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2023-07-17Symbiont Identity Impacts the Microbiome and Volatilome of a Model Cnidarian-Dinoflagellate Symbiosis.Wuerz, M; Lawson, CA; Oakley, CA; Possell, M; Wilkinson, SP; Grossman, AR; Weis, VM; Suggett, DJ; Davy, SK
2023-03-17Molecular insights into the Darwin paradox of coral reefs from the sea anemone Aiptasia.Cui, G; Konciute, MK; Ling, L; Esau, L; Raina, J-B; Han, B; Salazar, OR; Presnell, JS; Rädecker, N; Zhong, H; Menzies, J; Cleves, PA; Liew, YJ; Krediet, CJ; Sawiccy, V; Cziesielski, MJ; Guagliardo, P; Bougoure, J; Pernice, M; Hirt, H; Voolstra, CR; Weis, VM; Pringle, JR; Aranda, M
2023Genomic conservation and putative downstream functionality of the phosphatidylinositol signalling pathway in the cnidarian-dinoflagellate symbiosis.Ashley, IA; Kitchen, SA; Gorman, LM; Grossman, AR; Oakley, CA; Suggett, DJ; Weis, VM; Rosset, SL; Davy, SK
2023Building consensus around the assessment and interpretation of Symbiodiniaceae diversity.Davies, SW; Gamache, MH; Howe-Kerr, LI; Kriefall, NG; Baker, AC; Banaszak, AT; Bay, LK; Bellantuono, AJ; Bhattacharya, D; Chan, CX; Claar, DC; Coffroth, MA; Cunning, R; Davy, SK; Del Campo, J; Díaz-Almeyda, EM; Frommlet, JC; Fuess, LE; González-Pech, RA; Goulet, TL; Hoadley, KD; Howells, EJ; Hume, BCC; Kemp, DW; Kenkel, CD; Kitchen, SA; LaJeunesse, TC; Lin, S; McIlroy, SE; McMinds, R; Nitschke, MR; Oakley, CA; Peixoto, RS; Prada, C; Putnam, HM; Quigley, K; Reich, HG; Reimer, JD; Rodriguez-Lanetty, M; Rosales, SM; Saad, OS; Sampayo, EM; Santos, SR; Shoguchi, E; Smith, EG; Stat, M; Stephens, TG; Strader, ME; Suggett, DJ; Swain, TD; Tran, C; Traylor-Knowles, N; Voolstra, CR; Warner, ME; Weis, VM; Wright, RM; Xiang, T; Yamashita, H; Ziegler, M; Correa, AMS; Parkinson, JE
2022-10-01Symbiosis induces unique volatile profiles in the model cnidarian Aiptasia.Wuerz, M; Lawson, CA; Ueland, M; Oakley, CA; Grossman, AR; Weis, VM; Suggett, DJ; Davy, SK
2022-01-01The metabolic significance of symbiont community composition in the coral-algal symbiosisMatthews, JL; Cunning, R; Witson-Williams, R; Oakley, CA; Lutz, A; Roessner, U; Grossman, AR; Weis, VM; Gates, RD; Davy, SK
2021-11-01Six priorities to advance the science and practice of coral reef restoration worldwideVardi, T; Hoot, WC; Levy, J; Shaver, E; Winters, RS; Banaszak, AT; Baums, IB; Chamberland, VF; Cook, N; Gulko, D; Hein, MY; Kaufman, L; Loewe, M; Lundgren, P; Lustic, C; MacGowan, P; Matz, MV; McGonigle, M; McLeod, I; Moore, J; Moore, T; Pivard, S; Pollock, FJ; Rinkevich, B; Suggett, DJ; Suleiman, S; Viehman, TS; Villalobos, T; Weis, VM; Wolke, C; Montoya-Maya, PH
2020-12-01Metabolite pools of the reef building coral Montipora capitata are unaffected by Symbiodiniaceae community compositionMatthews, JL; Cunning, R; Ritson-Williams, R; Oakley, CA; Lutz, A; Roessner, U; Grossman, AR; Weis, VM; Gates, RD; Davy, SK
2020-09-23The Molecular Language of the Cnidarian-Dinoflagellate Symbiosis.Rosset, SL; Oakley, CA; Ferrier-Pagès, C; Suggett, DJ; Weis, VM; Davy, SK
2019-09-01Proteomics quantifies protein expression changes in a model cnidarian colonised by a thermally tolerant but suboptimal symbiontSproles, AE; Oakley, CA; Matthews, JL; Peng, L; Owen, JG; Grossman, AR; Weis, VM; Davy, SK
2018-12-05Partner switching and metabolic flux in a model cnidarian–dinoflagellate symbiosisMatthews, JL; Oakley, CA; Lutz, A; Hillyer, KE; Roessner, U; Grossman, AR; Weis, VM; Davy, SK
2017-12-12Optimal nutrient exchange and immune responses operate in partner specificity in the cnidarian-dinoflagellate symbiosis.Matthews, JL; Crowder, CM; Oakley, CA; Lutz, A; Roessner, U; Meyer, E; Grossman, AR; Weis, VM; Davy, SK
2016-02Menthol-induced bleaching rapidly and effectively provides experimental aposymbiotic sea anemones (Aiptasia sp.) for symbiosis investigations.Matthews, JL; Sproles, AE; Oakley, CA; Grossman, AR; Weis, VM; Davy, SK