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2022-06-15Progress in experimental investigations on evaporation characteristics of a fuel dropletWang, Z; Yuan, B; Huang, Y; Cao, J; Wang, Y; Cheng, X
2022-01-01Causal Disentanglement for Semantics-Aware Intent Learning in RecommendationWang, X; Li, Q; Yu, D; Cui, P; Wang, Z; Xu, G
2022Single-Target Real-Time Passive WiFi TrackingWang, Z; Zhang, JA; Xu, M; Guo, J
2021-12-03An ultrathin rechargeable solid-state zinc ion fiber battery for electronic textiles.Xiao, X; Xiao, X; Zhou, Y; Zhao, X; Chen, G; Liu, Z; Wang, Z; Lu, C; Hu, M; Nashalian, A; Shen, S; Xie, K; Yang, W; Gong, Y; Ding, W; Servati, P; Han, C; Dou, SX; Li, W; Chen, J
2021-12-01Activated nano-Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> loaded on polyurethane foam as a potential carrier for fluorine removalWang, Z; Gu, X; Zhang, Y; Zhang, X; Ngo, HH; Liu, Y; Jiang, W; Tan, X; Wang, X; Zhang, J
2021-12-01Fertilizer drawn forward osmosis as an alternative to 2nd pass seawater reverse osmosis: Estimation of boron removal and energy consumptionWang, H; Gao, B; Hou, L; Shon, HK; Yue, Q; Wang, Z
2021-12-01Microplastics deteriorate the removal efficiency of antibiotic resistance genes during aerobic sludge digestion.Zhang, Z; Liu, H; Wen, H; Gao, L; Gong, Y; Guo, W; Wang, Z; Li, X; Wang, Q
2021-11-24Intent-aware interactive internet of things for enhanced collaborative ambient intelligenceHuang, C; Yao, L; Wang, X; Sheng, QZ; Dustdar, S; Wang, Z; Xu, X
2021-11-01Comprehensive analysis of a hybrid FO-NF-RO process for seawater desalination: With an NF-like FO membraneWang, H; Gao, Y; Gao, B; Guo, K; Shon, HK; Yue, Q; Wang, Z
2021-11-01Tensor projection mechanism and algorithm implementationWang, F; Wang, Z; Li, X; Chen, Y
2021-10-26Causal-Aware Generative Imputation for Automated UnderwritingLi, Q; Duong, TD; Wang, Z; Liu, S; Wang, D; Xu, G
2021-10-20Causal Optimal Transport for Treatment Effect Estimation.Li, Q; Wang, Z; Liu, S; Li, G; Xu, G
2021-10-20Causal Optimal Transport for Treatment Effect Estimation.Li, Q; Wang, Z; Liu, S; Li, G; Xu, G
2021-10-20Causal Optimal Transport for Treatment Effect Estimation.Li, Q; Wang, Z; Liu, S; Li, G; Xu, G
2021-10-12The ASKAP Variables and Slow Transients (VAST) Pilot SurveyMurphy, T; Kaplan, DL; Stewart, AJ; O'Brien, A; Lenc, E; Pintaldi, S; Pritchard, J; Dobie, D; Fox, A; Leung, JK; An, T; Bell, ME; Broderick, JW; Chatterjee, S; Dai, S; D'Antonio, D; Doyle, G; Gaensler, BM; Heald, G; Horesh, A; Jones, ML; McConnell, D; Moss, VA; Raja, W; Ramsay, G; Ryder, S; Sadler, EM; Sivakoff, GR; Wang, Y; Wang, Z; Wheatland, MS; Whiting, M; Allison, JR; Anderson, CS; Ball, L; Bannister, K; Bock, DCJ; Bolton, R; Bunton, JD; Chekkala, R; Chippendale, AP; Cooray, FR; Gupta, N; Hayman, DB; Jeganathan, K; Koribalski, B; Lee-Waddell, K; Mahony, EK; Marvil, J; McClure-Griffiths, NM; Mirtschin, P; Ng, A; Pearce, S; Phillips, C; Voronkov, MA
2021-06-25Hilbert Sinkhorn Divergence for Optimal TransportLi, Q; Wang, Z; Li, G; Pang, J; Xu, G
2021-06-01High internal phase emulsion hierarchical porous polymer grafting polyol compounds for boron removalWang, Z; Ma, K; Zhang, Y; Zhang, X; Ngo, HH; Meng, J; Du, L
2021-06-01Cache-Assisted Content Delivery in Wireless Networks: A New Game Theoretic ModelFang, C; Liu, C; Wang, Z; Sun, Y; Ni, W; Li, P; Guo, S
2021-05-28Automated annotation and visualisation of high-resolution spatial proteomic mass spectrometry imaging data using HIT-MAP.Guo, G; Papanicolaou, M; Demarais, NJ; Wang, Z; Schey, KL; Timpson, P; Cox, TR; Grey, AC
2021-05-01Optimizaition for formability of plain woven carbon fiber fabricsWang, Z; Xie, H; Luo, Q; Li, Q; Sun, G