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1-Jun-2018Organizational improvisation and the reduced usefulness of performance measurement BI functionalitiesPeters, MD; Wieder, B; Sutton, SG
9-Apr-2018Determinants of Analytics-based Managerial Decision-makingThirathon, U; Wieder, B; Ossimitz, ML
1-Mar-2018Accounting with SAP ERPWieder, B
1-Jan-2018Management Accounting in the Big Data Era – Opportunities or Threats?Ossimitz; Wieder, B; Chapman, P; Thirathon, U
14-Dec-2017Big Data, Analytic Culture and Analytic-Based Decision Making Evidence from AustraliaThirathon, U; Wieder, B; Matolcsy, Z; Ossimitz, M
23-Nov-2017Impact of Big Data Analytics on Decision Making and PerformanceThirathon, U; Wieder, B; Matolcsy; Ossimitz, ML
31-May-2016Management Accounting Functionality in SAP Solutions – Implications for Research and PractiseOssimitz, M; Wieder, B; Chapman, P
17-Apr-2016Business intelligence systems use in performance measurement capabilities: Implications for enhanced competitive advantagePeters, M; Wieder, B; Sutton, S; Wakefield, J
1-Oct-2015Performance Measurement Information Systems: Do they Convey (Sustainable) Competitive Advantage?Peters, M; Wieder, B
25-Sep-2015The impact of Business Intelligence on the quality of decision making – a mediation modelWieder, B; Ossimitz, ML; Liebowitz, J
1-Jan-2015Performance Measurement Information Systems: Do they Convey (Sustainable) Competitive Advantage?Peters, M; Wieder, B; Epstein, M; Verbeeten, F; Widener, S
1-Jan-2015IT Governance: A higher order capability improving the benefits derived from AISChapman, P; Wieder, B
1-Jan-2015IT governance as a higher order capabilityChapman, P; Wieder, B
Jan-2012The impact of business intelligence tools on performance: A user satisfaction paradox?Wieder, B; Ossimitz, M; Chamoni, P
Jan-2007Determinants of ERPS-Fit and Impact on Firm PerformanceOssimitz, M; Wieder, B; Arnold, V; Stefanou, CJ; Sutton, S
Jan-2006The impact of ERP systems on firm and business process performanceWieder, B; Booth, PJ; Matolcsy, ZP; Ossimitz, M
Jan-2005Economic benefits of enterprise resource planning systems: some empirical evidenceMatolcsy, ZP; Booth, PJ; Wieder, B
Jan-2005The politics of post-implementation reviewsGwillim, D; Dovey, KA; Wieder, B
Jan-2003SAP case study - mySAP supply chain management at Parbury FHSWieder, B; Davis, D