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1-Nov-2018Basalt scale-reinforced aluminium foam under static and dynamic loadsLi, J; Wu, C; Hao, H; Liu, Z; Yang, Y
1-Oct-2018A multifrequency radio continuum study of the Magellanic Clouds - I. Overall structure and star formation ratesFor, BQ; Staveley-Smith, L; Hurley-Walker, N; Franzen, T; Kapińska, AD; Filipović, MD; Collier, JD; Wu, C; Grieve, K; Callingham, JR; Bell, ME; Bernardi, G; Bowman, JD; Briggs, F; Cappallo, RJ; Deshpande, AA; Dwarakanath, KS; Gaensler, BM; Greenhill, LJ; Hancock, P; Hazelton, BJ; Hindson, L; Johnston-Hollitt, M; Kaplan, DL; Lenc, E; Lonsdale, CJ; McKinley, B; McWhirter, SR; Mitchell, DA; Morales, MF; Morgan, E; Morgan, J; Oberoi, D; Offringa, A; Ord, SM; Prabu, T; Procopio, P; Udaya Shankar, N; Srivani, KS; Subrahmanyan, R; Tingay, SJ; Wayth, RB; Webster, RL; Williams, A; Williams, CL; Zheng, Q
21-Sep-2018Galactic synchrotron distribution derived from 152 HII region absorption features in the full GLEAM surveySu, H; Macquart, JP; Hurley-Walker, N; McClure-Griffiths, NM; Jackson, CA; Tingay, SJ; Tian, WW; Gaensler, BM; McKinley, B; Kapínska, AD; Hindson, L; Hancock, P; Wayth, RB; Staveley-Smith, L; Morgan, J; Johnston-Hollitt, M; Lenc, E; Bell, ME; Callingham, JR; Dwarkanath, KS; For, BQ; Offringa, AR; Procopio, P; Wu, C; Zheng, Q
1-Sep-2018A study of cut blasting for one-step raise excavation based on numerical simulation and field blast testsLiu, K; Li, Q; Wu, C; Li, X; Li, J
10-Aug-2018Development of ultra-high performance concrete with high fire resistanceLiang, X; Wu, C; Su, Y; Chen, Z; Li, Z
11-Jun-2018High-resolution observations of low-luminosity gigahertz-peaked spectrum and compact steep-spectrum sourcesCollier, JD; Tingay, SJ; Callingham, JR; Norris, RP; Filipović, MD; Galvin, TJ; Huynh, MT; Intema, HT; Marvil, J; O'Brien, AN; Roper, Q; Sirothia, S; Tothill, NFH; Bell, ME; For, BQ; Gaensler, BM; Hancock, PJ; Hindson, L; Hurley-Walker, N; Johnston-Hollitt, M; Kapińska, AD; Lenc, E; Morgan, J; Procopio, P; Staveley-Smith, L; Wayth, RB; Wu, C; Zheng, Q; Heywood, I; Popping, A
1-May-2018Comparative evaluation of steel wire mesh, steel fibre and high performance polyethylene fibre reinforced concrete slabs in blast testsLi, J; Wu, C; Liu, ZX
20-Mar-2018Meso-scale modelling of steel fibre reinforced concrete with high strengthLiang, X; Wu, C
1-Feb-2018The spectral energy distribution of powerful starburst galaxies - I. Modelling the radio continuumGalvin, TJ; Seymour, N; Marvil, J; Filipović, MD; Tothill, NFH; McDermid, RM; Hurley-Walker, N; Hancock, PJ; Callingham, JR; Cook, RH; Norris, RP; Bell, ME; Dwarakanath, KS; For, B; Gaensler, BM; Hindson, L; Johnston-Hollitt, M; Kapińska, AD; Lenc, E; McKinley, B; Morgan, J; Offringa, AR; Procopio, P; Staveley-Smith, L; Wayth, RB; Wu, C; Zheng, Q
27-Dec-2017Challenges and Perspectives for NASICON-Type Electrode Materials for Advanced Sodium-Ion BatteriesChen, S; Wu, C; Shen, L; Zhu, C; Huang, Y; Xi, K; Maier, J; Yu, Y
15-Dec-2017Experimental and numerical studies on impact behaviors of recycled aggregate concrete-filled steel tube after exposure to elevated temperatureLi, W; Luo, Z; Wu, C; Tam, VWY; Duan, WH; Shah, SP
1-Dec-2017Experimental investigation of seismic behavior of ultra-high performance steel fiber reinforced concrete columnsXu, S; Wu, C; Liu, Z; Han, K; Su, Y; Zhao, J; Li, J
1-Dec-2017A study of concrete slabs with steel wire mesh reinforcement under close-in explosive loadsLi, J; Wu, C; Hao, H; Su, Y; Li, ZX
27-Nov-2017Calibration and Stokes Imaging with Full Embedded Element Primary Beam Model for the Murchison Widefield ArraySokolowski, M; Colegate, T; Sutinjo, AT; Ung, D; Wayth, R; Hurley-Walker, N; Lenc, E; Pindor, B; Morgan, J; Kaplan, DL; Bell, ME; Callingham, JR; Dwarakanath, KS; For, B-Q; Gaensler, BM; Hancock, PJ; Hindson, L; Johnston-Hollitt, M; Kapinska, AD; McKinley, B; Offringa, AR; Procopio, P; Staveley-Smith, L; Wu, C; Zheng, Q
1-Nov-2017The method of fundamental solution for elastic wave scattering and dynamic stress concentration in a fluid-saturated poroelastic layered half-planeLiu, Z; Liang, J; Wu, C; Zhao, R; Li, Y
1-Nov-2017Experimental and numerical study of reactive powder concrete reinforced with steel wire mesh against projectile penetrationLiu, J; Wu, C; Li, J; Su, Y; Shao, R; Liu, Z; Chen, G
15-Oct-2017Experimental and numerical study of blast resistance of square CFDST columns with steel-fibre reinforced concreteZhang, F; Wu, C; Zhao, XL; Heidarpour, A; Li, Z
15-Sep-2017Influence of Steel Fibre on Dynamic Compressive Properties of Ultra-High Performance ConcreteWu, P; Liu, Z; Wu, C; Zhang, H; Xu, S; Su, Y
1-Sep-2017PrefaceWu, C; Li, J; Hao, H; Li, ZX
1-Sep-2017An analytical model of linear density foam–protected structure under blast loadingXia, Y; Wu, C; Bennett, T