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2021-12-01Passive Through-Wall Counting of People Walking Using WiFi Beamforming ReportsSuraweera, N; Winter, A; Sorensen, J; Li, S; Johnson, M; Collings, IB; Hanly, SV; Ni, W; Hedley, M
2021-09-01Discrimination of quantum states under locality constraints in the many-copy settingCheng, H-C; Winter, A; Yu, N
2021-01-30LOCC protocols with bounded width per round optimize convex functionsLeung, D; Winter, A; Yu, N
2018-08-31Gaussian quantum resource theoriesLami, L; Regula, B; Wang, X; Nichols, R; Winter, A; Adesso, G
2018-07-13Quantum reference frames and their applications to thermodynamicsPopescu, S; Sainz, AB; Short, AJ; Winter, A
2018-07-01Ultimate Data Hiding in Quantum Mechanics and BeyondLami, L; Palazuelos, C; Winter, A
2018-06-01Quantum Enhancement of Randomness DistributionGarcia-Patron, R; Matthews, W; Winter, A
2017-12-01Approximate Degradable Quantum ChannelsSutter, D; Scholz, VB; Winter, A; Renner, R
2017-12-01Generalized laws of thermodynamics in the presence of correlationsBera, MN; Riera, A; Lewenstein, M; Winter, A
2017-07-01Interferometric visibility and coherenceBiswas, T; Díaz, MG; Winter, A
2017-01-10A new property of the Lovász number and duality relations between graph parametersAcín, A; Duan, R; Roberson, DE; Sainz, AB; Winter, A
2017-01-01Strong Converse Rates for Quantum CommunicationTomamichel, M; Wilde, MM; Winter, A
2016-09-01On Zero-Error Communication via Quantum Channels in the Presence of Noiseless FeedbackDuan, R; Severini, S; Winter, A
2016-04-01The private and public correlation cost of three random variables with collaborationChitambar, E; Hsieh, MH; Winter, A
2016-02-01No-signalling-assisted zero-error capacity of quantum channels and an information theoretic interpretation of the lovász numberDuan, R; Winter, A
2015-09-28Strong converse rates for quantum communicationTomamichel, M; Wilde, MM; Winter, A
2013-09-25Quantum rate-distortion coding with auxiliary resourcesWilde, MM; Datta, N; Hsieh, MH; Winter, A
2013-04-02Quantum-to-classical rate distortion codingDatta, N; Hsieh, MH; Wilde, MM; Winter, A
2013-01-24Zero-error communication via quantum channels, noncommutative graphs, and a quantum lovász numberDuan, R; Severini, S; Winter, A
2011-10-26Zero-error communication via quantum channels and a quantum Lovász script v sign-functionDuan, R; Severini, S; Winter, A