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2021-08-01An Efficient Graphene Quantum Dots-Based Electrochemical Cytosensor for the Sensitive Recognition of CD123 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia CellsSoleimanian, A; Khalilzadeh, B; Mahdipour, M; Aref, AR; Kalbasi, A; Bazaz, SR; Warkiani, ME; Rashidi, MR; Mahdavi, M
2021-06-01Improving capture efficiency of human cancer cell derived exosomes with nanostructured metal organic framework functionalized beadsZhand, S; Xiao, K; Razavi Bazaz, S; Zhu, Y; Bordhan, P; Jin, D; Warkiani, ME
2021-04Enhancing osteoregenerative potential of biphasic calcium phosphates by using bioinspired ZIF8 coating.Fardjahromi, MA; Ejeian, F; Razmjou, A; Vesey, G; Mukhopadhyay, SC; Derakhshan, A; Warkiani, ME
2021-03-03Simple-to-Operate Approach for Single Cell Analysis Using a Hydrophobic Surface and Nanosized Droplets.Rezaei, M; Radfar, P; Winter, M; McClements, L; Thierry, B; Warkiani, ME
2021-01-01A two-step microengineered system for high-density cell retention from bioreactorsSyed, MS; Marquis, C; Taylor, R; Warkiani, ME
2020-11-19Particle movement and fluid behavior visualization using an optically transparent 3D-printed micro-hydrocyclone.Syed, MS; Mirakhorli, F; Marquis, C; Taylor, RA; Warkiani, ME
2020-11-04Mesenchymal stem cells induce PD-L1 expression through the secretion of CCL5 in breast cancer cells.Aboulkheyr Es, H; Bigdeli, B; Zhand, S; Aref, AR; Thiery, JP; Warkiani, ME
2020-11-01Background-free fibre optic Brillouin probe for remote mapping of micromechanicsXiang, Y; Basirun, C; Chou, J; Warkiani, ME; Török, P; Wang, Y; Gao, S; Kabakova, IV
2020-11-01Volume-preserving strategies to improve the mixing efficiency of serpentine micromixersRazavi Bazaz, S; Hazeri, AH; Rouhi, O; Mehrizi, AA; Jin, D; Warkiani, ME
2020-11Application of level-set method in simulation of normal and cancer cells deformability within a microfluidic device.Mirzaaghaian, A; Ramiar, A; Ranjbar, AA; Warkiani, ME
2020-10Ex vivo culture of circulating tumour cells derived from non-small cell lung cancer.Kapeleris, J; Kulasinghe, A; Warkiani, ME; Oleary, C; Vela, I; Leo, P; Sternes, P; O'Byrne, K; Punyadeera, C
2020-09-013D printing enables the rapid prototyping of modular microfluidic devices for particle conjugationVasilescu, SA; Bazaz, SR; Jin, D; Shimoni, O; Warkiani, ME
2020-07-01Kinetic and thermodynamic study of c-Met interaction with single chain fragment variable (scFv) antibodies using phage based surface plasmon resonance.Ghorbani, F; Fathi, F; Aghebati-Maleki, L; Abolhasan, R; Rikhtegar, R; Dolatabadi, JEN; Babaloo, Z; Khalilzadeh, B; Warkiani, ME; Sharifzadeh, Z; Rashidi, M-R; Yousefi, M
2020-07Pirfenidone reduces immune-suppressive capacity of cancer-associated fibroblasts through targeting CCL17 and TNF-beta.ABOULKHEYR ESTARABADI, H; Zhand, S; Thiery, JP; Warkiani, ME
2020-06Surface modification of polypropylene membrane for the removal of iodine using polydopamine chemistry.Changani, Z; Razmjou, A; Taheri-Kafrani, A; Warkiani, ME; Asadnia, M
2020-05Capillary-assisted microfluidic biosensing platform captures single cell secretion dynamics in nanoliter compartments.Hassanzadeh-Barforoushi, A; Warkiani, ME; Gallego-Ortega, D; Liu, G; Barber, T
2020-02A miniaturized piezoresistive flow sensor for real-time monitoring of intravenous infusion.Hagihghi, R; Razmjou, A; Orooji, Y; Warkiani, ME; Asadnia, M
2020-01-01Rapid and label-free isolation of tumour cells from the urine of patients with localised prostate cancer using inertial microfluidicsRzhevskiy, AS; Bazaz, SR; Ding, L; Kapitannikova, A; Sayyadi, N; Campbell, D; Walsh, B; Gillatt, D; Warkiani, ME; Zvyagin, AV
2019-12-01Development of a Biomimetic Semicircular Canal with MEMS Sensors to Restore BalanceRaoufi, MA; Moshizi, SA; Razmjou, A; Wu, S; Warkiani, ME; Asadnia, M
2019-08-01Modulating cancer cell mechanics and actin cytoskeleton structure by chemical and mechanical stimulationsAzadi, S; Tafazzoli-Shadpour, M; Soleimani, M; Warkiani, ME