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2022-12-23Uncertainty estimation with neural processes for meta-continual learningWang, X; Yao, L; Wang, X; Paik, H-Y; Wang, S
2022-09-29Adversarial Robustness of Deep Reinforcement Learning based Dynamic RecommenderWang, S; Cao, Y; Chen, X; Yao, L; Wang, X; Sheng, M
2022-09Anxiety, depression and stress among internally displaced persons and host community in an armed conflict region: A comparative study.Salihu, D; Wong, EML; Kwan, RYC; Ho, GWK; Chutiyami, M; Surajo, KS; Bello, UM; Ibrahim, AA; Ali, MU; Wang, S; Bashir, K; Jalo, HA; Haddad, MM; Suleiman, AD; Ajio, DK; Ali, GM; Leung, DYP
2022-08-31Beyond CNNs: Exploiting Further Inherent Symmetries in Medical Image SegmentationPang, S; Du, A; Orgun, MA; Wang, Y; Sheng, QZ; Wang, S; Huang, X; Yu, Z
2022-08-14Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for Responsible RecommendationsWang, S; Liu, N; Zhang, X; Wang, Y; Ricci, F; Mobasher, B
2022-07-06Sequential/Session-based Recommendations: Challenges, Approaches, Applications and OpportunitiesWang, S; Zhang, Q; Hu, L; Zhang, X; Wang, Y; Aggarwal, C
2022-07-05Activation of Wnt/β-catenin pathway mitigates blood-brain barrier dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease.Wang, Q; Huang, X; Su, Y; Yin, G; Wang, S; Yu, B; Li, H; Qi, J; Chen, H; Zeng, W; Zhang, K; Verkhratsky, A; Niu, J; Yi, C
2022-07-01Modeling Spatio-temporal Neighbourhood for Personalized Point-of-interest RecommendationWang, X; Sun, G; Fang, X; Yang, J; Wang, S
2022-07-01A Probabilistic Code Balance Constraint with Compactness and Informativeness Enhancement for Deep Supervised HashingZhang, Q; Hu, L; Cao, L; Shi, C; Wang, S; Liu, DD
2022-05-23News Recommendation Via Multi-Interest News Sequence ModellingWang, R; Wang, S; Lu, W; Peng, X
2022-05-01A novel ensemble probabilistic forecasting system for uncertainty in wind speedWang, J; Wang, S; Zeng, B; Lu, H
2022-04-28Multi-granularity interaction model based on pinyins and radicals for Chinese semantic matchingZhao, P; Lu, W; Wang, S; Peng, X; Jian, P; Wu, H; Zhang, W
2022-04-25Veracity-aware and Event-driven Personalized News Recommendation for Fake News MitigationWang, S; Xu, X; Zhang, X; Wang, Y; Song, W
2022-04-13Global Convolutional Neural ProcessesWang, X; Yao, L; Wang, X; Paik, H-Y; Wang, S
2022-01-01Jam-Absorption Driving Strategy for Improving Safety Near Oscillations in a Connected Vehicle Environment Considering Consequential JamsWang, S; Li, Z; Cao, Z; Jolfaei, A; Cao, Q
2022-01-01Aspect-Driven User Preference and News Representation Learning for News RecommendationLu, W; Wang, R; Wang, S; Peng, X; Wu, H; Zhang, Q
2022-01-01Word Sense Disambiguation Based on Memory Enhancement MechanismKan, B; Lu, W; Peng, X; Wang, S; Zhang, G; Zhang, W; Qiao, X
2022-01-01Rethinking Adjacent Dependency in Session-Based RecommendationsZhang, Q; Wang, S; Lu, W; Feng, C; Peng, X; Wang, Q; Gama, J; Li, T; Yu, Y; Chen, E; Zheng, Y; Teng, F
2022-01-01Exploiting intra- and inter-session dependencies for session-based recommendationsWang, N; Wang, S; Wang, Y; Sheng, QZ; Orgun, MA