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2022-03-01Efficient Orchestration of Virtualization Resource in RAN Based on Chemical Reaction Optimization and Q-LearningZou, S; Wang, W; Ni, W; Wang, L; Tang, Y
2022-01-01Free convection flow and heat transfer within attics in cold climateCui, H; Wang, W; Xu, F; Saha, S; Liu, Q
2021-12-08Enhancing Hybrid Upconversion Nanosystems via Synergistic Effects of Moiety Engineered NIR Dyes.Bao, G; Wen, S; Wang, W; Zhou, J; Zha, S; Liu, Y; Wong, K-L; Jin, D
2021-12-01A hybrid intelligent service recommendation by latent semantics and explicit ratingsDuan, L; Gao, T; Ni, W; Wang, W
2021-12-01Comparative study on square and rectangular UHPFRC-Filled steel tubular (CFST) columns under axial compressionYang, Y; Wu, C; Liu, Z; Qin, Y; Wang, W
2021-11-13Differentiable Multi-Granularity Human Representation Learning for Instance-Aware Human Semantic ParsingZhou, T; Wang, W; Liu, S; Yang, Y; Van Gool, L
2021-11-01A new hybrid model for MR elastomer device and parameter identification based on improved FOAYu, Y; Yousefi, AM; Yi, K; Li, J; Wang, W; Zhou, X
2021-11-01A Simplified Model of the Field Dependence for HTS Conductor on Round Core (CORC) CablesShen, B; Chen, X; Fu, L; Zhang, M; Chen, Y; Sheng, J; Huang, Z; Wang, W; Zhai, Y; Yuan, Y; Soomro, WA; Guo, Y; Bian, X; Liu, H; Ozturk, Y; Tian, M; Hao, L; Hu, J; Wei, H; Shah, A; Patel, I; Yang, J; Coombs, T
2021-11-01Losses in the Saturated Iron-Core Superconducting Fault Current Limiter for VSC-HVDC SystemShen, B; Chen, X; Fu, L; Zhang, M; Jiang, S; Sheng, J; Wang, W; Zhai, Y; Yuan, Y; Gao, S; Soomro, WA; Guo, Y; Wang, S; Li, C; Bian, X; Liu, H; Zheng, Z; Li, C; Zhang, R; Ozturk, Y; Liu, Y; Yang, J; Coombs, T
2021-11Ultrahard bulk amorphous carbon from collapsed fullerene.Shang, Y; Liu, Z; Dong, J; Yao, M; Yang, Z; Li, Q; Zhai, C; Shen, F; Hou, X; Wang, L; Zhang, N; Zhang, W; Fu, R; Ji, J; Zhang, X; Lin, H; Fei, Y; Sundqvist, B; Wang, W; Liu, B
2021-10-01CDE-GAN: Cooperative Dual Evolution-Based Generative Adversarial NetworkChen, S; Wang, W; Xia, B; You, X; Peng, Q; Cao, Z; Ding, W
2021-10-01Effects of novel multiple hooked-end steel fibres on flexural tensile behaviour of notched concrete beams with various strength gradesChen, G; Gao, D; Zhu, H; Song Yuan, J; Xiao, X; Wang, W
2021-09-27Learning to improve persona consistency in conversation generation with information augmentationWang, W; Feng, S; Chen, L; Wang, D; Zhang, Y
2021-08-18Electrochemical release of catalysts in nanoreactors for solid sulfur redox reactions in room-temperature sodium-sulfur batteriesYan, Z; Tian, Q; Liang, Y; Jing, L; Hu, Z; Hua, W; Tayal, A; Lai, W; Wang, W; Peng, J; Wang, Y-X; Liu, J; Chou, S-L; Lu, G-QM; Liu, H; Dou, S-X
2021-08-14High-Dimensional Similarity Query Processing for Data ScienceQin, J; Wang, W; Xiao, C; Zhang, Y; Wang, Y
2021-08-01Dynamic responses of hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular column (DSTC) under lateral impactWang, W; Wu, C; Yu, Y; Zeng, JJ
2021-08-01Deflection hardening behaviour of ductile fibre reinforced magnesium phosphate cement-based compositeFeng, H; Li, Z; Wang, W; Liu, G; Zhang, Z; Gao, D
2021-08-01Omnidirectional circularly polarized antenna based on counter-wound helicesHu, Z; Lin, W; Chen, Z; Wang, W; Wang, S; Li, J; Al-Sheikh, A
2021-04-07Copper phosphide as a promising anode material for potassium-ion batteriesYang, Q; Tai, Z; Xia, Q; Lai, W; Wang, W; Zhang, B; Yan, Z; Peng, J; Yang, H; Liu, H; Gu, Q; Chou, S; Liu, H
2021-03-01Common Auditors and Private Bank Loans*Francis, JR; Wang, W