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2022-12-01Local DER Network Solutions. Opportunity Assessment in N3 for RACE for 2030Wright, S; Dwyer, S
2022-03-01Australian Renewable-Energy Microgrids: A Humble Past, a Turbulent Present, a Propitious FutureWright, S; Frost, M; Wong, A; Parton, KA
2022-03-01EditorialShan, Y; Wright, S
2021-12Insider vs. outsider CEO and firm performance: Evidence from the Covid-19 pandemicHaque, MR; Choi, B; Lee, D; Wright, S
2021-04-12Are we there yet? A review of proposed Aboriginal cultural heritage laws in New South Wales, AustraliaKylie, L; Stoianoff, N; Wright, E; Wright, S
2021-03-01Is better banking performance associated with financial inclusion and mandated CSR expenditure in a developing country?Bhattacharyya, A; Wright, S; Rahman, ML
2021-01-01The impact of managerial discretion on fair value information in the Australian agricultural sectorHe, L; Wright, S; Evans, E
2021-01-01How executive remuneration responds to guidance: evidence from the Australian banking industryMagee, S; Ng, CM; Wright, S
2020-12Understanding participation in accounting standard-setting: the case of AASB ED 192 Revised Differential Reporting FrameworkHandley, K; Evans, E; Wright, S
2020-11-01Using the R&D capitalisation choice to explain the scale benefits of R&D investmentWu, H; Thomas, AM; Wright, S
2020Perceptions of shareholders and directors on corporate governance: what we learn about director primacyAdrian, C; Wright, S
2019-09-01Responsible science: Celebrating the 50-year legacy of Ball and Brown (1968) using a registration-based frameworkAman, H; Beekes, W; Berkman, H; Bohmann, M; Bradbury, M; Chapple, L; Chang, M; Clout, V; Faff, R; Han, J; Hillier, D; Hodgson, A; Howieson, B; Jona, J; Linnenluecke, M; Loncan, T; McCredie, B; Michayluk, D; Mroczkowski, N; Pan, Z; Patel, V; Podolski, E; Soderstrom, N; Smith, T; Tanewski, G; Walsh, K; Wee, M; Wright, S
2019-03-01Keeping it private: financial reporting by large proprietary companies in AustraliaPotter, B; Pinnuck, M; Tanewski, G; Wright, S
2019-02-01The enduring and evolving influence of Ball and Brown (1968)Benson, K; Chang, M; Gray, P; Wright, S
2018-11-01Is fair value information relevant to investment decision-making: Evidence from the Australian agricultural sector?He, LY; Wright, S; Evans, E
2018-08-05The Same or Different: How Women Have Become Included in Corporate Leadership in AustraliaHandley, K; Ross-Smith, A; Wright, S
2018-06-01SME Reporting in Australia: Where to Now for Decision-usefulness?Handley, K; Wright, S; Evans, E
2018-03-01International compliance with new Basel Accord principles for risk governanceWright, S; Sheedy, E; Magee, S
2018-02-27Greening Regional Cities: The Role of Government in Sustainability TransitionsWright, S; Giurco, D; Sharpe, S; Filho, WL; Rogers, J; Iyer-Raniga, U
2018-02-20A database of chlorophyll a in Australian watersDavies, CH; Ajani, P; Armbrecht, L; Atkins, N; Baird, ME; Beard, J; Bonham, P; Burford, M; Clementson, L; Coad, P; Crawford, C; Dela-Cruz, J; Doblin, MA; Edgar, S; Eriksen, R; Everett, JD; Furnas, M; Harrison, DP; Hassler, C; Henschke, N; Hoenner, X; Ingleton, T; Jameson, I; Keesing, J; Leterme, SC; James McLaughlin, M; Miller, M; Moffatt, D; Moss, A; Nayar, S; Patten, NL; Patten, R; Pausina, SA; Proctor, R; Raes, E; Robb, M; Rothlisberg, P; Saeck, EA; Scanes, P; Suthers, IM; Swadling, KM; Talbot, S; Thompson, P; Thomson, PG; Uribe-Palomino, J; Van Ruth, P; Waite, AM; Wright, S; Richardson, AJ