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2022-01-01Engineering graduates professional formation: the connection between activity types and professional competenciesLowe, D; Goldfinch, T; Kadi, A; Willey, K; Wilkinson, T
2022Supporting the Transition to Engineering Education Research: growing the community through the AAEE Winter SchoolWilley, K; Goldsmith, R; Machet, T; Daniel, S; Gardner, A; Langie, G
2022Creativity in Mechanical Design: Using the Peer Lens to Identify Creativity Traits in StudentsBriozzo, P; Lowe, D; Gardner, A; Fiford, R; Willey, K
2021-12-05Creativity in Mechanical Design: Establishing Student Perceptions of Creative Designs and Impediments to Creative SolutionsBriozzo, P; Fiford, R; Willey, K; Gardner, A; Lowe, D
2021What Do Students Say About Complexity?Machet, T; Willey, K
2021Undergraduate Student’s Perceptions of Factors that Enable and Inhibit their Professional Skill DevelopmentWilley, K; David, L; Emanuela, T; Kate, R; Machet, T
2020-01-01Student perceptions of complexity in engineering educationGoldfinch, T; Vulic, J; Leigh, E; Willey, K
2019-05-04The role of peer review in identity development for engineering education researchersGardner, A; Willey, K
2019-03-04Investigating invisible writing practices in the engineering curriculum using practice architecturesGoldsmith, R; Willey, K; Boud, D
2019-01-01Assisting tutors to develop their student's competence when working with complexityWilley, K; MacHet, T
2019-01-01The use of constructive alignment in the design of laboratory activitiesLowe, D; Machet, T; Willey, K; Berger, A
2019-01-01Moving from crime and punishment to success and reward: Transitioning from technical to educational researchDart, S; Blackmore, K; Willey, K; Gardner, A; Jose, S; Sharma, R; Trad, S; Jolly, L
2019Defeating Hawthorne in tech-enabled education: Passive observation of student behaviour with a remote laboratoryBurridge, J; Lowe, D; Willey, K; kay, J
2018-12-09Conceptualising Academic Rigour in Engineering Degree ProgramsLowe, D; Willey, K
2018-12If I don’t have a language to discuss and think about it then it’s not part of my realityWilley, K; Gardner, A
2018-06-03Making writing practices visible and sustainable in the engineering curriculum: a practice architectures theory analysisGoldsmith, R; Willey, K
2018-02-01Academic identity reconstruction: the transition of engineering academics to engineering education researchersGardner, A; Willey, K
2018The otherness of writing in the engineering curriculum: A practice architectures perspectiveGoldsmith, R; Willey, K
2018Complexity Makes Me Feel Incompetent and It's Your FaultWilley, K; Machet, T
2017-12-12Using practice architectures to investigate the invisibility of writing practices in the engineering curriculumGoldsmith, R; Willey, K