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2022-08-12Fostering the transformative potential of participatory photography: Insights from water and sanitation assessmentsMacArthur, J; Carrard, N; Koh, S; Willetts, J
2022-08Urban sanitation and climate change: A public service at risk - Landscape StudyWilletts, J; Kumar, A; Mills, F
2022-07-20Eliciting stories of gender-transformative change: Investigating the effectiveness of question prompt formulations in qualitative gender assessmentsMacArthur, J; Carrard, N; Veasna, T; Kozole, T; Willetts, J
2022-07-01Effectiveness and inclusivity of audio data collection: Insights from a Cambodia-based assessmentCarrard, N; Willetts, J; MacArthur, J
2022-05-31Authorship and recognition in knowledge production in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) – A guidance noteMegaw, T; Willetts, J
2022-05-17Co-developing evidence-informed adaptation actions for resilient citywide sanitation: Local government response to climate change in IndonesiaWilletts, J; Priadi, C; Ombasta, O; Wulandari, D; Imtiyaz, I; Sudhiastiningsih, NNSN; Kohlitz, J; Mills, F; Listyasari, M
2022-05-17A partnership approach to the design and use of a quantitative measure: Co-producing and piloting the WASH gender equality measure in Cambodia and NepalGonzalez, D; Abdel Sattar, R; Budhathoki, R; Carrard, N; Chase, RP; Crawford, J; Halcrow, G; Kozole, T; MacArthur, J; Nicoletti, C; Toeur, V; Basnet, MP; Chhetri, A; Gurung, H; Yadav, A; Vourchnea, P; Willetts, J
2022-04-11Self-supply for safely managed water: To promote or to deter?Foster, T; Willetts, J; Putri, G; Priadi, C; Odagiri, M
2022-04-05Assessing mutual accountability to strengthen national WASH systems and achieve the SDG targets for water and sanitationDickin, S; Syed, A; Qowamuna, N; Njoroge, G; Liera, C; Al'Afghani, MM; Chowdhury, S; Sanchez, Z; Salad, AM; Winterford, K; Uijtewaal, E; Roaf, V; Butterworth, J; Willetts, J
2022-03The water, sanitation and hygiene gender equality measure (WASH-GEM): Conceptual foundations and domains of changeCarrard, N; MacArthur, J; Leahy, C; Soeters, S; Willetts, J
2022-01-01Supporting the poor to access sanitation: key lessons from targeted household consumer subsidies in CambodiaKohlitz, J; Lala, S; Bartell, J; Halcrow, G; Foster, T; Willetts, J
2022-01-01Placing sustainability at the centre of water, sanitation and hygiene: Knowledge co-production for sectoral transformationCarrard, N; Willetts, J; Mitchell, C
2021-12Self-supplied drinking water in low- and middle-income countries in the Asia-PacificFoster, T; Priadi, C; Kotra, KK; Odagiri, M; Rand, EC; Willetts, J
2021-11-26Inclusive water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) workplaces - guidance for the WASH sectorKumar, A; Grant, M; Willetts, J
2021-10-06Contending with Water Shortages in the Pacific: Performance of Private Rainwater Tanks versus Communal Rainwater Tanks in Rural VanuatuFoster, T; Rand, E; Kotra, KK; Sami, E; Willetts, J
2021-09A method for correcting underestimation of enteric pathogen genome quantities in environmental samplesLiu, P; Amin, N; Miah, R; Foster, T; Raj, S; Corpuz, MJB; Rahman, M; Willetts, J; Moe, CL
2021-08-03Safely Managed On-Site Sanitation: A National Assessment of Sanitation Services and Potential Fecal Exposure in Indonesia.Odagiri, M; Thomas, A; Listyasari, M; Mills, F; Bain, RES; Muhammad, Z; Slaymaker, T; Mardikanto, A; Gultom, A; Indiyani, A; Rangkuti, H; Willetts, J
2021-07-26Interrogating the motivation mechanisms and claims of asset-based community development with self-determination theoryCunningham, I; Willetts, J; Winterford, K; Foster, T
2021-07Life-cycle costs of a resource-oriented sanitation system and implications for advancing a circular economy approach to sanitationCarrard, N; Jayathilake, N; Willetts, J
2021-06Faecal contamination of groundwater self-supply in low- and middle income countries: Systematic review and meta-analysisGenter, F; Willetts, J; Foster, T