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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-01-15Learning Symmetry-Aware Geometry Correspondences for 6D Object Pose EstimationZhao, H; Wei, S; Shi, D; Tan, W; Li, Z; Ren, Y; Wei, X; Yang, Y; Pu, S
2024-01A Study on Sustainable Design of Traditional Tujia Village Architecture in Southwest Hubei, ChinaWang, D; Wei, X; Yan, X; Sohaib, O
2023-02-28Band Gap Engineering of AlYN Films for Solar-Blind Ultraviolet PhotodetectionHuang, L; Huang, S; Lin, J; Wang, Z; Chen, Z; Zheng, W; Wei, X; Hu, Q
2023-02iPSCs-derived mesenchymal stromal cells mitigate anxiety and neuroinflammation in aging female mice.Wei, X; Li, R; Li, X; Wang, B; Huang, J; Mu, H; Zhang, Q; Zhang, Z; Ru, Y; Wu, X; Qiu, Y; Ye, Y; Feng, Y; Wang, S; Chen, H; Yi, C; Wang, J
2022-02-01Intensification of water storage deficit in topsoil but not deep soil in a semi-humid forest after excluding precipitation for two yearsZhang, Q; Jia, X; Li, T; Shao, M; Yu, Q; Wei, X
2021-09-10Model Predictive Power Control of Brushless Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Considering Saturation EffectWei, X; Xu, L; Luo, R; Cheng, M; Zhu, J
2021-07-30Stretchable polyurethane composite foam triboelectric nanogenerator with tunable microwave absorption properties at elevated temperatureZheng, J; Wei, X; Li, Y; Dong, W; Li, X; E, S; Wen, J
2021-03-01Decreased soil total phosphorus following artificial plantation in the Loess Plateau of ChinaZhang, Q; Jia, X; Li, T; Shao, M; Yu, Q; Wei, X
2021-01-01Exploiting Web Images for Fine-Grained Visual Recognition by Eliminating Open-Set Noise and Utilizing Hard ExamplesLiu, H; Zhang, C; Yao, Y; Wei, X; Shen, F; Tang, Z; Zhang, J
2020-04-01Total soil organic carbon increases but becomes more labile after afforestation in China's Loess PlateauZhang, Q; Jia, X; Wei, X; Shao, M; Li, T; Yu, Q
2019-12-09Model predictive virtual power control of brushless doubly-fed induction generator for fast and smooth grid synchronisationWei, X; Cheng, M; Luo, R; Xu, L; Zhu, J
2019-03-01Finite-Set Model Predictive Power Control of Brushless Doubly Fed Twin Stator Induction GeneratorWei, X; Cheng, M; Zhu, J; Yang, H; Luo, R
2018-02-09Model predictive power control of dual-stator brushless doubly-fed induction generator with reduced power rippleWei, X; Cheng, M; Zhu, J; Yang, H
2018-01-01Building the profile of web events based on website measurementXu, Z; Xuan, J; Zhu, Y; Wei, X
2017-11-03Model predictive power control of a brushless doubly fed twin stator induction generatorWei, X; Cheng, M; Hua, W; Zhu, J; Yang, H
2017-10-02Model predictive control of brushless doubly fed twin stator induction machine: A model reduction approachWei, X; Zhu, J; Cheng, M; Yang, H; Ma, B
2017-06-01Data-driven answer selection in community QA systemsNie, L; Wei, X; Zhang, D; Wang, X; Gao, Z; Yang, Y
2015-11-30The public opposition to university deregulationBurke, PF; Wei, X
2015-11-30The multiple benefits of brands and features: Evaluating the position of breads on health, taste, and valueBurke, PF; Sethi, S; Wei, X
2014-10-01Augmenting image descriptions using structured prediction outputHan, Y; Wei, X; Cao, X; Yang, Y; Zhou, X