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2023-05A Culturally Grounded, Community-Engaged Approach to Understanding Palliative Care Needs in a Reservation-Based Community (TH115B)Nelson, KE; Adams, K; Davidson, PM; Meah, M; Petchler, C; Werk, A; Wright, R; Brockie, T
2021-11Sociodemographic Disparities in Access to Hospice and Palliative Care: An Integrative Review.Nelson, KE; Wright, R; Peeler, A; Brockie, T; Davidson, PM
2021-03-01Sociodemographic Disparities in Access to Palliative Care: A Systematic Literature ReviewNelson, K; Wright, R; Peeler, A; Davidson, P
2021-02-01A Call to Action to Address Disparities in Palliative Care Access: A Conceptual Framework for Individualizing Care Needs.Nelson, KE; Wright, R; Fisher, M; Koirala, B; Roberts, B; Sloan, DH; Wu, DS; Davidson, PM
2020-07Social media and drug resistance in nursing training: Using a Twitterchat to develop an international community of practice for antimicrobial resistance.Wright, R; Ferguson, C; Bodrick, M; Balkhy, H; Jackson, D; Davidson, PM
2018-07-04Preparing nurses to be prescribers of digital therapeuticsFerguson, C; Hickman, L; Wright, R; Davidson, PM; Jackson, D
2017-03-14Effect of Inpatient Rehabilitation vs a Monitored Home-Based Program on Mobility in Patients With Total Knee Arthroplasty: The HIHO Randomized Clinical Trial.Buhagiar, MA; Naylor, JM; Harris, IA; Xuan, W; Kohler, F; Wright, R; Fortunato, R
2016-09-13Minimal important improvement thresholds for the six-minute walk test in a knee arthroplasty cohort: triangulation of anchor- and distribution-based methods.Naylor, JM; Mills, K; Buhagiar, M; Fortunato, R; Wright, R
2004-12-15Analysis of clustered and interval censored data from a community-based study in asthmaBellamy, SL; Li, Y; Ryan, LM; Lipsitz, S; Canner, MJ; Wright, R