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2023-09Criteria for the selection, evaluation and application of traditional knowledge in contemporary health practice, education, research and policy: A systematic review.Foley, H; Bugarcic, A; Adams, J; Wardle, J; Leach, M; Steel, A
2023-08Experiences and challenges of African traditional medicine: lessons from COVID-19 pandemic.Mutombo, PN; Kasilo, OMJ; James, PB; Wardle, J; Kunle, O; Katerere, D; Wambebe, C; Matsabisa, MG; Rahmatullah, M; Nikiema, J-B; Mukankubito, I; Sheridan, R; Sanogo, R; Nissapatorn, V; Sivakorn, C; Tripathy, S; Goyal, R; Dhobi, M
2023-05-26Feasibility and efficacy of implementing group visits for women's health conditions: a systematic review.Gerontakos, S; Leach, M; Steel, A; Wardle, J
2023-05Making sense of complexity: A qualitative ‘Framework’ analysis of naturopathic case management and clinical reasoningGraham, KD; Steel, A; Wardle, J
2023-04-29The use of traditional medicine practitioner services for childhood illnesses among childbearing women: a multilevel analysis of demographic and health surveys in 32 sub-Saharan African countries.James, PB; Gyasi, RM; Kasilo, OMJ; Wardle, J; Bah, AJ; Yendewa, GA; Mwaka, AD
2023-03-01Naturopathic knowledge and approaches to managing endometriosis: a cross-sectional survey of naturopaths with experience in endometriosis care.Redmond, R; Steel, A; Wardle, J; Adams, J
2023Characterizing Therapeutic Pluralism Policies in Latin America: A Qualitative Content Analysis.Gallego-Pérez, DF; Declercq, E; Saper, RB; Barnes, LL; Wardle, J
2023Efficacy and safety of Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil for human health-A systematic review of randomized controlled trials.Kairey, L; Agnew, T; Bowles, EJ; Barkla, BJ; Wardle, J; Lauche, R
2023Naturopathic Workforce: A Global Resource Toward the Declaration of Astana Goals-A Multimethods Study.Dunn, J; Lloyd, I; Steel, A; Adams, J; Wardle, J
2023Exploring Criteria for the Translation of Traditional Knowledge Within Contemporary Clinical Practice, Research, Policy, and Education: A Stakeholder Forum.Steel, A; Foley, H; Bugarcic, A; Wardle, J; Boyd, H; Breakspear, I; Carlton, A-L; Cope, G; Dua, K; Greenway, P; Redmond, R; Hawrelak, J; Shukla, N; Adams, J
2023The Role of Traditional, Complementary, and Integrative Healthcare in Achieving the Goals of the Astana Declaration and Universal Health Coverage: The Development of the Traditional, Complementary, and Integrative Healthcare Declaration.von Schoen-Angerer, T; Manchanda, RK; van Haselen, R; Liu, J; Suswardany, DL; Parker, T; Benevides, I; Aldana Martinez, NS; Tolo, F; Skaling-Klopstock, C; Nicolai, T; Breitkreuz, T; Szöke, J; Lloyd, I; Wardle, J
2022-11The prevalence of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder among African migrants: A systematic review and meta-analysis.James, PB; Renzaho, AMN; Mwanri, L; Miller, I; Wardle, J; Gatwiri, K; Lauche, R
2022-07-25International prevalence of consultation with a naturopathic practitioner: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Steel, A; Redmond, R; Schloss, J; Cramer, H; Goldenberg, J; Leach, MJ; Harnett, JE; Van de Venter, C; McLintock, A; Bradley, R; Hawrelak, J; Cooley, K; Leung, B; Adams, J; Wardle, J
2022-07-04Randomised trial of population-based BRCA testing in Ashkenazi Jews: long-term secondary lifestyle behavioural outcomes.Burnell, M; Gaba, F; Sobocan, M; Desai, R; Sanderson, S; Loggenberg, K; Gessler, S; Side, L; Brady, AF; Dorkins, H; Wallis, Y; Jacobs, C; Legood, R; Beller, U; Tomlinson, I; Wardle, J; Menon, U; Jacobs, I; Manchanda, R
2022-06-15The converging paradigms of holism and complexity: An exploration of naturopathic clinical case management using complexity science principles.Graham, KD; Steel, A; Wardle, J
2022-06African culture, traditional medicine, and cancer care.James, PB; Asiimwe, JB; Wardle, J; Mwaka, AD; Kasilo, OMJ
2022-05-01Misuse of traditional knowledge can compromise research, practice and policy: It doesn't need to, we just need to take it more seriouslyWardle, J
2022-05Assessing dietary, exercise, and non-pharmacological modalities within psychiatric hospitals.Metri, N-J; Ee, C; Wardle, J; Ng, CH; Siskind, D; Brakoulias, V; Ho, FY-Y; Wong, VW-H; Naidoo, U; Eaton, M; Firth, J; Sarris, J
2022-04-15Primary health care case management through the lens of complexity: an exploratory study of naturopathic practice using complexity science principlesGraham, K; Steel, A; Wardle, J
2022-04-15Primary health care case management through the lens of complexity: an exploratory study of naturopathic practice using complexity science principles.Graham, KD; Steel, A; Wardle, J