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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11-01Background-free fibre optic Brillouin probe for remote mapping of micromechanicsXiang Y; Basirun C; Chou J; Warkiani ME; Török P; Wang Y; Gao S; Kabakova IV
2020-10-09Blood-brain barrier-penetrating siRNA nanomedicine for Alzheimer's disease therapy.Zhou Y; Zhu F; Liu Y; Zheng M; Wang Y; Zhang D; Anraku Y; Zou Y; Li J; Wu H; Pang X; Tao W; Shimoni O; Bush AI; Xue X; Shi B
2020-09Unraveling the Promotion Effects of a Soluble Cobaltocene Catalyst with Respect to Li-O2 Battery Discharge.Qian Z; Li X; Sun B; Du L; Wang Y; Zuo P; Yin G; Zhang J; Sun B; Wang G
2020-09CTumorGAN: a unified framework for automatic computed tomography tumor segmentation.Pang S; Du A; Orgun MA; Yu Z; Wang Y; Wang Y; Liu G
2020-08-28A rational synthesis of single-atom iron-nitrogen electrocatalysts for highly efficient oxygen reduction reactionHuo J; Lu L; Shen Z; Liu Y; Guo J; Liu Q; Wang Y; Liu H; Wu M; Wang G
2020-07-30Chinese medicine Huzhen tongfeng formula effectively attenuates gouty arthritis by inhibiting arachidonic acid metabolism and inflammatory mediatorsDeng J; Wu Z; Chen C; Zhao Z; Wang Y; Lin Y; Wang Z
2020-07-10A long non-coding RNA, HOTAIR, promotes cartilage degradation in osteoarthritis by inhibiting WIF-1 expression and activating Wnt pathway.Yang Y; Xing D; Wang Y; Jia H; Li B; Li JJ
2020-07-01Compact, Low-Profile, Linearly and Circularly Polarized Filtennas Enabled with Custom-Designed Feed-Probe StructuresTang MC; Li D; Wang Y; Hu KZ; Ziolkowski RW
2020-07-012D Laser SLAM with General Features Represented by Implicit FunctionsZhao J; Zhao L; Huang S; Wang Y
2020-07-01Generative temporal link prediction via self-tokenized sequence modelingWang Y; Zhang C; Wang S; Yu PS; Bai L; Cui L; Xu G
2020-06-02Deep‐Eutectic‐Solvent‐Based Self‐Healing Polymer Electrolyte for Safe and Long‐Life Lithium‐Metal BatteriesJaumaux P; Liu Q; Zhou D; Xu X; Wang T; Wang Y; Kang F; Li B; Wang G
2020-06-01Detent Force Minimization of a Tubular Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Motor Using Un-Equal Width Stator Slots Based on Taguchi MethodWang S; Wang Y; Liu C; Lei G; Zhu J; Guo Y
2020-06Deep-Eutectic-Solvent-Based Self-Healing Polymer Electrolyte for Safe and Long-Life Lithium-Metal Batteries.Jaumaux P; Liu Q; Zhou D; Xu X; Wang T; Wang Y; Kang F; Li B; Wang G
2020-05-01Regional renewable energy development in China: A multidimensional assessmentWang Y; Zhang D; Ji Q; Shi X
2020-05-01A comparison of estimating crop residue cover from sentinel-2 data using empirical regressions and machine learning methodsDing Y; Zhang H; Wang Z; Xie Q; Wang Y; Liu L; Hall CC
2020-05-01DeepGoal: Learning to drive with driving intention from human control demonstrationMa H; Wang Y; Xiong R; Kodagoda S; Tang L
2020-05Two Birds with One Stone: FeS2@C Yolk-Shell Composite for High-Performance Sodium-Ion Energy Storage and Electromagnetic Wave Absorption.Man Z; Li P; Zhou D; Wang Y; Liang X; Zang R; Li P; Zuo Y; Lam YM; Wang G
2020-04-01Mitigating the Impact of Data Sampling on Social Media Analysis and MiningXu K; Wang F; Wang H; Wang Y; Zhang Y
2020-03-01Allocation of coal de-capacity quota among provinces in China: A bi-level multi-objective combinatorial optimization approachWang D; Liu Y; Wang Y; Shi X; Song X
2020-03-01Concrete-like high sulfur content cathodes with enhanced electrochemical performance for lithium-sulfur batteriesGan B; Tang K; Chen Y; Wang D; Wang N; Li W; Wang Y; Liu H; Wang G