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2023-12-01Australian Parliaments and the PandemicHobbs, H; Williams, G
2023-08The application of discrete choice experiments eliciting young peoples' preferences for healthcare: a systematic literature review.Williams, G; Kinchin, I
2023-01-25The Natural Helper approach to culturally responsive disease management: protocol for a type 1 effectiveness-implementation cluster randomised controlled trial of a cultural mentor programme.Brady, B; Sidhu, B; Jennings, M; Saberi, G; Tang, C; Hassett, G; Boland, R; Dennis, S; Ashton-James, C; Refshauge, K; Descallar, J; Lim, D; Said, CM; Williams, G; Sayed, S; Naylor, JM
2023Australian Parliaments and the PandemicHobbs, H; Williams, G
2022-11How to Rule Your Own Country The Weird and Wonderful World of MicronationsHobbs, H; Williams, G
2022-01-05Micronations and the Search for SovereigntyHobbs, H; Williams, G
2021-06-01The demise of the ‘second largest country in Australia’: micronations and Australian exceptionalismHobbs, H; Williams, G
2021-04-22Micronations: A Lacuna in the LawThis is a pre-copyedited, author-produced version of an article accepted for publication in [International Journal of Constitutional Law] following peer review. The version of record [insert complete citation information here] is available online at:].; Hobbs, H; Williams, G
2020-06-04TreatyWilliams, G; Hobbs, H
2019-11-01The participation of indigenous australians in legal education, 2001–18Hobbs, H; Williams, G
2019-09-20Treaty-Making in the Australian FederationHobbs, H; Williams, G
2019-09-02Protecting Religious Freedom in a Human Rights ActHobbs, H; Williams, G
2019-08-23Trust and the ConstitutionHobbs, H; Williams, G; Evans, M; Grattan, M; McCaffrie, B
2018-06-01The disqualification of dual citizens from parliament: Three problems and a solutionHobbs, H; Pillai, S; Williams, G
2018-02-08Submission to Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, Inquiry into matters relating to Section 44 of the ConstitutionHobbs, H; Pillai, S; Williams, G
2018The noongar settlement: Australia’s first treatyHobbs, H; Williams, G
2017-11-01Dwell time and risk of central-line-associated bloodstream infection in neonatesSanderson, E; Yeo, KT; Wang, AY; Callander, I; Bajuk, B; Bolisetty, S; Lui, K; Bowen, J; Sedgley, S; Carlisle, H; Kent, A; Smith, J; Craven, P; Cruden, L; Argomand, A; Rieger, I; Malcolm, G; Lutz, T; Reid, S; Stack, J; Medlin, K; Marcin, K; Shingde, V; Chin, MF; Bonzer, K; Badawi, N; Halliday, R; Karskens, C; Paradisis, M; Kluckow, M; Jacobs, C; Numa, A; Williams, G; Young, J; Luig, M; Baird, J; Oei, JL; Cameron, D
2017-09-01The case for a national whole-of-government anti-corruption bodyHobbs, H; Williams, G
2017-04-04Submission to Parliamentary Select Committee on a National Integrity CommissionHobbs, H; Williams, G
2017Citizen Participation in AustraliaHobbs, HO; Williams, G; Morales, G