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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02-11Designing workplace induction programs to support the transition of new-career engineers to practiceHawse, S; Wood, LN
2017-01-01Improving the computational thinking pedagogical capabilities of school teachersBower, M; Wood, LN; Lai, JWM; Howe, C; Lister, R
2016-06-13Applying threshold concepts to finance educationHoadley, S; Wood, LN; Tickle, L; Kyng, T
2015-01-01Threshold concepts in finance: student perspectivesHoadley, S; Kyng, T; Tickle, L; Wood, LN
2015-01-01Threshold concepts in finance: conceptualizing the curriculumHoadley, S; Tickle, L; Wood, LN; Kyng, T
2012-08-01Creating examinations for a linguistically and culturally diverse student cohortHoadley, S; Mather, G; Wood, LN
2012-02-01University students' views of the role of mathematics in their futureWood, LN; Mather, G; Petocz, P; Reid, A; Engelbrecht, J; Harding, A; Houston, K; Smith, GH; Perrett, G
2011-01-01Business graduate skills in sustainabilityMather, G; Denby, L; Wood, LN; Harrison, B
2010-01-01Is there life after modelling? Student conceptions of mathematicsHouston, K; Mather, G; Wood, LN; Petocz, P; Reid, A; Harding, A; Engelbrecht, J; Smith, GH
2007-01-01Graduate attributes: Teaching as learningWood, LN; Smith, NF
2005-01Engineering students' views of computer algebra systemsD'Souza, SM; Wood, LN; Petocz, P; Johnston, I; Peat, M
2005-01Mathematics communication for graduatesWood, LN; Reid, A; Bulmer, M; MacGillivray, H; Varsavsky, C
2005-01Intention, approach and outcome: University mathematics students' conceptions of learning mathematicsReid, A; Wood, LN; Smith, GH; Petocz, P
2005-01Graduates' initial experiences of workWood, LN; Reid, A; Singh, M
2005-01University students in the USA and Australia: anticipation and reflection on the transition to work.Wood, LN; Kaczynski, D; Hagar, P
2005-01Evaluation of blended learning: analysis of qualitative dataHarding, A; Kaczynski, D; Wood, LN; Johnston, I
2004-01The need for higher education reform - problems faced with assessing collaborative team based workD'Souza, SM; Wood, LN; Rogerson, A
2004-01Language of University MathematicsWood, LN; Smith, GH; Presmeg, N; Schmidt, S
2004-01On becoming a mathematicianPetocz, P; Wood, LN; Smith, GH; Reid, A; Drefus, T; Paola, D
2003-01Too much of a good thingWood, LN; D'Souza, SM; May, RL; Blyth, WF