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2021-01-01Research productivity of Australian accounting academicsBond, D; Clout, VJ; Czernkowski, RMJ; Wright, A
2018-12-01A Snapshot of the Australian TaxpayerBond, D; Wright, A
2018-04-01Do asset impairments and the associated disclosures resolve uncertainty about future returns and reduce information asymmetry?Vanza, S; Wells, P; Wright, A
2013-06-01Do board characteristics influence the shareholders' assessment of risk for small and large firms?Christy, JA; Matolcsy, ZP; Wright, A; Wyatt, A
2013-01-01Predicting the diversity of internal temperatures from the English residential sector using panel methodsKelly, S; Shipworth, M; Shipworth, D; Gentry, M; Wright, A; Pollitt, M; Crawford-Brown, D; Lomas, K
2012-06-01Stock option use by Australian IPOsRen, S; Wright, A; Wyatt, A
2012-04-11The essential role of AMPA receptor GluA2 subunit RNA editing in the normal and diseased brainWright, A; Vissel, B
2011-09-01CEO compensation structure and firm performanceMatolcsy, Z; Wright, A
2009-12-01Alternative explanations for the association between market values and stock-based compensation expenditureMatolcsy, Z; Riddell, S; Wright, A
2008-04-08Survey of the potential of emerging wireless technologies to improve telecommunication services in remote Australian settlementsAbolhasan, M; Wright, A
2007-01-01Australian CEO compensation: The descriptive evidenceMatolcsy, Z; Wright, A
2006Are we paying our CEOs too much?Matolcsy, Z; Wright, A
2004-01-01Do independent directors add value?Matolcsy, Z; Stokes, D; Wright, A