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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-10-30Multi-view GCN for loan default risk predictionLi, Z; Chen, Y; Wang, X; Yao, L; Xu, G
2024-05-08Hybrid Deep Learning for Assembly Action Recognition in Smart ManufacturingMatin, A; Islam, MR; Zhu, Y; Wang, X; Huo, H; Xu, G
2024-05Influence maximization on hypergraphs via multi-hop influence estimationGong, X; Wang, H; Wang, X; Chen, C; Zhang, W; Zhang, Y
2024-03-25KGNIE: A Learning Method for Estimating Node Importance in Knowledge GraphsChen, Y; Yu, J; Sima, Q; Wang, J; Wu, Y; Wang, X
2024-03-01Purple acid phosphatase promoted hydrolysis of organophosphate pesticides in microalgaeWang, X; He, GH; Wang, ZY; Xu, HY; Mou, JH; Qin, ZH; Lin, CSK; Yang, WD; Zhang, Y; Li, HY
2024-03-01Efficient Balanced Signed Biclique Search in Signed Bipartite GraphsSun, R; Wu, Y; Wang, X; Chen, C; Zhang, W; Lin, X
2024-03-01Differential and Symmetrical Decoupling Network for Differentially Fed AntennasWang, X; Ding, C; Zhao, G; Li, S; Chen, Y; Sun, H
2024-02-06Efficient Distributed Core Graph DecompositionZhang, W; Yang, Z; Wen, D; Wang, X; Pedrycz, W; Wang, J; He, Y; Dinh, TN; Grant, C; Qiu, M
2024-02-01Can agronomic options alleviate the risk of compound drought-heat events during the wheat flowering period in southeastern Australia?Li, S; Wang, B; Liu, DL; Chen, C; Feng, P; Huang, M; Wang, X; Shi, L; Waters, C; Huete, A; Yu, Q
2024-01-03A Generative Adversarial Networks-Based Integer Overflow Detection Model for Smart ContractsLi, H; Wang, X; Yu, G; Ni, W; Liu, RP
2024-01-01Neural Similarity Search on Supergraph ContainmentWang, H; Yu, J; Wang, X; Chen, C; Zhang, W; Lin, X
2024-01-01Controlling the Supramolecular Architecture Enables High Lithium Cationic Conductivity and High Electrochemical Stability for Solid Polymer ElectrolytesXie, K; Fu, Q; Chen, F; Zhu, H; Wang, X; Huang, G; Zhan, H; Liang, Q; Doherty, CM; Wang, D; Qiao, GG; Li, D
2024-01-01External-pressure–electrochemistry coupling in solid-state lithium metal batteriesHu, X; Zhang, Z; Zhang, X; Wang, Y; Yang, X; Wang, X; Fayena-Greenstein, M; Yehezkel, HA; Langford, S; Zhou, D; Li, B; Wang, G; Aurbach, D
2024Toward Web3 Applications: Easing the Access and TransitionYu, G; Wang, X; Wang, Q; Bi, T; Dong, Y; Liu, RP; Georgalas, N; Reeves, A
2023-12-30Data-driven computational algorithms for predicting electricity consumption missing values: a comparative studyHanna, B; Xu, G; Wang, X; Hossain, J
2023-12-29A topic-controllable keywords-to-text generator with knowledge base networkHe, L; Shi, K; Wang, D; Wang, X; Xu, G
2023-12-29Dyformer: A dynamic transformer-based architecture for multivariate time series classificationYang, C; Wang, X; Yao, L; Long, G; Xu, G
2023-12-28Exploring Oversampling Techniques for Fraud Detection with Imbalanced ClassesAlharbi, S; Alorini, AFA; Alahmadi, KMM; Alhosaini, H; Zhu, Y; Wang, X
2023-12-28RASNET: a reinforcement assistant network for frame selection in video-based posture recognitionHu, R; Wang, X; Chang, X; Hu, Y; Xin, X; Guo, B; Ding, X
2023-12-28Hybrid Deep Learning for Assembly Action Recognition in Smart ManufacturingMatin, A; Islam, MR; Zhu, Y; Wang, X; Huo, H; Xu, G