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2023-03-01Active Perception for Visual-Language NavigationWang, H; Wang, W; Liang, W; Hoi, SCH; Shen, J; Gool, LV
2023-03Robustness analysis of electricity networks against failure or attack: the case of the Australian National Electricity Market (NEM)Wang, W; Karimi, F; Khalilpour, K; Green, D; Varvarigos, M
2022-12-08Locally Random Sampling for Practical Privacy Protection in Federated LearningWang, W; Liu, S; Liu, A; Liang, CJ; Yu, S
2022-12Predictive modeling the probability of suffering from metabolic syndrome using machine learning: A population-based study.Hu, X; Li, X-K; Wen, S; Li, X; Zeng, T-S; Zhang, J-Y; Wang, W; Bi, Y; Zhang, Q; Tian, S-H; Min, J; Wang, Y; Liu, G; Huang, H; Peng, M; Zhang, J; Wu, C; Li, Y-M; Sun, H; Ning, G; Chen, L-L
2022-12Temporal Network Embedding for Link Prediction via VAE Joint Attention Mechanism.Jiao, P; Guo, X; Jing, X; He, D; Wu, H; Pan, S; Gong, M; Wang, W
2022-11-30A Survey on Deep Learning Technique for Video Segmentation.Zhou, T; Porikli, F; Crandall, DJ; Gool, LV; Wang, W
2022-10-10Explicit and Implicit Pattern Relation Analysis for Discovering Actionable Negative Sequences.Wang, W; Cao, L
2022-10-10Target-Driven Structured Transformer Planner for Vision-Language NavigationZhao, Y; Chen, J; Gao, C; Wang, W; Yang, L; Ren, H; Xia, H; Liu, S
2022-09-16Simultaneous compression of multiple error-corrected short-read sets for faster data transmission and better de novo assemblies.Tang, T; Hutvagner, G; Wang, W; Li, J
2022-09-01Predictive Maintenance Model for IIoT-Based Manufacturing: A Transferable Deep Reinforcement Learning ApproachOng, KSH; Wang, W; Hieu, NQ; Niyato, D; Friedrichs, T
2022-08-15A novel sulfide-driven denitrification methane oxidation (SDMO) system: Operational performance and metabolic mechanisms.Wang, W; Zhao, L; Ni, B-J; Yin, T-M; Zhang, R-C; Yu, M; Shao, B; Xu, X-J; Xing, D-F; Lee, D-J; Ren, N-Q; Chen, C
2022-06-24Rethinking Semantic Segmentation: A Prototype ViewZhou, T; Wang, W; Konukoglu, E; Van Goo, L
2022-06-10Neural Subgraph Counting with Wasserstein EstimatorWang, H; Hu, R; Zhang, Y; Qin, L; Wang, W; Zhang, W
2022-04-27Anomalous Sound Detection Using Spectral-Temporal Information FusionLiu, Y; Guan, J; Zhu, Q; Wang, W
2022-04-21Efficacy of Donated Milk in Early Nutrition of Preterm Infants: A Meta-Analysis.Li, Y; Chi, C; Li, C; Song, J; Song, Z; Wang, W; Sun, J
2022-04-19Looking Beyond Single Images for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation Learning.Wang, W; Sun, G; Van Gool, L
2022-04-011-Thru Deembedding Method for One-Port Microwave Device CharacterizationWang, X; Wang, W; Liang, Y; Jin, R
2022-03-15Mechanical properties of high ductility hybrid fibres reinforced magnesium phosphate cement-based compositesFeng, H; Li, L; Wang, W; Cheng, Z; Gao, D
2022-03-01Efficient Orchestration of Virtualization Resource in RAN Based on Chemical Reaction Optimization and Q-LearningZou, S; Wang, W; Ni, W; Wang, L; Tang, Y
2022-02-01Social Boosted Recommendation With Folded Bipartite Network EmbeddingChen, H; Yin, H; Chen, T; Wang, W; Li, X; Hu, X