin, S; Ge, T; Ren, Q; Song, Z; Ding, M; Chang, J; Fan, T; Xing, Q; Sun, M; Li, X; Chen, L; Chang, B
2023-04-30Tutorials at The Web Conference 2023Fionda, V; Hartig, O; Abdolazimi, R; Amer-Yahia, S; Chen, H; Chen, X; Cui, P; Dalton, J; Dong, XL; Espin-Noboa, L; Fan, W; Fritz, M; Gan, Q; Gao, J; Guo, X; Hahmann, T; Han, J; Han, S; Hruschka, E; Hu, L; Huang, J; Jaimini, U; Jeunen, O; Jiang, Y; Karimi, F; Karypis, G; Kenthapadi, K; Lakkaraju, H; Lauw, HW; Le, T; Le, T-H; Lee, D; Lee, G; Levontin, L; Li, C-T; Li, H; Li, Y; Liao, JC; Liu, Q; Lokala, U; London, B; Long, S; Mcginty, HK; Meng, Y; Moon, S; Naseem, U; Natarajan, P; Omidvar-Tehrani, B; Pan, Z; Parekh, D; Pei, J; Peixoto, T; Pemberton, S; Poon, J; Radlinski, F; Rossetto, F; Roy, K; Salah, A; Sameki, M; Sheth, A; Shimizu, C; Shin, K; Song, D; Stoyanovich, J; Tao, D; Trippas, J; Truong, Q; Tsai, Y-C; Uchendu, A; Van Den Akker, B; Wang, L; Wang, M; Wang, S; Wang, X; Weber, I; Weld, H; Wu, L; Xu, D; Xu, EY; Xu, S; Yang, B; Yang, K; Yom-Tov, E; Yoo, J; Yu, Z; Zafarani, R; Zamani, H; Zehlike, M; Zhang, Q; Zhang, X; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Z; Zhao, L; Zhao, X; Zhu, W
2023-01-01GaitStrip: Gait Recognition via Effective Strip-Based Feature Representations and Multi-level FrameworkWang, M; Lin, B; Guo, X; Li, L; Zhu, Z; Sun, J; Zhang, S; Liu, Y; Yu, X; Wang, L; Gall, J; Chin, TJ; Sato, I; Chellappa, R
2023-01-01Bayesian Optimization Enhanced Deep Reinforcement Learning for Trajectory Planning and Network Formation in Multi-UAV NetworksGong, S; Wang, M; Gu, B; Zhang, W; Hoang, DT; Niyato, D
2023-01-01Incentive Mechanism Design of Federated Learning for Recommendation Systems in MECHuang, J; Ma, B; Wang, M; Zhou, X; Yao, L; Wang, S; Qi, L; Chen, Y
2023-01-01Few-Shot Stereo Matching with High Domain Adaptability Based on Adaptive Recursive NetworkWu, R; Wang, M; Li, Z; Zhou, J; Chen, F; Wang, X; Sun, C
2023-01-01Blockchain-Based Gradient Inversion and Poisoning Defense for Federated LearningWang, M; Zhu, T; Zuo, X; Ye, D; Yu, S; Zhou, W
2023-01-01Size effect of gold nanoparticles in bimetallic ZIF catalysts for enhanced photo-redox reactionsWang, W; Wang, D; Song, H; Hao, D; Xu, B; Ren, J; Wang, M; Dai, C; Wang, Y; Liu, W
2023-01-01Blockchain Empowered Multi-Agent Systems: Advancing IoT Security and Transaction EfficiencyWang, M; Zhu, T; Zuo, X; Ye, D; Yu, S; Zhou, W
2023-01-01Design of a Wideband 1-Bit Metal-Only Reconfigurable Reflectarray AntennaLi, X; Wang, M; Hu, N; Xie, W; Chen, S
2023-01Directional methanolysis of kitchen waste for the co-production of methyl levulinate and fatty acid methyl esters: Catalytic strategy and machine learning modeling.Zhang, L; Xing, X; Liu, Y; Shi, W; Wang, M
2022-12-01Users' experience matter: Delay sensitivity-aware computation offloading in mobile edge computingWang, M; Wu, T; Ma, T; Fan, X; Ke, M
2022-10-10FCL-GAN: A Lightweight and Real-Time Baseline for Unsupervised Blind Image DeblurringZhao, S; Zhang, Z; Hong, R; Xu, M; Yang, Y; Wang, M