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2023-09-19Externally validated prediction models for pre-eclampsia: systematic review and meta-analysis.Tiruneh, SA; Thanh Vu, TT; Moran, LJ; Callander, EJ; Allotey, J; Thangaratinam, S; Rolnik, DL; Teede, HJ; Wang, R; Enticott, J
2023-06-22P-456 Economic evaluations of assisted reproductive technology in high income countries - a systematic reviewOlive, E; Bull, C; Gordon, A; Davies-Tuck, M; Wang, R; Callander, E
2023-06Economic evaluations of assisted reproductive technology in high income countries - a systematic reviewOlive, E; Bull, C; Gordon, A; Davies-Tuck, M; Wang, R; Callander, E
2023-04Evaluation of performance of metal oxide electronic nose for detection of aflatoxin in artificially and naturally contaminated maizeMachungo, CW; Berna, AZ; McNevin, D; Wang, R; Harvey, J; Trowell, S
2023-03Simulating dynamic interaction between diazepam and ethanol targeting the GABAA receptor via in silico model.Wang, L; Wang, R; Zheng, Q; Yao, X; Zhang, C; Fu, S; Wei, Z; Yun, K; Guo, Z
2023-01-01Intention-Aware User Modeling for Personalized News RecommendationWang, R; Wang, S; Lu, W; Peng, X; Zhang, W; Zheng, C; Qiao, X
2022-11-15Regulated broadband visible emission of Bi ions-doped borosilicate glassZhang, Q; Liao, J; Huang, Q; Lai, N; Zhang, B; Wen, X; Yang, J; Yang, Y; Wang, J; Zhang, G; Wang, C; Wang, R
2022-11-12The synergistic effect of lead-free quantum dots and SnO<inf>2</inf> in glass-ceramics for broadband white-emissionHuang, Q; Liao, J; Zhang, Q; Lai, N; Zhang, B; Wang, C; Yang, J; Yang, Y; Wang, J; Zhang, G; Wen, X; Wang, R
2022-10-24Semantic Navigation of PowerPoint-Based Lecture Video for AutoNote GenerationXu, C; Jia, W; Wang, R; He, X; Zhao, B; Zhang, Y-F
2022-10-01Learning persona-driven personalized sentimental representation for review-based recommendationWang, P; Li, L; Wang, R; Zheng, X; He, J; Xu, G
2022-10The HN1/HMGB1 axis promotes the proliferation and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma and attenuates the chemosensitivity to oxaliplatin.Wang, R; Fu, Y; Yao, M; Cui, X; Zhao, Y; Lu, X; Li, Y; Lin, Y; He, S
2022-08Reduced-Order Nonlinear Observers Via Contraction Analysis and Convex OptimizationYi, B; Wang, R; Manchester, IR
2022-07-25Salt Concentration-Regulated Desalination Mechanism Evolution in Battery Deionization for FreshwaterWei, W; Feng, X; Chen, Z; Wang, R; Chen, H
2022-06-05Hydroxylamine mediated Fenton-like interfacial reaction dynamics on sea urchin-like catalyst derived from spent LiFePO4 battery.Zou, W; Li, J; Wang, R; Ma, J; Chen, Z; Duan, L; Mi, H; Chen, H
2022-06-01Comparison of the performance of metal oxide and conducting polymer electronic noses for detection of aflatoxin using artificially contaminated maizeMachungo, C; Berna, AZ; McNevin, D; Wang, R; Trowell, S
2022-05-30Low-dose hydralazine reduces albuminuria and glomerulosclerosis in a mouse model of obesity-related chronic kidney disease.Larkin, BP; Nguyen, LT; Hou, M; Glastras, SJ; Chen, H; Faiz, A; Chen, J; Wang, R; Pollock, CA; Saad, S
2022-05-23News Recommendation Via Multi-Interest News Sequence ModellingWang, R; Wang, S; Lu, W; Peng, X
2022-04-01Social dual-effect driven group modeling for neural group recommendationWang, P; Li, L; Xie, Q; Wang, R; Xu, G
2022-03-01Dual-anion etching induced in situ interfacial engineering for high-efficiency oxygen evolutionChen, Z; Zheng, R; Li, S; Wang, R; Wei, W; Wei, W; Ni, BJ; Chen, H
2022-03End-of-Life Care Requires Caution with Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring.Wang, R; Foskey, R; Barmanray, R; Le, B; Fourlanos, S