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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-07-01An in-the-wild study to find type of questions people ask to a social robot providing question-answering serviceRaza, SA; Vitale, J; Tonkin, M; Johnston, B; Billingsley, R; Herse, S; Williams, MA
2021-03-08Using trust to determine user decision making & task outcome during a human-agent collaborative taskHerse, S; Vitale, J; Johnston, B; Williams, MA
2021-01-01Simplified Pain Matrix Method for Artificial Pain Activation Embedded into Robot FrameworkAnshar, M; Williams, MA
2020-10-17Special Issue on Robot and Human Interactive Communication 2020Inamura, T; Pandey, AK; Kumar, S; Williams, MA; Cabibihan, JJ; Behera, L
2020-09-01Human feedback as action assignment in interactive reinforcement learningRaza, SA; Williams, MA
2020-08-24Modelling belief-revision functions at extended languagesAravanis, T; Peppas, P; Williams, MA
2020-01-01Incompatibilities between iterated and relevance-sensitive belief revisionAravanis, TI; Peppas, P; Williams, MA
2019-11-01Full characterization of Parikh's Relevance-Sensitive Axiom for Belief RevisionAravanis, TI; Peppas, P; Williams, MA
2019-10-01Privacy First: Designing Responsible and Inclusive Social Robot Applications for in the Wild StudiesTonkin, M; Vitale, J; Herse, S; Raza, SA; Madhisetty, S; Kang, L; Vu, TD; Johnston, B; Williams, MA
2019-10-01Avoid being the Turkey: How big data analytics changes the game of strategy in times of ambiguity and uncertaintyvan Rijmenam, M; Erekhinskaya, T; Schweitzer, J; Williams, MA
2019-01-01Event boards as tools for holistic AIGärdenfors, P; Williams, MA; Johnston, B; Billingsley, R; Vitale, J; Peppas, P; Clark, J
2019-01-01A proactive robot tutor based on emotional intelligenceGudi, SLKC; Ojha, S; Sidra; Johnston, B; Williams, MA
2019-01-01Measuring Human Emotion in Short Documents to Improve Social Robot and Agent InteractionsSkillicorn, D; Alsadhan, N; Billingsley, R; Williams, MA
2019-01-01Managing privacy through key performance indicators when photos and videos are shared via social mediaMadhisetty, S; Williams, MA
2019-01-01The Artificial Intelligence race: Will Australia lead or lose?Williams, MA
2019-01-01Observations on darwiche and Pearl's approach for iterated belief revisionAravanis, T; Peppas, P; Williams, MA
2019-01-01An investigation of parametrized difference revision operatorsAravanis, T; Peppas, P; Williams, MA
2019-01-01Integrating personality and mood with agent emotionsOjha, S; Vitale, J; Raza, SA; Billingsley, R; Williams, MA
2019-01-01UTS Unleashed! RoboCup@Home SSPL Champions 2019Pfeiffer, S; Ebrahimian, D; Herse, S; Le, TN; Leong, S; Lu, B; Powell, K; Raza, SA; Sang, T; Sawant, I; Tonkin, M; Vinaviles, C; Vu, TD; Yang, Q; Billingsley, R; Clark, J; Johnston, B; Madhisetty, S; McLaren, N; Peppas, P; Vitale, J; Williams, MA
2019-01-01I remember what you did: A behavioural guide-robotOjha, S; Gudi, SLKC; Vitale, J; Williams, MA; Johnston, B