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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jan-2019Broadening design-led education horizons: conceptual insights and future research directionsWright, N; Wrigley, C
10-Sep-2018The typologies of power: Energy utility business models in an increasingly renewable sectorBryant, ST; Straker, K; Wrigley, C
1-Mar-2018Engaging passengers across digital channels: An international study of 100 airportsStraker, K; Wrigley, C
1-Jan-2017Principles and practices of a design-led approach to innovationWrigley, C
1-Jan-2017Digital channels for building collaborative consumption communitiesGarrett, A; Straker, K; Wrigley, C
1-Jan-2017Developing design capability in nonprofit organizationsNusem, E; Wrigley, C; Matthews, J
30-Sep-2016Mobility horizons: Design in a disruptive marketGarrett, A; Wrigley, C; Russell, N; Matthews, J
30-Sep-2016The role of emotion, experience and meaning: The comparative case of Apple and SamsungStraker, K; Wrigley, C
1-Aug-2016The role of emotion, experience and meaning: the comparative case of Apple and SamsungStraker, K; Wrigley, C; De Fillippi, R; Wilstrom, P
24-Jul-2016Understanding, Identifying and driving Design-led Innovation Capability in Large OrganisationsClose-Debais, S; Wrigley, C; Matthews, J
24-Jul-2016Designing an Innovative Networked Business ModelGarrett, A; Wrigley, C; Matthews, J; Russell, N
11-Jul-2016Emotionally engaging customers in the digital age: the case study of “Burberry love”Straker, K; Wrigley, C
1-Jan-2016Designing new business models: blue sky thinking and testingWrigley, C; Bucolo, S; Straker, K
2015Customer Inspired Innovation with Designer as Innovation CatalystTownson, P; Matthews, J; Wrigley, C
2015A methodological survey of future mobility literature: Opportunities for design researchGarrett, A; Wrigley, C; Russell, N; Matthews, J
12-Sep-2014Climbing the design ladder: step by stepDoherty, R; Wrigley, C; Matthews, JH; Bucolo, S
31-Mar-2014Design-led innovation: Overcoming challenges to designing competitiveness to succeed in high cost environmentsBucolo, S; Wrigley, C
1-Jan-2014Designing innovative business models: Five emerging meta-modelsJohnson, D; Wrigley, C; Straker, K; Bucolo, S
1-Jan-2014From valuing design to designing valueDoherty, R; Wrigley, C; Matthews, J
1-Jan-2014Making sense of purpose, direction and innovation: An embedded design led innovation case study in the Australian mining industryTownson, P; Wrigley, C; Matthews, J; Bucolo, S