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2022-10-24Semantic Navigation of PowerPoint-Based Lecture Video for AutoNote GenerationXu, C; Jia, W; Wang, R; He, X; Zhao, B; Zhang, Y-F
2022-06-01Comparison of the performance of metal oxide and conducting polymer electronic noses for detection of aflatoxin using artificially contaminated maizeMachungo, C; Berna, AZ; McNevin, D; Wang, R; Trowell, S
2022-05-30Low-dose hydralazine reduces albuminuria and glomerulosclerosis in a mouse model of obesity-related chronic kidney disease.Larkin, BP; Nguyen, LT; Hou, M; Glastras, SJ; Chen, H; Faiz, A; Chen, J; Wang, R; Pollock, CA; Saad, S
2022-05-23News Recommendation Via Multi-Interest News Sequence ModellingWang, R; Wang, S; Lu, W; Peng, X
2022-04-01Social dual-effect driven group modeling for neural group recommendationWang, P; Li, L; Xie, Q; Wang, R; Xu, G
2022-02-13Blood DNA Methylation Predicts Diabetic Kidney Disease Progression in High Fat Diet-Fed Mice.Nguyen, LT; Larkin, BP; Wang, R; Faiz, A; Pollock, CA; Saad, S
2022-01-01Arbitrary-shape Scene Text Detection via Visual-Relational Rectification and Contour ApproximationXu, C; Jia, W; Cui, T; Wang, R; Zhang, YF; He, X
2022-01-01MorphText: Deep Morphology Regularized Accurate Arbitrary-shape Scene Text DetectionXu, C; Jia, W; Wang, R; Luo, X; He, X
2022-01-01Aspect-Driven User Preference and News Representation Learning for News RecommendationLu, W; Wang, R; Wang, S; Peng, X; Wu, H; Zhang, Q
2022-01-01What the malleability of Kolb’s learning style preferences reveals about categorical differences in learningNewton, S; Wang, R
2022Protocol for developing a core outcome set for male infertility research: an international consensus development study.Rimmer, MP; Howie, RA; Anderson, RA; Barratt, CLR; Barnhart, KT; Beebeejaun, Y; Bertolla, RP; Bhattacharya, S; Björndahl, L; Bortoletto, P; Brannigan, RE; Cantineau, AEP; Caroppo, E; Collura, BL; Coward, K; Eisenberg, ML; De Geyter, C; Goulis, DG; Henkel, RR; Ho, VNA; Hussein, AF; Huyser, C; Kadijk, JH; Kamath, MS; Khashaba, S; Kobori, Y; Kopeika, J; Kucuk, T; Luján, S; Matsaseng, TC; Mathur, RS; McEleny, K; Mitchell, RT; Mol, BW; Murage, AM; Ng, EHY; Pacey, A; Perheentupa, AH; Du Plessis, S; Rives, N; Sarris, I; Schlegel, PN; Shabbir, M; Śmiechowski, M; Subramanian, V; Sunkara, SK; Tarlarzis, BC; Tüttelmann, F; Vail, A; van Wely, M; Vazquez-Levin, MH; Vuong, LN; Wang, AY; Wang, R; Zini, A; Farquhar, CM; Niederberger, C; Duffy, JMN
2021-10-26Porous Heteroatom-Doped Ti3C2Tx MXene Microspheres Enable Strong Adsorption of Sodium Polysulfides for Long-Life Room-Temperature Sodium-Sulfur Batteries.Bao, W; Wang, R; Qian, C; Zhang, Z; Wu, R; Zhang, Y; Liu, F; Li, J; Wang, G
2021-09-10Oxidative torrefaction performance of microalga Nannochloropsis Oceanica towards an upgraded microalgal solid biofuel.Zhang, C; Ho, S-H; Chen, W-H; Wang, R; Show, P-L; Ong, HC
2021-08-18Novel Role of Gestational Hydralazine in Limiting Maternal and Dietary Obesity-Related Chronic Kidney DiseaseLarkin, BP; Nguyen, LT; Hou, M; Glastras, SJ; Chen, H; Wang, R; Pollock, CA; Saad, S
2021-08-01Reward space noise for exploration in deep reinforcement learningSun, C; Wang, R; Li, Q; Hu, X
2021-06-14Lysyl oxidase inhibitors attenuate cyclosporin A-induced nephropathy in mouse.Nguyen, LT; Saad, S; Shi, Y; Wang, R; Chou, ASY; Gill, A; Yao, Y; Jarolimek, W; Pollock, CA
2021-05Socially-driven multi-interaction attentive group representation learning for group recommendationWang, P; Li, L; Wang, R; Xu, G; Zhang, J
2021-03-18Low-dose hydralazine during gestation reduces renal fibrosis in rodent offspring exposed to maternal high fat dietLarkin, BP; Saad, S; Glastras, SJ; Nguyen, LT; Hou, M; Chen, H; Wang, R; Pollock, CA
2021-02-08A Biologically Inspired Sound Localisation System Using a Silicon Cochlea PairXu, Y; Afshar, S; Wang, R; Cohen, G; Thakur, CS; Hamilton, TJ; van Schaik, A
2021-01Standardizing definitions and reporting guidelines for the infertility core outcome set: an international consensus development study.Duffy, JMN; Bhattacharya, S; Bhattacharya, S; Bofill, M; Collura, B; Curtis, C; Evers, JLH; Giudice, LC; Farquharson, RG; Franik, S; Hickey, M; Hull, ML; Jordan, V; Khalaf, Y; Legro, RS; Lensen, S; Mavrelos, D; Mol, BW; Niederberger, C; Ng, EHY; Puscasiu, L; Repping, S; Sarris, I; Showell, M; Strandell, A; Vail, A; van Wely, M; Vercoe, M; Vuong, NL; Wang, AY; Wang, R; Wilkinson, J; Youssef, MA; Farquhar, CM; Core Outcome Measure for Infertility Trials (COMMIT) initiative,