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2023-12Dynamic response of an elliptic cylinder inclusion with imperfect interfaces subjected to plane SH waveLuo, H; Tao, M; Wu, C; Cao, W
2023-05-01Numerical simulation of buried steel pipelines subjected to ground surface blast loadingChi, K; Li, J; Wu, C
2023-05-01Effects of bond-slip on flexural behavior of reinforced nano-material modified UHPC beams: Experimental and numerical investigationXu, S; Yang, T; Wu, P; Yang, Y; Liu, Z; Liu, J; Wu, C
2023-04-15Mechanical behaviour and environmental benefit of eco-friendly steel fibre-reinforced dry UHPC incorporating high-volume fly ash and crumb rubberShao, R; Wu, C; Li, J; Liu, Z; Wu, P; Yang, Y
2023-04-01An overpressure-time history model of methane-air explosion in tunnel-shape spaceChen, D; Wu, C; Li, J; Liao, K
2023-04-01The spatial distribution of excavation damaged zone around underground roadways during blasting excavationHong, Z; Tao, M; Wu, C; Zhou, J; Wang, D
2023-03-15A numerical study of blast resistance of fire damaged ultra-high performance concrete columnsXu, Z; Li, J; Wu, C
2023-03-03Study on hybrid fibre reinforced UHPC beams under single and repeated lateral impact loadingWei, J; Li, J; Wu, C
2023-03-01Experimental and numerical study of blast resistance of geopolymer based high performance concrete sandwich walls incorporated with metallic tube coreYuan, P; Xu, S; Liu, J; Su, Y; Wu, C
2023-02-15Experimental and numerical study on the impact resistance of ultra-high performance concrete strengthened RC beamsWei, J; Li, J; Wu, C; Hao, H; Liu, J
2023-02-01Time-Varying Pattern and Prediction Model for Geopolymer Mortar Performance under Seawater Immersion.Wu, Y; Du, K; Wu, C; Tao, M; Zhao, R
2023-02-01Experimental and numerical studies of the blast-induced overbreak and underbreak in underground roadwaysHong, Z; Tao, M; Cui, X; Wu, C; Zhao, M
2023-02-01Spallation damage of underground openings caused by excavation disturbance of adjacent tunnelsZhao, R; Tao, M; Wu, C; Wang, S; Zhu, J
2023-02Nondeterministic multiobjective optimization of 3D printed ceramic tissue scaffolds.Entezari, A; Liu, N-C; Zhang, Z; Fang, J; Wu, C; Wan, B; Swain, M; Li, Q
2023-01-15Experimental and numerical study of steel wire mesh reinforced G-HPC slab protected by UHMWPE FRC under multiple blast loadingsYuan, P; Xiang, H; Xu, S; Liu, J; Su, Y; Qu, K; Wu, C
2023-01-01Experimental investigation of heating–cooling effects on the mechanical properties of geopolymer-based high performance concrete heated to elevated temperaturesLiu, K; Liu, J; Li, J; Tao, M; Wu, C
2023-01Rate dependent behaviour of 3D printed ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete under dynamic splitting tensileYang, Y; Wu, C; Liu, Z
2022-12-01Study on size and load rate effect of dynamic fragmentation and mechanical properties of marble sphereZhao, R; Tao, M; Wu, C; Li, X; Wang, S
2022-12Predictive modeling the probability of suffering from metabolic syndrome using machine learning: A population-based study.Hu, X; Li, X-K; Wen, S; Li, X; Zeng, T-S; Zhang, J-Y; Wang, W; Bi, Y; Zhang, Q; Tian, S-H; Min, J; Wang, Y; Liu, G; Huang, H; Peng, M; Zhang, J; Wu, C; Li, Y-M; Sun, H; Ning, G; Chen, L-L
2022-11-25Utilization and life cycle assessment of low activity solid waste as cementitious materials: A case study of titanium slag and granulated blast furnace slag.Tao, M; Lu, D; Shi, Y; Wu, C