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2020-11-01Self-crosslinkable polyaniline with coordinated stabilized CoOOH nanosheets as a high-efficiency electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reactionChen X; Chen Y; Shen Z; Song C; Ji P; Wang N; Su D; Wang Y; Wang G; Cui L
2020-11Facet-dependent growth of InAsP quantum wells in InP nanowire and nanomembrane arrays.Yuan X; Wang N; Tian Z; Zhang F; Li L; Lockrey M; He J; Jagadish C; Tan HH
2020-11Association of Low-Dose Triple Combination Therapy With Therapeutic Inertia and Prescribing Patterns in Patients With Hypertension: A Secondary Analysis of the TRIUMPH Trial.Wang N; Salam A; Webster R; de Silva A; Guggilla R; Stepien S; Mysore J; Billot L; Jan S; Maulik PK; Naik N; Selak V; Thom S; Prabhakaran D; Patel A; Rodgers A; TRIUMPH Study Group
2020-10-01Polyaniline engineering defect-induced nitrogen doped carbon-supported Co<inf>3</inf>O<inf>4</inf> hybrid composite as a high-efficiency electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reactionChen X; Chen Y; Luo X; Guo H; Wang N; Su D; Zhang C; Liu T; Wang G; Cui L
2020-09-13Optogenetically Controlled TrkA Activity Improves the Regenerative Capacity of Hair-Follicle-Derived Stem Cells to Differentiate into Neurons and Glia.Huang T; Zhang Y; Wang Z; Zeng Y; Wang N; Fan H; Huang Z; Su Y; Huang X; Chen H; Zhang K; Yi C
2020-09-01Highly regular rosette-shaped cathodoluminescence in GaN self-assembled nanodisks and nanorodsZhao B; Lockrey MN; Wang N; Caroff P; Yuan X; Li L; Wong-Leung J; Tan HH; Jagadish C
2020-09-01Electrothermal Collaborative Cooling with Delayed Power Rail Switching Auxiliary Charging by Considering Energy Harvesting Mechanism for High-Power LEDsWang N; Shen ZH; Gao C; Chen MM; Ding C; Sui GR; Jia HZ; Gao XM
2020-08-08Blood-brain barrier integrity in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease.Huang Z; Wong L-W; Su Y; Huang X; Wang N; Chen H; Yi C
2020-08-07A robust flame retardant fluorinated polyimide nanofiber separator for high-temperature lithium-sulfur batteriesLuo X; Lu X; Chen X; Chen Y; Song C; Yu C; Wang N; Su D; Wang C; Gao X; Wang G; Cui L
2020-08Investigation and assessment of micropollutants and associated biological effects in wastewater treatment processes.Ma XY; Dong K; Tang L; Wang Y; Wang XC; Ngo HH; Chen R; Wang N
2020-07-01Characteristics of Dual-Gate Graphene Thermoelectric Devices Based on Voltage RegulationWang N; Ma Z; Ding C; Jia H; Sui G; Gao X
2020-04Immune response of macrophages on super-hydrophilic TiO2 nanotube arrays.Gao S; Lu R; Wang X; Chou J; Wang N; Huai X; Wang C; Zhao Y; Chen S
2020-03-01Concrete-like high sulfur content cathodes with enhanced electrochemical performance for lithium-sulfur batteriesGan B; Tang K; Chen Y; Wang D; Wang N; Li W; Wang Y; Liu H; Wang G
2020-01-01A multifunctional polyimide nanofiber separator with a self-closing polyamide–polyvinyl alcohol top layer with a Turing structure for high-performance lithium–sulfur batteriesLuo X; Lu X; Chen Y; Chen X; Guo H; Song C; Wang N; Su D; Wang G; Cui L; Liu Y
2020-01-01Optimizing sowing window and cultivar choice can boost China’s maize yield under 1.5 °C and 2 °C global warmingHuang M; Wang J; Wang B; Liu DL; Yu Q; He D; Wang N; Pan X