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1-Jun-2019A Reappraisal of Circulating Fetal Cell Noninvasive Prenatal TestingRezaei, M; Winter, M; Zander-Fox, D; Whitehead, C; Liebelt, J; Warkiani, ME; Hardy, T; Thierry, B
1-Dec-2018Inertial-Based Filtration Method for Removal of Microcarriers from Mesenchymal Stem Cell SuspensionsMoloudi, R; Oh, S; Yang, C; Teo, KL; Lam, ATL; Warkiani, ME; Naing, MW
1-Dec-2018A Collective Route to Head and Neck Cancer MetastasisKulasinghe, A; Schmidt, H; Perry, C; Whitfield, B; Kenny, L; Nelson, C; Warkiani, ME; Punyadeera, C
1-Nov-2018A Novel Microfluidic Device-Based Neurite Outgrowth Inhibition Assay Reveals the Neurite Outgrowth-Promoting Activity of Tropomyosin Tpm3.1 in Hippocampal NeuronsStefen, H; Hassanzadeh-Barforoushi, A; Brettle, M; Fok, S; Suchowerska, AK; Tedla, N; Barber, T; Warkiani, ME; Fath, T
1-Oct-2018Large-scale production of stem cells utilizing microcarriers: A biomaterials engineering perspective from academic research to commercialized productsTavassoli, H; Alhosseini, SN; Tay, A; Chan, PPY; Weng Oh, SK; Warkiani, ME
14-Aug-2018The prognostic role of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in lung cancerKapeleris, J; Kulasinghe, A; Warkiani, ME; Vela, I; Kenny, L; O'Byrne, K; Punyadeera, C
10-Aug-2018The use of microfluidic technology for cancer applications and liquid biopsyKulasinghe, A; Wu, H; Punyadeera, C; Warkiani, ME
18-Jul-2018Transparent Surfaces Inspired by NatureMotamedi, M; Warkiani, ME; Taylor, RA
28-Jun-2018Melanoma circulating tumor cells: Benefits and challenges required for clinical applicationMarsavela, G; Aya-Bonilla, CA; Warkiani, ME; Gray, ES; Ziman, M
15-Jun-2018Spheroids-on-a-chip: Recent advances and design considerations in microfluidic platforms for spheroid formation and cultureMoshksayan, K; Kashaninejad, N; Warkiani, ME; Lock, JG; Moghadas, H; Firoozabadi, B; Saidi, MS; Nguyen, NT
31-May-2018Engineering biomimetic hair bundle sensors for underwater sensing applicationsKottapalli, AGP; Asadnia, M; Karavitaki, KD; Warkiani, ME; Miao, J; Corey, DP; Triantafyllou, M
1-Mar-2018Mist harvesting using bioinspired polydopamine coating and microfabrication technologyMoazzam, P; Tavassoli, H; Razmjou, A; Warkiani, ME; Asadnia, M
1-Mar-2018Selective separation of microalgae cells using inertial microfluidicsSyed, MS; Rafeie, M; Vandamme, D; Asadnia, M; Henderson, R; Taylor, RA; Warkiani, ME
1-Feb-2018Sensitive and flexible polymeric strain sensor for accurate human motion monitoringKhan, H; Razmjou, A; Warkiani, ME; Kottapalli, A; Asadnia, M
1-Jan-2018Combined effects of 3D bone marrow stem cell-seeded wet-electrospun poly lactic acid scaffolds on full-thickness skin wound healingGhorbani, S; Eyni, H; Tiraihi, T; Asl, LS; Soleimani, M; Atashi, A; Beiranvand, SP; Warkiani, ME
1-Jan-2018Microfluidics for fast and frugal diagnosis of malaria, sepsis, and HIV/AIDSTay, AKP; Khoo, BL; Warkiani, ME
1-Jan-2018A hybrid micromixer with planar mixing unitsBazaz, SR; Mehrizi, AA; Ghorbani, S; Vasilescu, S; Asadnia, M; Warkiani, ME
1-Jan-2018High-throughput sorting of eggs for synchronization of: C. elegans in a microfluidic spiral chipSofela, S; Sahloul, S; Rafeie, M; Kwon, T; Han, J; Warkiani, ME; Song, YA
1-Dec-2017Microfluidic Cell Retention Device for Perfusion of Mammalian Suspension CultureKwon, T; Prentice, H; Oliveira, JD; Madziva, N; Warkiani, ME; Hamel, JFP; Han, J
19-Oct-2017Coal-on-a-Chip: Visualizing Flow in Coal FracturesGerami, A; Armstrong, RT; Johnston, B; Warkiani, ME; Mosavat, N; Mostaghimi, P