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2022-07-25International prevalence of consultation with a naturopathic practitioner: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Steel, A; Redmond, R; Schloss, J; Cramer, H; Goldenberg, J; Leach, MJ; Harnett, JE; Van de Venter, C; McLintock, A; Bradley, R; Hawrelak, J; Cooley, K; Leung, B; Adams, J; Wardle, J
2022-07-04Randomised trial of population-based BRCA testing in Ashkenazi Jews: long-term secondary lifestyle behavioural outcomes.Burnell, M; Gaba, F; Sobocan, M; Desai, R; Sanderson, S; Loggenberg, K; Gessler, S; Side, L; Brady, AF; Dorkins, H; Wallis, Y; Jacobs, C; Legood, R; Beller, U; Tomlinson, I; Wardle, J; Menon, U; Jacobs, I; Manchanda, R
2022-06-15The converging paradigms of holism and complexity: An exploration of naturopathic clinical case management using complexity science principles.Graham, KD; Steel, A; Wardle, J
2022-06African culture, traditional medicine, and cancer care.James, PB; Asiimwe, JB; Wardle, J; Mwaka, AD; Kasilo, OMJ
2022-05Assessing dietary, exercise, and non-pharmacological modalities within psychiatric hospitals.Metri, N-J; Ee, C; Wardle, J; Ng, CH; Siskind, D; Brakoulias, V; Ho, FY-Y; Wong, VW-H; Naidoo, U; Eaton, M; Firth, J; Sarris, J
2022-04-15Primary health care case management through the lens of complexity: an exploratory study of naturopathic practice using complexity science principles.Graham, KD; Steel, A; Wardle, J
2022-02Endometriosis and the workplace: Lessons from Australia's response to COVID-19.Armour, M; Ciccia, D; Stoikos, C; Wardle, J
2022-02Naturopathy utilisation by Australian women with diagnosed endometriosis: A cross-sectional survey.Redmond, R; Steel, A; Wardle, J; Adams, J
2022-01-15Health-related quality of life among Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone: the role of socio-demographic, health-related and psycho-social factors.James, PB; Wardle, J; Gyasi, RM; Steel, A; Adams, J; Kabba, JA; Bah, AJ; Lahai, M; Conteh, EB
2022-01-05Profiles and predictors of healthcare utilization: using a cluster-analytic approach to identify typical users across conventional, allied and complementary medicine, and self-care.Recchia, DR; Cramer, H; Wardle, J; Lee, DJ; Ostermann, T; Lauche, R
2021-12-08Integrative health needs to engage with effective public health interventions on merit, not oppose them on them on principle.Wardle, J
2021-12-06Outcomes of a Medically Supervised Fasting Module on Healthy Females in a Controlled Residential Environment: A Brief Report.Arankalle, D; Tewani, GR; Nair, PM; Wardle, J
2021-12-01Development of Evidence-Based Chinese Medicine Service Recommendations for Cancer Palliative CareWong, CH; Steel, A; Chung, VC; Adams, J; Wardle, J
2021-12Stakeholder attitudes to the regulation of traditional and complementary medicine professions: a systematic reviewCarè, J; Steel, A; Wardle, J
2021-11-10Jewish cultural and religious factors and uptake of population-based BRCA testing across denominations: a cohort study.Reisel, D; Burnell, M; Side, L; Loggenberg, K; Gessler, S; Desai, R; Sanderson, S; Brady, AF; Dorkins, H; Wallis, Y; Jacobs, C; Legood, R; Beller, U; Tomlinson, I; Wardle, J; Menon, U; Jacobs, I; Manchanda, R
2021-10Findings of Russian literature on the clinical application of Eleutherococcus senticosus (Rupr. & Maxim.): A narrative review.Gerontakos, S; Taylor, A; Avdeeva, AY; Shikova, VA; Pozharitskaya, ON; Casteleijn, D; Wardle, J; Shikov, AN
2021-09-16Chinese herbal medicine ("3 medicines and 3 formulations") for COVID-19: rapid systematic review and meta-analysis.Wang, Y; Greenhalgh, T; Wardle, J; Oxford TCM Rapid Review Team,
2021-07-15Educational needs of medical practitioners about medical billing: a scoping review of the literatureFaux, M; Adams, J; Wardle, J
2021-07The Intersection Between Models of Health and How Healing Transpires: A Metaethnographic Synthesis of Complementary Medicine Practitioners' Perceptions.Graham, KD; Steel, A; Wardle, J
2021-06-09The Regulation of the Complementary Health Sector: General Public's Knowledge of Complementary Medicine-Related Quality Assurance and Consumer Protection.Sibbritt, D; Peng, W; Wardle, J; Stewart, C; Komesaroff, P; Adams, J