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2021-05-15Identifying collateral and synthetic lethal vulnerabilities within the DNA-damage response.Pinoli, P; Srihari, S; Wong, L; Ceri, S
2021Genetic source completeness of HIV-1 circulating recombinant forms (CRFs) predicted by multi-label learning.Tang, R; Yu, Z; Ma, Y; Wu, Y; Chen, Y-PP; Wong, L; Li, J
2020-11-13Extensions of the External Validation for Checking Learned Model Interpretability and Generalizability.Ho, SY; Phua, K; Wong, L; Bin Goh, WW
2020-09-23How to do quantile normalization correctly for gene expression data analyses.Zhao, Y; Wong, L; Goh, WWB
2020-09-15Allowing mutations in maximal matches boosts genome compression performance.Liu, Y; Wong, L; Li, J
2020-05-08Avoid Oversimplifications in Machine Learning: Going beyond the Class-Prediction Accuracy.Ho, SY; Wong, L; Goh, WWB
2019-01-01Advanced bioinformatics methods for practical applications in proteomicsBin Goh, WW; Wong, L
2018-04-01Discovering pan-correlation patterns from time course data sets by efficient mining algorithmsLiu, Q; Ghosh, S; Li, J; Wong, L; Ramamohanarao, K
2017-12-01MapReduce for accurate error correction of next-generation sequencing dataZhao, L; Chen, Q; Li, W; Jiang, P; Wong, L; Li, J
2017-11-01High-speed and high-ratio referential genome compressionLiu, Y; Peng, H; Wong, L; Li, J
2016-04-19Emerging pattern based rules characterizing subtypes of leukemiaLi, J; Wong, L
2016-01-01Efficient mining of pan-correlation patterns from time course dataLiu, Q; Li, J; Wong, L; Ramamohanarao, K
2015-03-01Burial level change defines a high energetic relevance for protein binding interfacesLi, Z; He, Y; Wong, L; Li, J
2014-12-08Rule discovery and distance separation to detect reliable miRNA biomarkers for the diagnosis of lung squamous cell carcinomaSong, R; Liu, Q; Hutvagner, G; Nguyen, H; Ramamohanarao, K; Wong, L; Li, J
2014-02-26Integrating water exclusion theory into ╬▓contacts to predict binding free energy changes and binding hot spotsLiu, Q; Hoi, SCH; Kwoh, CK; Wong, L; Li, J
2014-01Coupling Graphs, Efficient Algorithms and B-cell Epitope PredictionZhao, L; Hoi, SC; Li, Z; Wong, L; Nguyen, H; Li, J
2014-01Coupling Graphs, Efficient Algorithms and B-Cell Epitope Prediction.Liang Zhao; Hoi, SCH; Li, Z; Wong, L; Nguyen, H; Li, J
2013-10-22Structural analysis on mutation residues and interfacial water molecules for human TIM disease understandingLi, Z; He, Y; Liu, Q; Zhao, L; Wong, L; Kwoh, CK; Nguyen, H; Li, J
2013-08-01Accurate prediction of hot spot residues through physicochemical characteristics of amino acid sequencesChen, P; Li, J; Wong, L; Kuwahara, H; Huang, JZ; Gao, X
2012-12-14Structural and Functional Analysis of Multi-Interface DomainsZhao, L; Hoi, SCH; Wong, L; Hamp, T; Li, J