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2022-12-15More synergies or more trade-offs? The interaction among multiple assessment indicators in sustainable urban development in Guangzhou, China.Xie, Y; Wang, P; Yang, L; Yang, M; Ren, S; Zhao, D
2022-12-07Engineering Blockchain-based Software Systems: Foundations, Survey, and Future DirectionsFahmideh, M; Grundy, J; Ahmad, A; Shen, J; Yan, J; Mougouei, D; Wang, P; Ghose, A; Gunawardana, A; Aickelin, U; Abedin, B
2022-11-01DRL-Based Deadline-Driven Advance Reservation Allocation in EONs for Cloud-Edge ComputingZhu, R; Li, G; Wang, P; Xu, M; Yu, S
2022-10-01Learning persona-driven personalized sentimental representation for review-based recommendationWang, P; Li, L; Wang, R; Zheng, X; He, J; Xu, G
2022-08-08Measuring anion binding at biomembrane interfaces.Wu, X; Wang, P; Lewis, W; Jiang, Y-B; Gale, PA
2022-08-01Transferable Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for Autonomous Vehicles With Joint Radar-Data CommunicationsHieu, NQ; Hoang, DT; Niyato, D; Wang, P; Kim, DI; Yuen, C
2022-04-01Social dual-effect driven group modeling for neural group recommendationWang, P; Li, L; Xie, Q; Wang, R; Xu, G
2022-01-01Secure Wirelessly Powered Networks at the Physical Layer: Challenges, Countermeasures, and Road AheadLu, X; Cong Luong, N; Hoang, DT; Niyato, D; Xiao, Y; Wang, P
2021-11-01Improved Deadbeat Predictive Current Control to Enhance the Performance of the Drive System of Permanent Magnet Synchronous MotorsBa, X; Wang, P; Zhang, C; Zhu, JG; Guo, Y
2021-10-01Object Detection Method Based on Shallow Feature Fusion and Semantic Information EnhancementLuo, H; Wang, P; Chen, H; Xu, M
2021-09-30Smart Home Privacy Protection Based on the Improved LSB Information HidingYang, L; Deng, H; Liu, RP; Wang, P; Dang, X; Tang, YY; Li, X
2021-08Explaining the slow progress of coal phase-out: The case of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay RegionWang, P; Yang, M; Mamaril, K; Shi, X; Cheng, B; Zhao, D
2021-05Socially-driven multi-interaction attentive group representation learning for group recommendationWang, P; Li, L; Wang, R; Xu, G; Zhang, J
2021-04Exploring the Auxiliary Learning for Long-Tailed Visual RecognitionZhang, J; Liu, L; Wang, P; Zhang, J
2021-03-18The effect of consecutive ambient air pollution on the hospital admission from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the Chengdu region, ChinaZhang, Y; Wang, Z; Cao, Y; Zhang, L; Wang, G; Dong, F; Deng, R; Guo, B; Zeng, L; Wang, P; Dai, R; Ran, Y; Lyu, W; Miao, P; Su, S
2021-03-01Analytical Model of Open-Circuit Air-Gap Field Distribution in Interior Permanent Magnet Machines Based on Magnetic Equivalent Circuit Method and Boundary Conditions of Macroscopic EquationsMa, C; Zhang, J; Wang, J; Yang, N; Liu, Q; Zuo, S; Wu, X; Wang, P; Li, J; Fang, J
2021-01-15Protected Resource Allocation in Space Division Multiplexing-Elastic Optical Networks with Fluctuating TrafficZhu, R; Samuel, A; Wang, P; Li, S; Oun, BK; Li, L; Lv, P; Xu, M; Yu, S
2021-01-01Energy-efficient Deep Reinforced Traffic Grooming in Elastic Optical Networks for Cloud-Fog ComputingZhu, R; Li, S; Wang, P; Xu, M; Yu, S
2021Chinese–international intimate relations: An Australian case study of migrant marriage and divorceJeffreys, E; Wang, P
2020-10-01Single image numerical iterative dehazing method based on local physical featuresZhang, Y; Wang, P; Fan, Q; Bao, F; Yao, X; Zhang, C