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Jan-2013Cyst formation and fecal-oral transmission of Dientamoeba fragilis - the missing link in the life cycle of an emerging pathogenMunasinghe, VS; Vella, N; Ellis, JT; Windsor, PA; Stark, DJ
Jan-2012Oocysts and high seroprevalence of Neospora caninum in dogs living in remote Aboriginal communities and wild dogs in AustraliaKing, JS; Brown, G; Jenkins, D; Ellis, JT; Fleming, PJ; Windsor, PA; Slapeta, J
Jan-2011Implications of wild dog ecology on the sylvatic and domestic life cycle of Neospora caninum in AustraliaKing, JS; Jenkins, D; Ellis, JT; Fleming, P; Windsor, PA; Slapeta, J
Jan-2010Australian dingoes are definitive hosts of Neospora caninumKing, JS; Slapeta, J; Jenkins, D; Al-Qassab, SE; Ellis, JT; Windsor, PA
Jan-2010The first report of ovine cerebral neosporosis and evaluation of Neospora caninum prevalence in sheep in New South WalesBishop, S; King, JS; Windsor, PA; Reichel, MP; Ellis, JT; Slapeta, J
Jan-2009Isolation of Toxoplasma gondii from the brain of a dog in Australia and its biological and molecular characterizationAl-Qassab, SE; Reichel, MP; Su, C; Jenkins, D; Hall, C; Windsor, PA; Dubey, J; Ellis, JT
Jan-2004An outbreak of abortion in a dairy herd associated with Neospora caninum and bovine pestivirus infectionQuinn, HE; Windsor, PA; Kirkland, PD; Ellis, JT
Jan-2002Characterisation of the first Australian isolate of Neospora caninum from cattleQuinn, HE; Miller, CM; Windsor, PA; Ellis, JT
Jan-2002Characterisation of an outbred pregnant mouse model of neospora caninum infectionQuinn, HE; Miller, CM; Ryce, C; Windsor, PA; Ellis, JT