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2017Adult children of parents with mental illness: Navigating stigmaMurphy, G; Peters, K; Wilkes, L; Jackson, D
23-May-2016Content analysis of vacancy advertisements for employability skills: Challenges and opportunities for informing curriculum developmentMessum, D; Wilkes, L; Peters, K; Jackson, D
Jan-2016Surviving workplace adversity: a qualitative study of nurses and midwives and their strategies to increase personal resilience.Mcdonald, G; Jackson, D; Vickers, MH; Wilkes, L
Apr-2015A repertoire of leadership attributes: an international study of deans of nursing.Wilkes, L; Cross, W; Jackson, D; Daly, J
2015Lesbian Women Choosing Motherhood: The Journey to ConceptionHayman, B; Wilkes, L; Halcomb, E; Jackson, D
Dec-2014Determining the frequency, kinds and cues of violence displayed by patients in an acute older person ward environment: findings from an observational study.Jackson, D; Wilkes, L; Waine, M; Luck, L
Jan-2013De Novo Lesbian Families: Legitimizing the Other MotherHayman, B; Wilkes, L; Jackson, DE; Halcomb, E
Jan-2013Caring for vulnerable children: Challenges of mothering in the Australian foster care systemBlythe, SL; Halcomb, E; Wilkes, L; Jackson, DE
Jan-2013The challenges of being an insider in storytelling researchBlythe, SL; Wilkes, L; Jackson, DE; Halcomb, E
Jan-2013Practicing nurses' perspectives of clinical scholarship: a qualitative studyWilkes, L; Mannix, J; Jackson, DE
Jan-2013Marking out the clinical expert/clinical leader/clinical scholar: Perspectives from nurses in the clinical arenaMannix, J; Wilkes, L; Jackson, DE
Jan-2013Knowledge, Attitudes And Usage Of Cancer Screening Among West African Migrant WomenOgunsiji, O; Wilkes, L; Peters, K; Jackson, DE
Jan-2013Enabling research cultures in nursing: insights from a multidisciplinary group of experienced researchersWilkes, L; Jackson, DE
Jan-2013Perceptions of Long-Term Female Foster-Carers: I'm Not a Carer, I'm a MotherBlythe, SL; Halcomb, E; Wilkes, L; Jackson, DE
Jan-2013Marginalised mothers: Lesbian women negotiating heteronormative healthcare servicesHayman, B; Wilkes, L; Halcomb, E; Jackson, DE
Jan-2013Personal resilience in nurses and midwives: Effects of a work-based educational interventionMcDonald, G; Jackson, DE; Wilkes, L; Vickers, M
Jan-2013Attributes of clinical leadership in contemporary nursing: An integrative reviewMannix, J; Wilkes, L; Daly, J
Jan-2013Mosaic of verbal abuse experienced by nurses in their everyday workJackson, DE; Hutchinson, M; Luck, L; Wilkes, L
Jan-2012"Less Feminine and Less a Woman": The impact of unplanned postpartum hysterectomy on womenElmir, R; Jackson, DE; Schmied, V; Wilkes, L
Jan-2012Exchange and equality during data collection: relationships through story sharing with lesbian mothersHayman, B; Wilkes, L; Jackson, DE; Halcomb, E