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2024-03-28The Patents Māori Advisory Committee of Aotearoa New Zealand: Lessons for indigenous knowledge protectionWright, E; Robinson, D
2024-03Professionals Beware: The Opportunities and Risks of Generative AI in Legal PracticeWright, E
2024-02-29Unblocking the human right to access the benefits of science in the Covid-19 eraWilkinson, G; Wright, E; Schovsbo, J
2023-09Access and benefit-sharing: what indicators to measure 'success'?Robinson, DF; Wright, E
2023Who is Responsible for an Internet of Unsafe Things under the Australian Consumer Law?Wright, E; Lindsay, D; Wilkinson, G
2022-12Responding to the challenges of Consumer Internet of Things devices: The case for reforming the Australian consumer guaranteesLindsay, D; Wilkinson, G; Wright, E
2022-11-01SMEs and Explainable AI: Australian Case StudiesWright, E; Zhou, J; Lindsay, D; Przhedetsky, L; Chen, F; Davison, A
2022-11Submission to IP Australia Stand-alone Legislation for Indigenous Knowledge: Interim Scoping Study ConsultationsWright, E
2022-06-01Regulation of Internet of Things Devices to Protect ConsumersLindsay, D; Wilkinson, G; Wright, E
2022-02-11Regulating to Protect Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things (IoT): Draft ReportWright, E; Lindsay, D; Wilkinson, G
2022Pacific Access and Benefit-Sharing (ABS) Implementation GuidelinesWright, E; Rukundo, O
2021-08-27Submission to Department of Home Affairs discussion paper on Strengthening Australia’s cyber security regulations and incentivesWilkinson, G; Wright, E; Lindsay, D; Collings, N; Fraser, H
2021-04-12Are we there yet? A review of proposed Aboriginal cultural heritage laws in New South Wales, AustraliaKylie, L; Stoianoff, N; Wright, E; Wright, S
2021Submission to IP Australia Enhance and Enable – Indigenous Knowledge Consultations 2021Wright, E
2020Regulating security for the consumer Internet of Things (IoT)Wright, E; Lindsay, D
2019-06-29Protecting traditional knowledge in Australia: what can we learn from India and Peru?Wright, E; Frankel, S
2019-03-01An international approach to establishing a competent authority to manage and protect traditional knowledgeMartin, F; Cahill, A; Wright, E; Stoianoff, N
2019-01-01Protecting traditional knowledge in Australia: What can we learn from India and Peru?Wright, E
2018Submission on behalf of Indigenous Knowledge Forum University of Technology Sydney to NSW Government Office of Environment and Heritage in response to Aboriginal cultural heritage reforms in NSW: A proposed new legal framework consultationWright, E; Stoianoff, N
2016-062. N.P. Stoianoff, J. McCann, J. Rawlings, G. Wilkinson, E. Wright, T. Catanzariti, 2016, Submission on behalf of the Intellectual Property Program Educators and Researchers, Faculty of Law UTS to The Productivity Commission regarding Intellectual Property Arrangements Draft Report April 2016, June 2016, 1-24.Rawlings, J; Stoianoff, N; McCann, J; Wilkinson, G; Wright, E; Cantanzariti, T