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30-Apr-2018Conclusions and a Manifesto for the futureWilkinson, SJ; Remoy, H
30-Apr-2018The Context For Building Resilience Through Sustainable Change Of UseWilkinson, SJ; Remoy, H
30-Apr-2018Rating Tools, Resilience And Sustainable Change Of Use AdaptationsWilkinson, SJ; remoy, H
12-Feb-2018Building Urban Resilience through Change of UseWilkinson, SJ; Remøy, H
8-Feb-2018Resilience, Residential Buildings and Rating Tools In AustraliaWilkinson, SJ
8-Feb-2018Procurement, Sustainability & Adaptive Reuse Projects in SydneyWilkinson, SJ; Carey, B
Feb-2018Virtuous circleWilkinson, SJ
6-Nov-2017Transforming the commercial property market in Australian Cities: Contemporary practices and the future potential of green roof retrofitsWilkinson, SJ; Antoniades, H; Teale, A; Van der Kallen, P; Eames, M; Dixon, T; Hunt, M; Lannon, S
31-Oct-2017Expanding The Living Architecture In AustraliaWilkinson, SJ; Brown, P; Ghosh, S
5-Oct-2017Sustainable transformation in real estate developments through conversionsWilkinson, SJ; Remoy, H; Squires, G; Heurkens, E; Peiser, R
5-Jul-2017Meeting Changing Industry Expectations From Australian Property Valuation GraduatesHalvitigala, D; Wilkinson, SJ; Antoniades, H
16-Jun-2017Adaptive Reuse Of Civic BuildingsWilkinson, SJ; Yazdani Mehr,, S; Skates, H; Amoêda, R; Lira, S; Pinheiro, C
6-Jun-2017Green walls and roofs: A mandatory or voluntary approach for Australia? LiteratureWilkinson, SJ; Ghosh, S; Pelleri, N
6-Jun-2017Green walls and roofs: A mandatory or voluntary approach for Australia? Case Studies.Wilkinson, SJ; ghosh, S; Pelleri, N; Brown, P; Soco, S
25-May-2017Evaluating the Thermal Performance of Retrofitted Lightweight Green Roofs and Walls in Sydney and Rio de Janeiro.Wilkinson, SJ; Castiglia Feitosa, R; Tsuyoshi Kaga, I; Hachmann de Franceschi, I
27-Mar-2017Guest Editorial. Journal of Corporate Real EstateWilkinson, SJ
27-Mar-2017Flood risk mitigation and commercial property advice: an international comparisonWilkinson, SJ; Lamond, J; Proverbs, D; Chan, F; Kreibach, H; Bhattacharya Mis, N
20-Jan-2017The Future Of The Valuation ProfessionWilkinson, SJ; Antoniades, H; Halvitigala, D
17-Jan-2017Understanding sustainability and the Australian Property professionsWilkinson, SJ
17-Jan-2017The Future Of The Valuation Profession: Shaping The Strategic Direction Of The Profession For 2030Wilkinson, SJ; Antoniades, H; Halvitigala, D