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2017Women’s Political Empowerment: Lessons for Subnational Levels of Government: Nepal, Pakistan, Rwanda, and IndonesiaRyan, R; Woods, R; Ryan, R; Schoburgh, E
2017Subnational finance in Australia and China: The case for municipal bond banksGrant, B; Woods, R; Tan, SF
1-Dec-2016Subnational Finance in Australia and China: The Case for Municipal Bond BanksGrant, BJ; Woods, R; Tan, S; Schoburgh, S; Ryan, R
7-Sep-2016Reforming Australia's fiscal federalism: Should municipal bond banks play a greater role?Grant, BJ; Woods, R
2016Decentralization and Subnational Governance: Theory and PraxisRyan, R; Woods, R; Ryan, R; Schoburgh, E
21-Dec-2015Learning in Australian local government: A roadmap for improving education and trainingWoods, R; Artist, S; O'Connor, G
7-Dec-2015A critical note on local government ‘failure’ in Australian local governmentWoods, R; Grant, BJ; Kriesler, P
2-Nov-2015Local government capacity in AustraliaRyan, R; Woods, R
17-Jun-2015Why Local Government MattersRyan, R; Hastings, C; Woods, R; Lawrie, A; Grant, B
15-Jun-2015Creative councils for creative communities: The Marrickville creativity projectBennett, J; Woods, R; Bower, N; Bruce, S; O'Connor, G
Jun-2015Why Local Government Matters: summary reportRyan, R; Hastings, C; Woods, R; Lawrie, A; Grant, B
2015Decentralisation and subsidiarity: Concepts and frameworks for emerging economiesRyan, R; Woods, R
Dec-2014Good capital? Examples of successful municipal bond banking and implications for Australian public policyGrant, BJ; Woods, R; Chester, L; Kriesler, P