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2023-02-22Digital Platforms: Government Consultation on ACCC’s Regulatory Reform Recommendations - Consultation Paper, December 2022. Submission by Centre for Media TransitionWilding, D; Lee, K
2022-08-05Digital Platform Complaint Handling: Options for an External Dispute Resolution SchemeWilding, D; Raiche, H; Lee, K; Stuhmcke, A
2022-06-01Improving News Media Oversight: Why Australia Needs a Cross-Platform Standards SchemeWilding, D; Molitorisz, S
2022-05-06Centre for Media Transition, Review of the News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code - Consultation Paper, April 2022 - Submission to the TreasuryWilding, D; Attard, M; Molitorisz, S; Davis, M; Kathirgamalingam, V
2022-04-08Submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission: Digital Platform Services Inquiry: Discussion Paper for Interim Report No 5 - Updating Competition and Consumer Law for Digital Platform ServicesLee, K; Wilding, D; Paterson, P; Lindsay, D
2022-03-04Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs: Social Media (Anti-Trolling) Bill 2022Wilding, D; Molitorisz, S
2022-02-09Submission to the Australian February 2022 Communications and Media Authority: Proposal to R emake the Broadcasting Services (Commercial Radio Current Affairs Disclosure) Standard 2012: Consultation PaperWilding, D
2022-02-04Submission to House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts: Inquiry into Australia’s Regional NewspapersWilding, D; Attard, M
2022-01-24Submission to Attorney-General’s Department: Privacy Act Review: Discussion PaperWilding, D; Molitorisz, S
2022-01-21Submission to Attorney-General's Department: Exposure Draft of the Social Media (Anti-Trolling) Bill 2021Wilding, D; Molitorisz, S
2021-06-29Regulating news and disinformation on digital platforms: Self-regulation or prevarication?Wilding, D
2021-06-01Australia: Media concentration and deteriorating conditions for investigative journalismWilding, D; Dwyer, T; Koskie, T; Trappel, J; Tomaz, T
2021-03-09The Case for Reviewing Broadcasting Co-regulationLee, K; Wilding, D
2021-02-22Discussion Paper on an Australian Voluntary Code of Practice for DisinformationWilding, D; Kruger, A
2021-02-18Towards Responsiveness: Consumer and Citizen Engagement in Co-Regulatory Rule-Making in the Australian Communications SectorLee, K; Wilding, D
2020-12-18Submission to the Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications - Inquiry into Media Diversity in AustraliaMolitorisz, S; Wilding, D; Attard, M; Giotis, C; Bebawi, S; Dwyer, T; Hutchinson, J
2020-02-21Submission dated 21 February 2020 to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications on the Digital Technology Hub Consultation PaperLee, K; Wilding, D
2020-01-17News in Australia - Impartiality and Commercial Influence: Review of literature and researchWilding, D; Fray, P
2019-12-31Consumer and Citizen Engagement in Self-regulation and Co-regulation: An Industry Stock TakeLee, K; Wilding, D
2019-12-01Responsive Engagement: Involving Consumers and Citizens in Communications Industry Rule-makingLee, K; Wilding, D