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2021-03-01Synergistic coupling of NiS<inf>1.03</inf> nanoparticle with S-doped reduced graphene oxide for enhanced lithium and sodium storageLi J; Ding Z; Li J; Wang C; Pan L; Wang G
2021-01-05Constructing Atomic Heterometallic Sites in Ultrathin Nickel-Incorporated Cobalt Phosphide Nanosheets via a Boron-Assisted Strategy for Highly Efficient Water Splitting.Zhao Y; Zhang J; Xie Y; Sun B; Jiang J; Jiang W-J; Xi S; Yang HY; Yan K; Wang S; Guo X; Li P; Han Z; Lu X; Liu H; Wang G
2021-01-01Reaction Mechanisms of Layered Lithium-Rich Cathode Materials for High-Energy Lithium-Ion Batteries.Zhao S; Yan K; Zhang J; Sun B; Wang G
2020-12-01Synthesis of carbon nitride quantum dots and biocompatibility evaluation using C. elegans as a model organismLi H; Fei C; Yang D; Tan C; Chen Z; Wang J; Wang G; Fan H; Yao H; Wang C; Chong H
2020-12-01Biomimetic 3D Fe/CeO<inf>2</inf> decorated N-doped carbon nanotubes architectures for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteriesWang T; Su D; Chen Y; Yan K; Yu L; Liu L; Zhong Y; Notten PHL; Wang C; Wang G
2020-12-01Progress and prospects of two-dimensional materials for membrane-based water desalinationSafaei J; Xiong P; Wang G
2020-12-01Remarkable cycling durability of lithium-sulfur batteries with interconnected mesoporous hollow carbon nanospheres as high sulfur content hostHou J; Tu X; Wu X; Shen M; Wang X; Wang C; Cao C; Pang H; Wang G
2020-11-09Desulfurization through photocatalytic oxidation: a critical review.Zhou X; Wang T; Liu H; Gao X; Wang C; Wang G
2020-11-01A functional hyperbranched binder enabling ultra-stable sulfur cathode for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteryLuo X; Lu X; Chen X; Chen Y; Yu C; Su D; Wang G; Cui L
2020-11-01Na-Ion Batteries—Approaching Old and New ChallengesGoikolea E; Palomares V; Wang S; de Larramendi IR; Guo X; Wang G; Rojo T
2020-11-01Self-crosslinkable polyaniline with coordinated stabilized CoOOH nanosheets as a high-efficiency electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reactionChen X; Chen Y; Shen Z; Song C; Ji P; Wang N; Su D; Wang Y; Wang G; Cui L
2020-11-01Revitalising sodium-sulfur batteries for non-high-temperature operation: A crucial reviewWang Y; Zhou D; Palomares V; Shanmukaraj D; Sun B; Tang X; Wang C; Armand M; Rojo T; Wang G
2020-10-27Immunizing lithium metal anodes against dendrite growth using protein molecules to achieve high energy batteries.Wang T; Li Y; Zhang J; Yan K; Jaumaux P; Yang J; Wang C; Shanmukaraj D; Sun B; Armand M; Cui Y; Wang G
2020-10-06High-power lithium-selenium batteries enabled by atomic cobalt electrocatalyst in hollow carbon cathode.Tian H; Tian H; Wang S; Chen S; Zhang F; Song L; Liu H; Liu J; Wang G
2020-10-01Polyaniline engineering defect-induced nitrogen doped carbon-supported Co<inf>3</inf>O<inf>4</inf> hybrid composite as a high-efficiency electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reactionChen X; Chen Y; Luo X; Guo H; Wang N; Su D; Zhang C; Liu T; Wang G; Cui L
2020-10-01Projected Kernel Least Mean p-Power Algorithm: Convergence Analyses and ModificationsZhao J; Zhang H; Wang G; Zhang JA
2020-10A review on facilitating bio-wastes degradation and energy recovery efficiencies in anaerobic digestion systems with biochar amendment.Wang G; Li Y; Sheng L; Xing Y; Liu G; Yao G; Ngo HH; Li Q; Wang XC; Li Y-Y; Chen R
2020-09-30The Rise of Prussian Blue Analogs: Challenges and Opportunities for High‐Performance Cathode Materials in Potassium‐Ion BatteriesZhao S; Guo Z; Yan K; Guo X; Wan S; He F; Sun B; Wang G
2020-09-18A Deep-Ensemble-Level-Based Interpretable Takagi-Sugeno-Kang Fuzzy Classifier for Imbalanced Data.Wang G; Zhou T; Choi K-S; Lu J
2020-09-14Polyolefin-Based Janus Separator for Rechargeable Sodium BatteriesZhou D; Tang X; Guo X; Li P; Shanmukaraj D; Liu H; Gao X; Wang Y; Rojo T; Armand M; Wang G