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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Dec-2018Evaluating factors influencing the uncontrolled growth of urban-rural belt – a case study of Delhi, IndiaRay, M; Ghosh, S; Wilkinson, S
28-Sep-2018Flood risk to commercial property: Training and education needs of built environment professionalsBhattacharya-Mis, N; Lamond, J; Montz, B; Kreibich, H; Wilkinson, S; Chan, F; Proverbs, D
1-Mar-2018A roof under your headOrr, FR; Wilkinson, S
12-Feb-2018Handbook of Sustainable Real EstateWilkinson, SJ; Dixon, T; Sayce, S; Miller, N; Wilkinson, S; Dixon, T; Sayce, S; Miller, N
12-Feb-2018Sustainable office retrofit in MelbourneWilkinson, SJ; Wilkinson, S; Dixon, T; Miller, N; Sayce, S
1-Jan-2018Living Green RoofsWilkinson, S; Torpy, FR
1-Jan-2018Green roofs and green walls and their impact on health promotionFeitosa, RC; Wilkinson, S
12-Jun-2017Retrofitted green roofs and walls and improvements in thermal comfortFeitosa, RC; Wilkinson, S
2017The Impact Of Horticulture Therapy On Mental Health Care Consumers On A Retrofitted RoofWilkinson, S; Orr, FR
30-Sep-2016Green Roof and Permeable Paving Retrofit to Mitigate Pluvial FloodingWilkinson, S; Proverbs, DG; Lamond, JE
22-Sep-2016Food urbanism, place making and sustainability performance in two institutional rooftop gardens in Sydney, AustraliaGhosh, S; Wilkinson, S
17-Aug-2016The evolution of green leases: towards inter-organizational environmental governanceJanda, KB; Bright, S; Patrick, J; Wilkinson, S; Dixon, TJ
22-Jul-2016Social aspects of institutional rooftop gardensGhosh, S; Vanni, I; Giovanangeli, A; Wilkinson, S; Dixon, T
1-Jan-2016EditorialWilkinson, S
20-Jul-2015Social aspects of urban food production: a case study of Coogee Community Garden in SydneyGhosh, S; Wilkinson, S; Adler, D
8-Jul-2015BIM and the Value Dimension: A Commercial Property Development and Management PerspectiveWilkinson, S; Jupp, JR
8-Jul-2015Through-life Information Management For Commercial Property Practice: Benefits & Challenges of BIMJupp, JR; Wilkinson, S
2015Planning and Regulatory Issues Impacting Sustainable Property DevelopmentChristensen, PH; Sayce, S; Wilkinson, S; Sayce, S; Christensen, PH
4-Nov-2014Urban food production on Sydney CBD rooftopsWilkinson, S; Ghosh, S; Lindsay, P
1-Apr-2014Assessing the immediate and short-term impact of flooding on residential property participant behaviourEves, C; Wilkinson, S