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2023-08-24Safer medicines To reduce falls and refractures for OsteoPorosis (#STOP): a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of medical specialist-initiated pharmacist-led medication management reviews in primary care.Moles, RJ; Perry, L; Naylor, JM; Center, J; Ebeling, P; Duque, G; Major, G; White, C; Yates, C; Jennings, M; Kotowicz, M; Tran, T; Bliuc, D; Si, L; Gibson, K; Basger, BJ; Bolton, P; Barnett, S; Hassett, G; Kelly, A; Bazarnik, B; Ezz, W; Luckie, K; Carter, SR
2022-07Attitudes of Palliative Care Practitioners Towards Enrolling Patients in Clinical Trials.Nagla, A; Le, B; White, C; V Kiburg, K; Philip, J
2021-09Women's experiences of birth trauma: A scoping review.Watson, K; White, C; Hall, H; Hewitt, A
2021-02Women's Wellness with Type 2 Diabetes Program (WWDP): Qualitative findings from the UK and Australian feasibility study.Anderson, D; Sturt, J; McDonald, N; Sapkota, D; Porter-Steele, J; Rogers, R; Temple, A; Seib, C; McGuire, A; Tjondronegoro, D; Walker, R; Al-Khudairy, L; White, C
2021-01International feasibility study for the Women's Wellness with Type 2 Diabetes Programme (WWDP): An eHealth enabled 12-week intervention programme for midlife women with type 2 diabetes.Anderson, D; Sturt, J; McDonald, N; White, C; Porter-Steele, J; Rogers, R; Temple, A; Seib, C; McGuire, A; Tjondronegoro, D; Walker, R; Sapkota, D
2018Development of Indicators to Assess Quality of Care for Prostate CancerNag, N; Millar, J; Davis, ID; Costello, S; Duthie, JB; Mark, S; Delprado, W; Smith, D; Pryor, D; Galvin, D; Sullivan, F; Murphy, Á; Roder, D; Elsaleh, H; Currow, D; White, C; Skala, M; Moretti, KL; Walker, T; De Ieso, P; Brooks, A; Heathcote, P; Frydenberg, M; Thavaseelan, J; Evans, SM
2017Addressing Risk in Conditions of Uncertainty Ignorance and Partial KnowledgeColyvan, M; Kitto, K; Quigley, M; Bennetts, L; Durance, P; Galton-Fenzi, B; Geenens, G; Hamilton, K; Ickowicz, A; Killedar, M; Kuhnert, P; Lindsay, M; Pembleton, K; Roberts, M; Verdejo-Garcia, A; White, C
2016-12The conditions of practical action: Neoliberalism and sustainability in the Australian road construction industryWhite, C
2014-01-01An exploration of REACH: Nursing developmentWhite, C; Kornman, K; Wilson, V
-A Practical Blockchain Framework using Image Hashing for Image AuthenticationWhite, C; Paul, M; Chakraborty, S