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2023-06Initial Australian Experience With the XVIVO Non-Ischaemic Hypothermic Perfusion Device for Heart PreservationEmmanuel, S; Macdonald, P; Hayward, C; Watson, A; Iyer, A; Connellan, M; Granger, E; Kure, C; Kaye, D; McGiffin, D; Jansz, P
2023-02-01Heart Transplantation From DCD Donors in Australia: Lessons Learned From the First 74 Cases.Joshi, Y; Scheuer, S; Chew, H; Ru Qiu, M; Soto, C; Villanueva, J; Gao, L; Doyle, A; Takahara, S; Jenkinson, C; Vaidhya, N; Matsumoto, Y; Hwang, B; Zhao, C; Iyer, A; Connellan, M; Watson, A; Granger, E; Muthiah, K; Jabbour, A; Kotlyar, E; Keogh, A; Bart, NK; Hayward, C; Dhital, K; Jansz, P; Macdonald, PS
2022-06Impact of frailty on mortality and morbidity in bridge to transplant recipients of contemporary durable mechanical circulatory support.Muthiah, K; Wilhelm, K; Robson, D; Raju, H; Aili, SR; Jha, SR; Pierce, R; Fritis-Lamora, R; Montgomery, E; Gorrie, N; Deveza, R; Brennan, X; Schnegg, B; Jabbour, A; Kotlyar, E; Keogh, AM; Bart, N; Conellan, M; Iyer, A; Watson, A; Granger, E; Jansz, PC; Hayward, C; Macdonald, PS
2021-02-01The impact of frailty on mortality after heart transplantation.Macdonald, PS; Gorrie, N; Brennan, X; Aili, SR; De Silva, R; Jha, SR; Fritis-Lamora, R; Montgomery, E; Wilhelm, K; Pierce, R; Lam, F; Schnegg, B; Hayward, C; Jabbour, A; Kotlyar, E; Muthiah, K; Keogh, AM; Granger, E; Connellan, M; Watson, A; Iyer, A; Jansz, PC
2020-01-01Correction to: Reading for Realness: Porn Literacies, Digital Media, and Young People (Sexuality & Culture, (2020), 10.1007/s12119-020-09794-6)Byron, P; McKee, A; Watson, A; Litsou, K; Ingham, R
2019-04-02Outcomes of Donation After Circulatory Death Heart Transplantation in AustraliaChew, HC; Iyer, A; Connellan, M; Scheuer, S; Villanueva, J; Gao, L; Hicks, M; Harkness, M; Soto, C; Dinale, A; Nair, P; Watson, A; Granger, E; Jansz, P; Muthiah, K; Jabbour, A; Kotlyar, E; Keogh, A; Hayward, C; Graham, R; Spratt, P; Macdonald, P; Dhital, K