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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12Deep learning for misinformation detection on online social networks: a survey and new perspectivesIslam MR; Liu S; Wang X; Xu G
2020-11-30From Appearance to Essence: Comparing Truth Discovery Methods without Using Ground TruthFang X; Sheng QZ; Wang X; Zhang W; NGU AHH; Yang J
2020-11RecRisk: An enhanced recommendation model with multi-facet risk controlXiao Y; Pei Q; Yao L; Wang X
2020-09-27From Appearance to EssenceFang XS; Sheng QZ; Wang X; Zhang WE; Ngu AHH; Yang J
2020-09-20Zero-shot object detection with textual descriptions using convolutional neural networksZhang L; Wang X; Yao L; Zheng F
2020-09-20Knowledge-guided deep reinforcement learning for interactive recommendationChen X; Huang C; Yao L; Wang X; Liu W; Zhang W
2020-09-20Are you a risk taker? Adversarial learning of asymmetric cross-domain alignment for risk tolerance predictionLiu Z; Lina Y; Wang X; Bai L; An J
2020-09Adsorption of phenanthrene from aqueous solutions by biochar derived from an ammoniation-hydrothermal method.Wang X; Guo Z; Hu Z; Ngo H; Liang S; Zhang J
2020-08-01A research of Monte Carlo optimized neural network for electricity load forecastYong B; Huang L; Li F; Shen J; Wang X; Zhou Q
2020-08A comprehensive comparison of the vehicle vibration energy harvesting abilities of the regenerative shock absorbers predicted by the quarter, half and full vehicle suspension system modelsZhang R; Zhao L; Qiu X; Zhang H; Wang X
2020-07-31The Prognosis Analysis of Liver Cirrhosis with Acute Variceal Bleeding and Validation of Current Prognostic Models: A Large Scale Retrospective Cohort StudyZhao Y; Ren M; Lu G; Yin Y; Zhang D; Wang X; Ma W; Li Y; Cai G; Lin Y; He S
2020-07-25Adversarial Attacks and Detection on Reinforcement Learning-Based Interactive Recommender SystemsCao Y; Chen X; Yao L; Wang X; Zhang WE
2020-07Zero-Shot Object Detection via Learning an Embedding from Semantic Space to Visual SpaceZhang L; Wang X; Yao L; Wu L; Zheng F
2020-06-15Adversarial Multi-view Networks for Activity RecognitionBai L; Yao L; Wang X; Kanhere SS; Guo B; Yu Z
2020-05-06Prototype Similarity Learning for Activity RecognitionWang X; Lauw HW; Wong RC-W; Ntoulas A; Lim E-P; Ng S-K; Pan SJ
2020-05-01An experimentally validated rubber shear spring model for vibrating flip-flow screensGong S; Oberst S; Wang X
2020-03-17A Tunable Terahertz Metamaterial Absorber Composed of Hourglass-Shaped Graphene Arrays.Qi Y; Zhang Y; Liu C; Zhang T; Zhang B; Wang L; Deng X; Wang X; Yu Y
2020-02-01A Fog-Based Recommender SystemWang X; Gu B; Ren Y; Ye W; Yu S; Xiang Y; Gao L
2020-02An enhanced probabilistic fairness-aware group recommendation by incorporating social activenessXiao Y; Pei Q; Yao L; Yu S; Bai L; Wang X
2020-01-01Joint Relational Dependency Learning for Sequential RecommendationWang X; Li Q; Zhang W; Xu G; Liu S; Zhu W