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20-Dec-2012Repeated polyploidization of Gossypium genomes and the evolution of spinnable cotton fibresPaterson, AH; Wendel, JF; Gundlach, H; Guo, H; Jenkins, J; Jin, D; Llewellyn, D; Showmaker, KC; Shu, S; Udall, J; Yoo, MJ; Byers, R; Chen, W; Doron-Faigenboim, A; Duke, MV; Gong, L; Grimwood, J; Grover, C; Grupp, K; Hu, G; Lee, TH; Li, J; Lin, L; Liu, T; Marler, BS; Page, JT; Roberts, AW; Romanel, E; Sanders, WS; Szadkowski, E; Tan, X; Tang, H; Xu, C; Wang, J; Wang, Z; Zhang, D; Zhang, L; Ashrafi, H; Bedon, F; Bowers, JE; Brubaker, CL; Chee, PW; Das, S; Gingle, AR; Haigler, CH; Harker, D; Hoffmann, LV; Hovav, R; Jones, DC; Lemke, C; Mansoor, S; Rahman, MU; Rainville, LN; Rambani, A; Reddy, UK; Rong, JK; Saranga, Y; Scheffler, BE; Scheffler, JA; Stelly, DM; Triplett, BA; Van Deynze, A; Vaslin, MFS; Waghmare, VN; Walford, SA; Wright, RJ; Zaki, EA; Zhang, T; Dennis, ES; Mayer, KFX; Peterson, DG; Rokhsar, DS; Wang, X; Schmutz, J
1-Mar-2011Children's exposure to violence and distress symptoms: Influence of caretakers' psychological functioningSuglia, SF; Ryan, L; Bellinger, DC; Bosquet Enlow, M; Wright, RJ
30-Dec-2008A maximum likelihood latent variable regression model for multiple informantsHorton, NJ; Roberts, K; Ryan, L; Suglia, SF; Wright, RJ
1-Dec-2008Creation of a community violence exposure scale: Accounting for what, who, where, and how oftenSuglia, SF; Ryan, L; Wright, RJ
1-Nov-2008Cumulative violence exposure and self-rated health: Longitudinal study of adolescents in the United StatesBoynton-Jarrett, R; Ryan, LM; Berkman, LF; Wright, RJ
1-Feb-2008Violence exposure, a chronic psychosocial stressor, and childhood lung functionSuglia, SF; Ryan, L; Laden, F; Dockery, DW; Wright, RJ
1-Jan-2008Witnessing community violence in residential neighborhoods: A mental health hazard for urban womenClark, C; Ryan, L; Kawachi, I; Canner, MJ; Berkman, L; Wright, RJ
1-Aug-2002Caretaker-child concordance for child's exposure to violence in a preadolescent inner-city populationThomson, CC; Roberts, K; Curran, A; Ryan, L; Wright, RJ