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2022-10General practice experiences of Australia's COVID-19 vaccine rollout: lessons for primary care reform.Wright, M; Hoffman, R; Petrozzi, MJ; Wise, S
2022-05-05Australian hospital outpatient pharmacies: service adaptations during the 2020 national coronavirus disease 2019 lockdown.Wise, S; Coleshill, MJ; Taylor, N; Le, M; Debono, D; Day, RO; Melocco, T; Baysari, MT; Laba, T-L; Carland, JE
2021-11-16Paying for value: options for value-based payment reform in Australia.Wise, S; Hall, J; Haywood, P; Khana, N; Hossain, L; van Gool, K
2021-10-14A team mental model approach to understanding team effectiveness in the emergency departmentWise, S; Margaret, F; Duffield, C; Roche, M
2021-09-08Pricing Long-term Care for Older Persons. Australian Case StudyWise, S; Woods, M; Van Gool, K
2021-08-26Nurses' role in accomplishing interprofessional coordination: Lessons in 'almost managing' an emergency department team.Wise, S; Duffield, C; Fry, M; Roche, M
2021-07-12A team mental model approach to understanding team effectiveness in an emergency department: A qualitative study.Wise, S; Duffield, C; Fry, M; Roche, M
2021-05-28Payment reform for value-based health care: challenges for AustraliaWise, S; Hall, J; Haywood, P; Nikita, K; Hussain, L; Van Gool, K
2021-05-05The impact of oncology bundled payments: What does it mean for Australia?Haywood, P; Hossain, L; Wise, S; KHANNA, N; Van Gool, K; Hall, J
2020-03-06Clarifying workforce flexibility from a division of labor perspective: a mixed methods study of an emergency department team.Wise, S; Duffield, C; Fry, M; Roche, M
2020-01-01Harnessing ward-level administrative data and expert knowledge to improve staffing decisions: A multi-method case studyDuffield, C; Roche, MA; Wise, S; Debono, D
2019-11-01Uncovering the Disconnect Between Nursing Workforce Policy Intentions, Implementation, and Outcomes: Lessons Learned From the Addition of a Nursing Assistant RoleDuffield, C; Twigg, D; Roche, M; Williams, A; Wise, S
2019-10-01Manager, clinician or both? Nurse managers' engagement in clinical care activitiesDuffield, C; Gardner, G; Doubrovsky, A; Wise, S
2019-09-01Has the search for better leadership come at the expense of management?Wise, S; Duffield, C
2019Aged care in MPS: Response to the Australian Government Terms of ReferenceHaywood, P; Woods, M; Edwards, K; Naghsh Nejad, M; Wise, S
2017-01-01Workforce flexibility – in defence of professional healthcare workWise, S; Duffield, C; Fry, M; Roche, M
2014-01-01Job enrichment: Creating meaningful career development opportunities for nursesDuffield, C; Baldwin, R; Roche, M; Wise, S
2013-12-01Domains of practice and Advanced Practice Nursing in AustraliaRoche, M; Duffield, C; Wise, S; Baldwin, R; Fry, M; Solman, A
2012-09-01Working to Think Otherwise: Tracing Ethos in Information Professionals’ Reflections on Learning and PracticeWise, S
2012-04-01The practice of teamwork in health industry call centresValsecchi, R; Wise, S; Mueller, F; Smith, C