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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2017Reserve prices in auctions with entry when the seller is risk-averseMoreno, D; Wooders, J
1-Nov-2016Dissolving a partnership dynamicallyVan Essen, M; Wooders, J
1-Sep-2016Nash at Wimbledon: Evidence from Half a Million ServesGauriot, R; Page, L; Wooders, J
1-May-2016Dynamic markets for lemons: Performance, liquidity, and policy interventionMoreno, D; Wooders, J
1-May-2015Blind stealing: Experience and expertise in a mixed-strategy poker experimentVan Essen, M; Wooders, J
1-Sep-2014Analyzing Wimbledon: The Power of StatisticsWooders, J
1-Mar-2012Behavior in second-price auctions by highly experienced eBay buyers and sellersGarratt, RJ; Walker, M; Wooders, J
15-Aug-20112011 North American Economic Science Association ConferenceWooders, J; Wooders, J
1-Jun-2011Auctions with heterogeneous entry costsMoreno, D; Wooders, J
1-Jun-2011An experimental study of auctions with a buy price under private and common valuesShahriar, Q; Wooders, J
1-Mar-2011Equilibrium play in matches: Binary Markov gamesWalker, M; Wooders, J; Amir, R
15-Jul-2010Efficiency in Second-Price Auctions: A New Look at Old DataGarratt, RJ; Wooders, J
1-May-2010Decentralized trade mitigates the lemons problemMoreno, D; Wooders, J
1-May-2010Does Experience Teach? Professionals and Minimax Play in the LabWooders, J
1-Jan-2009Auctions with a buy priceReynolds, SS; Wooders, J
2008Mixed Strategy EquilibriumWooders, J; Walker, M; Durlauf, S; Blume, L
1-Jun-2006Reputation in auctions: Theory, and evidence from eBayHouser, D; Wooders, J
1-Jan-2003Noncooperative versus cooperative R&D with endogenous spillover ratesAmir, R; Evstigneev, I; Wooders, J
1-Jan-2002Prices, delay, and the dynamics of tradeMoreno, D; Wooders, J
1-Jan-2001On the Irrelevance of Risk Attitudes in Repeated Two-Outcome GamesWooders, J; Shachat, JM