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1-Nov-2012A significant improvement in the superconducting properties of MgB<inf>2</inf>by co-doping with graphene and nano-SiCDe Silva, KSB; Xu, X; Wang, XL; Wexler, D; Attard, D; Xiang, F; Dou, SX
28-Jul-2012The effect of reduced graphene oxide addition on the superconductivity of MgB<inf>2</inf>De Silva, KSB; Gambhir, S; Wang, XL; Xu, X; Li, WX; Officer, DL; Wexler, D; Wallace, GG; Dou, SX
Jan-2012Co-core-Pt-shell nanoparticles as cathode catalyst for PEM fuel cellsWu, H; Wexler, D; Wang, G; liu, H
Jan-2011Pt/C catalysts using different carbon supports for the cathode of PEM fuel cellsWu, H; Wexler, D; Wang, G; Liu, H
Jan-2010Pt1-XCox Nanoparticles As Cathode Catalyst For Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells With Enhanced Catalytic ActivityWu, H; Wexler, D; Liu, H; Savadogo, O; Ahn, J; Wang, G
Jan-2010Chemical processing of double-walled carbon nanotubes for enhanced hydrogen storageWu, HM; Wexler, D; Ranjbartoreh, A; Liu, H; Wang, G
2010Ni@Pt Core-Shell Nanoparticles With Enhanced Catalytic Activity For Oxygen Reduction ReactionWang, G; Wu, H; Wexler, D; Liu, H; Savadogo, O
Jan-2009Large-scale synthesis and gas sensing application of vertically aligned and double-sided tungsten oxide nanorod arraysShen, X; Wang, G; Wexler, D
Jan-2009Hydrothermal synthesis of carbon nanotube/cobalt oxide core-shell one-dimensional nanocomposite and application as an anode material for lithium-ion batteriesWang, G; Shen, X; Yao, J; Wexler, D; Ahn, J
Jan-2009PtxNi alloy nanoparticles as cathode catalyst for PEM fuel cells with enhanced catalytic activityWu, H; Wexler, D; Wang, G
Jan-2009Synthesis of nanosized vanadium pentoxide/carbon composites by spray pyrolysis for electrochemical capacitor applicationWang, B; Konstantinov, K; Wexler, D; Liu, H; Wang, G
Jan-2009Hydrothermal synthesis and optical, magnetic, and supercapacitance properties of nanoporous cobalt oxide nanorodsWang, G; Shen, X; Horvat, J; Wang, B; Liu, H; Wexler, D; Yao, J
2009One-pot facile synthesis of iron oxide nanowires as high capacity anode materials for lithium ion batteriesLiu, H; Wexler, D; Wang, G
Jan-2008Electrochemical performance of LiFePO4 cathode material coated with ZrO2 nanolayerLiu, H; Wang, G; Wexler, D; Wang, JZ; Liu, H
Jan-2008Magnetite/carbon core-shell nanorods as anode materials for lithium-ion batteriesLiu, H; Wang, G; Wang, J; Wexler, D
Jan-2008Flutelike Porous Hematite Nanorods and Branched Nanostructures: Synthesis, Characterisation and Application for Gas-SensingGou, X; Wang, G; Kong, X; Wexler, D; Horvat, J; Yang, J; Park, J
Jan-2008Chemical synthesis, characterisation and gas sensing performance of copper oxide nanoribbonsGou, X; Wang, G; Yang, J; Park, J; Wexler, D
Jan-2007Nanostructured nickel sulfide synthesized via a polyol route as a cathode material for the rechargeable lithium batteryWang, J; Chew, SY; Wexler, D; Wang, G; Ng, SH; Zhong, S; Liu, HK
Jan-2007Preparation and electrochemical properties of SnO2 nanowires for application in lithium-ion batteriesPark, MS; Wang, G; Kang, YM; Wexler, D; Dou, SX; Liu, H
Jan-2007Synthesis, characterization, and optical properties of In2O3 semiconductor nanowiresWang, G; Park, J; Wexler, D; Park, MS; Ahn, J