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2023-11-01Assessing heat transfer characteristics of building envelope deployed BIPV and resultant building energy consumption in a tropical climateJhumka, H; Yang, S; Gorse, C; Wilkinson, S; Yang, R; He, BJ; Prasad, D; Fiorito, F
2023-08-18Energy poverty, poor housing, and the wellbeing of older AustraliansValente, C; Wilkinson, S; Morris, A
2023-04-01Users’ Perceptions of the Contribution of a University Green Roof to Sustainable DevelopmentNguyen Dang, HA; Legg, R; Khan, A; Wilkinson, S; Ibbett, N; Doan, AT
2023-01-01Demolition or retention of buildings: drivers at the masterplan scaleBaker, H; Moncaster, A; Wilkinson, S; Remøy, H
2023-01-01Green spaces in housing development - Buyers' preferencesZalejska-Jonsson, A; Wilkinson, S; Wahlund, R; Cunningham, R
2023-01-01A framework for sustainable adaptive reuse: understanding vacancy and underuse in existing urban buildingsArmstrong, G; Wilkinson, S; Cilliers, EJ
2022-12-01Energy efficient glazing: A comparison of microalgae photobioreactor and Iranian Orosi window designsAhmadi, F; Wilkinson, S; Rezazadeh, H; Keawsawasvong, S; Najafi, Q; Masoumi, A
2022-11-10Social impact of green roofsNguyen Dang, HA; Legg, R; Khan, A; Wilkinson, S; Ibbett, N; Doan, AT
2022-11-01Influence of dynamic changes of workplace on organisational culture (January, 10.1017/jmo.2021.69, 2020)Nanayakkara, K; Wilkinson, S; Halvitigala, D
2022-09-20Resilient Building Retrofits Combating the Climate CrisisSayce, S; Wilkinson, S; Armstrong, G; Organ, S
2022-08-09Repurposing and adaptationRemøy, H; Wilkinson, S
2022-02-28Fairwater Living Laboratory Milestone 4 UTS Research Report Outcomes for Energy, Network Demand, Residents and Community, Resilience, Urban Heat Effects and CommercialityThomas, L; Wilkinson, S; Wyndham, J; Huete, A; Biloria, N; Woods, A; Kalali, P; Powles, R; Srivastava, A; Liu, Y; Bulut, M; Dritsa, D; Runck, M; Dwyer, S
2022-01-01Mechanical, Acoustic and Thermal Performances of Australian HempcretesDelhomme, F; Castel, A; Almeida, A; Jiang, C; Moreau, D; Gan, Y; Wang, X; Wilkinson, S
2022-01-01Project Performance Reporting in New South Wales Local GovernmentMorris, A; Wilkinson, S; Algeo, C; Candusso, D
2022-01-01Residential geothermal air-conditioning: inhabitants’ comfort, behaviour and energy useThomas, L; Woods, A; Powles, R; Kalali, P; Wilkinson, S
2022-01-01Hearts and Homes: The Potential of Conservation Laser Cleaning for Post-disaster Wellbeing and Waste ReductionWain, A; Rode, A; Wilkinson, S; Banishemi, S; Hirajasouli, A; Rapp, L
2022-01-01Versatility in sustainable building design (SBD) practices: an empirical studyGharehbaghi, K; Georgy, M; Robson, KM; Wilkinson, S; Farnes, K
2021-12-02Here's our chance to relieve energy poverty through post COVID stimulusWilkinson, S; Porto Valente, C; Morris, A
2021-11-19Influence of dynamic changes of workplace on organisational cultureNanayakkara, K; Wilkinson, S; Halvitigala, D
2021-09-19Challenges for the incorporation of food production into functional urban greening systemsTorpy, F; Irga, P; Wilkinson, S; Fleck, R; Pettit, T; Douglas, A