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2024-08-02Submission to the Review to Inform a Better and Fairer Education SystemWilson, R; Kesidou, S; Tognolini, J
2023-11-01Teacher attributions of workload increase in public sector schools: Reflections on change and policy developmentStacey, M; McGrath-Champ, S; Wilson, R
2022-09-30What needs to happen for school autonomy to be mobilised to create more equitable public schools and systems of education?Keddie, A; MacDonald, K; Blackmore, J; Boyask, R; Fitzgerald, S; Gavin, M; Heffernan, A; Hursh, D; McGrath-Champ, S; Møller, J; O'Neill, J; Parding, K; Salokangas, M; Skerritt, C; Stacey, M; Thomson, P; Wilkins, A; Wilson, R; Wylie, C; Yoon, E-S
2022-07-30Submission to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Teacher Shortages in New South Wales. 2022. (Submission 126)McGrath-Champ, S; Wilson, R; Gavin, M; Stacey, M; Fitzgerald, S
2022-07-01A systematic review looking at the effect of entrepreneurship education on higher education studentCarpenter, A; Wilson, R
2022-01-01Labour Commodification in the Employment Heartland: Union Responses to Teachers’ Temporary WorkMcGrath-Champ, S; Fitzgerald, S; Gavin, M; Stacey, M; Wilson, R
2022Teacher Workload in Australia: National reports of intensification and its threats to democracyGavin, M; McGrath-Champ, S; Wilson, R; Fitzgerald, S; Stacey, M; Riddle, S; Heffernan, A; Bright, D
2021-03-29Teachers, fixed-term contracts and school leadership: toeing the line and jumping through hoopsStacey, M; Fitzgerald, S; McGrath-Champ, S; Wilson, R; Gavin, M
2021-02-10Footprints in Time: Physical Activity Levels and Sociodemographic and Movement-Related Associations Within the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children.Macniven, R; Wilson, R; Olds, T; Evans, J
2021-01-05Understanding implementation factors and participant experiences of a cluster randomised controlled trial to prevent falls among older Aboriginal people: a process evaluation protocol.Macniven, R; Coombes, J; Wilson, R; Simon, A; Mackean, T; Hunter, K; Ma, T; Gwynn, J; Sherrington, C; Tiedemann, A; Hill, A-M; Delbaere, K; Lewis, C; Bennett-Brook, K; Howie, A; Stewart, G; Shakespeare, M; Rogers, K; Ivers, RQ; Clapham, K
2021-01-01Media neglect of Indigenous student performance in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2001-2015Davis, ER; Wilson, R; Evans, JR
2021Long term trends in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth sport participation 2005–2019Wilson, R; Evans, J; Macniven, R
2020-07-30Valuing the Teaching Profession Inquiry- Submission from the Teachers’ Work in Schools Research TeamMcGrath-Champ, S; Wilson, R; Fitzgerald, S; Stacey, M; Gavin, M
2020-04-02Another slice of PISA: an interrogation of educational cross-national attraction in Australia, Finland, Japan and South KoreaDavis, ER; Wilson, R; Dalton, B
2020-04-01Lifestyle clusters and academic achievement in Australian Indigenous children: Empirical findings and discussion of ecological levers for closing the gapWilson, R; Dumuid, D; Olds, T; Evans, J
2020-01-01Sport and academic performance in Australian Indigenous childrenDumuid, D; Wilson, R; Olds, T; Evans, JR
2020Destructive leadership in education: a transdisciplinary critical analysis of contemporary literatureRyan, P; Odhiambo, G; Wilson, R
2019-11-01The impact of physical activity and sport on social outcomes among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: A systematic scoping reviewMacniven, R; Canuto, K; Wilson, R; Bauman, A; Evans, J
2019-11-01Intensification of teachers’ work under devolution: A ‘tsunami’ of paperworkFitzgerald, S; McGrath-Champ, S; Stacey, M; Wilson, R; Gavin, M
2019-07-01Impact of physical activity and sport on social outcomes among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: a scoping review protocolMacniven, R; Canuto, K; Wilson, R; Bauman, A; Evans, J