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18-May-2017Local recycled water in Sydney: what's happening and whyWatson, R; Mukheibir; Mitchell, C
1-Apr-2017Local recycled water in Sydney: A policy and regulatory tug-of-warWatson, R; Mukheibir, P; Mitchell, C
Dec-2016The Critical Role of Impact Distribution for Local Recycled Water SystemsWatson, R; Fane, S; Mitchell, CA
Nov-2015How many papers can be published from one study?Watson, R; Pickler, R; Noyes, J; Perry, L; Roe, B; Hayter, M; Hueter, I
Aug-2014What do building occupants think of onsite recycled waterWatson, R
Jan-2014Primary productivity induced by iron and nitrogen in the Tasman Sea - An overview of the PINTS expeditionHassler, CS; Ridgway, K; Bowie, AR; Butler, EC; Clementson, L; Doblin, MA; Davies, DM; Law, C; Ralph, PJ; van der Merwe, P; Watson, R; Ellwood, M
Dec-2013Who writes, whose rights, and who's right? Issues in authorship.Hayter, M; Noyes, J; Perry, L; Pickler, R; Roe, B; Watson, R
Jul-2013Distributed recycled water systems - hard to justify in Sydney, but it's a great place to learnWatson, R; Fane, S; Mitchell, C
Jan-2013Quality Doctoral Programmes: Views From The East Asian Forum Of Nursing ScholarsCleary, M; Jackson, DE; Watson, R; Chan, SW
Jan-2013Designing crime prevention - A review of methodsWatson, R; Lindemann, U; Srinivasan, V; Kim, YS; Lee, SW; Papalambros, P; Chen, W
Jan-2013Introduction to Design+CrimeAsquith, LA; Dorst, K; Kaldor, LJ; Watson, R
Jan-2013A New Visual Aid for DesigningTomkin, DF; Watson, R; Sugiyama, K
Jan-2012The role of clinical trial nurses: An Australian perspectiveWilkes, L; Jackson, DE; Miranda, C; Watson, R
Jan-2008A global map of human impact on marine ecosystemHalpern, BS; Walbridge, S; Selkoe, KA; Kappel, CV; Micheli, F; D'Agrosa, C; Bruno, J; Casey, KS; Ebert, CM; Fox, HE; Fujita, R; Heinemann, D; Lenihan, HS; Madin, EM; Perry, MT; Selig, ER; Spalding, M; Steneck, R; Watson, R
Jan-2008Reviewing for JCNWatson, R; Jackson, DE; Haigh, C