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2020-07-30Chinese medicine Huzhen tongfeng formula effectively attenuates gouty arthritis by inhibiting arachidonic acid metabolism and inflammatory mediatorsDeng J; Wu Z; Chen C; Zhao Z; Wang Y; Lin Y; Wang Z
2020-05-01A comparison of estimating crop residue cover from sentinel-2 data using empirical regressions and machine learning methodsDing Y; Zhang H; Wang Z; Xie Q; Wang Y; Liu L; Hall CC
2020-03-01Outage Performance of URLLC NOMA Systems with Wireless Power TransferWang Z; Lv T; Lin Z; Zeng J; Mathiopoulos PT
2020-01-01A novel failure criterion based upon forming limit curve for thermoplastic compositesWang Z; Zhang W; Luo Q; Zheng G; Li Q; Sun G
2020-01Diffraction-limited imaging with monolayer 2D material-based ultrathin flat lenses.Lin H; Xu Z-Q; Cao G; Zhang Y; Zhou J; Wang Z; Wan Z; Liu Z; Loh KP; Qiu C-W; Bao Q; Jia B
2019-08-01Cnnloc: Deep-learning based indoor localization with wifi fingerprintingSong X; Fan X; He X; Xiang C; Ye Q; Huang X; Fang G; Chen LL; Qin J; Wang Z
2019-06-15Filter Pruning via Geometric Median for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks AccelerationHe Y; Liu P; Wang Z; hu Z; Yang Y
2019-04Robust Graph-Based Semisupervised Learning for Noisy Labeled Data via Maximum Correntropy Criterion.Du B; Xinyao T; Wang Z; Zhang L; Tao D
2019-02-01The analysis of a ferriteless rectangular coupler with reactive assistive shielding coils for ev wireless chargingWang S; Wang Z; Deng J; Guo Y; Dorrell DG
2018Novel Artificial Bee Colony Algorithms for QoS-Aware Service SelectionWang X; Xu X; Sheng QZ; Wang Z; Yao L