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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12-01Modelling the Trust Value for Human Agents Based on Real-Time Human States in Human-Autonomous Teaming SystemsLin, CT; Fan, HY; Chang, YC; Ou, L; Liu, J; Wang, YK; Jung, TP
2022-09-17Workshop on Multimodal Motion Sickness Detection and Mitigation Methods for Car JourneysPöhlmann, KMT; Li, G; Dam, A; Wang, YK; Wei, CS; Brietzke, A; Papaioannou, G
2022-09-01Spatial-temporal attention-based convolutional network with text and numerical information for stock price predictionLin, CT; Wang, YK; Huang, PL; Shi, Y; Chang, YC
2022-08-01Position-aware image captioning with spatial relationDuan, Y; Wang, Z; Wang, J; Wang, YK; Lin, CT
2022-08-01Effects of Multisensory Distractor Interference on Attentional DrivingLin, CT; Tian, Y; Wang, YK; Do, TTN; Chang, YL; King, JT; Huang, KC; Liao, LD
2022-01-01Detection and Estimation of Cognitive Conflict During Physical Human-Robot CollaborationAldini, S; Singh, AK; Leong, D; Wang, YK; Carmichael, MG; Liu, D; Lin, CT
2022-01-01Implicit Robot Control using Error-related Potential-based Brain-Computer InterfaceWang, X; Chen, HT; Wang, YK; Lin, CT
2022-01-01The effect of different sensory modalities on inattentional blindness in a virtual environment for attentional loss improvementTian, Y; Do, TTN; Wang, YK; Lin, CT
2022-01-01Human-Autonomous Teaming Framework Based on Trust ModellingMa, W; Chang, YC; Wang, YK; Lin, CT
2022-01-01Remote Guided Robotics via Leap Motion and Mixed RealityMendez, J; Aplin, R; Wang, YK
2021-11-27Memory augmented convolutional neural network and its application in bioimagesDing, W; Ming, Y; Wang, YK; Lin, CT
2021-04-01Capability of shallow open-water unit for emerging contaminants attenuation and ecological safety improvement in a treated effluent polishing processWang, YK; Ma, XY; Tang, L; Wang, XC; Zhang, S; Ngo, HH; Yu, M
2021-01-01Alpha correlates of practice during mental preparation for motor imageryNascimben, M; Wang, YK; King, JT; Jung, TP; Touryan, J; Lance, BJ; Lin, CT
2021Enhanced emission and second harmonic generation from WS<inf>2</inf> by using dielectric circular Bragg resonatorsChen, B; He, Z; Liu, ZJ; Wang, YK; Gao, YN; Aharonovich, I; Xu, ZQ; Liu, J
2020-12-01An SSVEP Stimuli Design using Real-time Camera View with Object RecognitionChen, SK; Chen, CS; Wang, YK; Lin, CT
2020-08-01Simultaneously enhanced linear and nonlinear photon generations from WS<inf>2</inf>by using dielectric circular Bragg resonatorsChen, B; He, Z; Liu, ZJ; Wang, YK; Gao, YN; Aharonovich, I; Xu, ZQ; Liu, J
2020-07-01Fuzzy divergence based analysis for eeg drowsiness detection brain computer interfacesReddy, TK; Arora, V; Behera, L; Wang, YK; Lin, CT
2020-07-01Supervised Discriminative Sparse PCA with Adaptive Neighbors for Dimensionality ReductionShi, Z; Wu, D; Huang, J; Wang, YK; Lin, CT
2020-01-01Exploring the Brain Responses to Driving Fatigue through Simultaneous EEG and fNIRS MeasurementsLin, CT; King, JT; Chuang, CH; Ding, W; Chuang, WY; Liao, LD; Wang, YK
2020-01-01Increase in brain effective connectivity in multitasking but not in a high-fatigue stateDo, TTN; Wang, YK; Lin, CT