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2023-04Community perceptions of ecosystem services and disservices linked to urban tree plantingsDrew-Smythe, JJ; Davila, YC; McLean, CM; Hingee, MC; Murray, ML; Webb, JK; Krix, DW; Murray, BR
2022-08-29Consequences of Oviposition Site Choice for Geckos in Changing Environments.Abayarathna, T; Webb, JK
2022-01-01Plasticity in thermal hardening of the invasive Asian house geckoLapwong, Y; Dejtaradol, A; Webb, JK
2022-01-01Effects of the Australian 2019–2020 megafires on a population of endangered broad‐headed snakes Hoplocephalus bungaroidesWebb, JK; Jolly, CJ; Hinds, M; Adams, C; Cuartas‐Villa, S; Lapwong, Y; Letnic, M
2021-12-08Do Incubation Temperatures Affect the Preferred Body Temperatures of Hatchling Velvet Geckos?Abayarathna, T; Webb, JK
2021-12-01Nest site selection in a southern and northern population of the velvet gecko (Amalosia lesueurii)Cuartas-Villa, S; Webb, JK
2021-08Effects of learning and adaptation on population viability.Indigo, NL; Jolly, CJ; Kelly, E; Smith, J; Webb, JK; Phillips, BL
2021-07Trophic cascade driven by behavioral fine-tuning as naïve prey rapidly adjust to a novel predator.Jolly, CJ; Smart, AS; Moreen, J; Webb, JK; Gillespie, GR; Phillips, BL
2021-04-01Shifts in thermal tolerance of the invasive Asian house gecko (Hemidactylus frenatus) across native and introduced rangesLapwong, Y; Dejtaradol, A; Webb, JK
2021-03-08Slow life history leaves endangered snake vulnerable to illegal collecting.Jolly, CJ; Von Takach, B; Webb, JK
2021-01-22Insulated nest boxes provide thermal refuges for wildlife in urban bushland during summer heatwavesHoney, R; McLean, C; Murray, BR; Webb, JK
2021-01-01Choice of monitoring method can influence estimates of usage of artificial hollows by vertebrate faunaHoney, R; McLean, CM; Murray, BR; Callan, MN; Webb, JK; Cooper, P
2020-12Thermophilic response to feeding in adult female velvet geckos.Dayananda, B; Webb, JK
2020-08-31Training fails to elicit behavioral change in a marsupial suffering evolutionary loss of antipredator behaviorsJolly, CJ; Webb, JK; Gillespie, GR; Phillips, BL
2020-08-01Life history of the coppertail skink (Ctenotus taeniolatus)in southeastern australiaPike, DA; Roznik, EA; Webb, JK; Shine, R
2020-05A trophic cascade initiated by an invasive vertebrate alters the structure of native reptile communities.Feit, B; Dempster, T; Jessop, TS; Webb, JK; Letnic, M
2019-12-01Bangers and cash: Baiting efficiency in a heterogeneous populationIndigo, N; Smith, J; Webb, JK; Phillips, BL
2019-09-01Bias averted: personality may not influence trappabilityJolly, CJ; Webb, JK; Gillespie, GR; Hughes, NK; Phillips, BL
2019-01-01Higher incubation temperatures produce long-lasting upward shifts in cold tolerance, but not heat tolerance, of hatchling geckosAbayarathna, T; Murray, BR; Webb, JK
2018-12-01Taste overshadows less salient cues to elicit food aversion in endangered marsupialKelly, E; Phillips, BL; Webb, JK